ACNH House Dimensions

What is the dimension of the player house in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Now, you may want to know the dimension of the player house in ACNH so that you are at this page. Do not worry, you are at the right page.

Player House’s Dimension In ACNH

Player house is slightly larger than the Villager house. Player House’s Dimension is 5 x 4, with 1 extra space in front which cannot be dug with a shovel. It costs 30,000 Bells to relocate.

    • First house upgrade sizes: 6×6
    • Second house upgrade sizes: 8×8
    • Back room upgrade sizes: 6×6
    • Left room upgrade sizes: 6×6
    • Right room upgrade sizes: 6×6
    • Second floor and basement upgrade: 10×10 floor to each

Other Building And Structure Dimensions In ACNH

    • Villager House dimensions: 4×5 (with 3×2 undigable footprint in front)
    • Campsite dimensions: 4×5 (with 2×1 undigable footprint in front)
    • Nook’s Cranny dimensions: 7×4 (no change after upgrading)
    • Museum dimensions: 7×4 (with 3×1 undigable footprint in front)
    • Shop dimensions: 7×4 (with 3×2 undigable footprint in front)
    • Tailor dimensions: 5×4 (with 3×2 undigable footprint in front)
    • Inclines dimensions: 2×4 (with 3 tiles of the length being the actual ramp and one being level with the ground at the top)
    • Bridges dimensions: 5×4 (2 tile wide walkway)
    • The tree dimensions: No limited, but require at least 1 tile spare to plant it by side of other buildings
    • Pool dimensions: No limited, but require at least 3×3 for spawn fish
    • River dimensions for spawn fish: No Limited, but require at least 3 wide

About Player House

Player House

The house is the player’s personal dwelling in their town. At the beginning of each game, the player reaches town and purchases their new house from Tom Nook via a mortgage plan. When the loan is paid off, Tom Nook will offer to expand the house by increasing the room size or by adding new rooms.

The house is able to be furnished with a variety of items. In the player house, you will be able to change the carpet and wallpaper. Also, clothing and custom designs are able to be placed in the house. The Happy Home Academy is going to inspect the player’s house periodically and grade them based on the contents of each room. A complete collection of a set, series, or theme results in a higher score. The high scores are rewarded with the exclusive items as the prizes.

If a player does not play the game for a while, then the house is going to become infested with cockroaches. The player will be able to squash them to remove the infestation, although they attempt to evade the player. Cockroaches are able to be exposed by moving or removing furniture from the house.

Directly outside the front door of the house is the mailbox, where the player is able to receive mail. Also, Mr. Resetti or Don Resetti is going to appear outside the front door of the house when the game is resumed after turning the system off without saving.

Parts of Player House

Exterior: In most games, the exterior appearance is fixed, even though the player has the ability to change the color of the roof. In the game of Animal Crossing, the player is able to place a custom design on the door. The special decorations are received after completing the museum’s insect and fish exhibits. In City Folk, Tom Nook will give a flag to the players after paying off their entire mortgage. The design of the flag will be able to be customized. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player is able to buy a variety of different architectural pieces from Nook’s Homes to customize their house with. In all games, a mailbox is located right next to the front door of the house.

Interior: Formerly, the interior of the player house consists of a single room. But a second-story and a basement is able to be added. In several games, additional wings are able to be added to the sides and rear of the house. Furniture will be able to be placed anywhere within the rooms of the player house. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, certain items are able to be placed on the walls of each room.

Attic: It is only appearing in Wild World and City Folk. This attic is the highest floor of the player house. It contains 4 beds, where the players sleep to save the game and a telephone from which the game’s options are able to be selected and modified. However, no furniture can be placed there, although the beds are able to be swapped out with different ones.

History of Player House in Animal Crossing

All 4 player houses are located together in a square south of the Train Station, with the Bulletin Board residing in the center of the square. Initially, each house has a different type of wallpaper and carpet. All four contain a Wooden Box, a Tape Deck, and a College Rule journal. Outside of each player house is a Gyroid, which the player needs to use to save the game.

Player house in Animal Crossing New Horizons consists of a ground-level room, basement and upstairs room. The lights are able to be toggled on and off by pressing the Z Button. A custom design is able to be displayed on the front door. Completing the insect and fish exhibits in the museum will generate the addition of a butterfly ornament or a weathervane.

The roof color of the player house is able to be changed by buying cans of paint from Tom Nook or by creating a wish to Wisp. Also, Tom Nook will repaint the roof to a color of the player’s choice each time he expands the house. Aside from that, the Villagers are able to offer to paint a player’s house when they speak to them. However, they may not give a choice of color.

Several expansions are able to be purchased from Tom Nook, who offer to increase the size of the rooms or add additional floors. For note: Houses in Doubutsu no Mori only feature a single room. Thus, additional floor expansions are not available.

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