ACNH Horned Hercules Spawn Conditions & How to Catch

New seasons mean new bugs and fish for those who love the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons. Among these bugs, the most expensive one in the game is named Horned Hercules. Actually, this bug is not new and it has appeared in the previous versions of the game, including in Animal Forest e+, Wild World, New Leaf, Pocket Camp and City Folk.

Aside from being the most expensive bug, the Horned Hercules is also counted as a rare bug. Below is the information about the spawn conditions, how to catch this bug in the game, and some other ones.


ACNH Horned Hercules Spawn Conditions & How to Catch

    • Scientific Name: Dynastes hercules hercules
    • Family: Scaribidae – Scarab Beetles
    • Appearances: Animal Forest e+, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, Pocket Camp, New Horizon
    • Location: On fruit trees (Animal Forest e+), on palm trees (Wild World, City Forest, New Leaf, and New Horizon)
    • Price: 11,250 Bells (Animal Forest e+), 12,000 Bells, 6,000 Bells
    • Size: 187 mm
    • Available in Rain: Yes
    • Time of Year: July to August (Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, New Horizon)
    • Time of Day: 11 PM to 8 AM (Wild World), 5 PM to 8 AM

Spawn Conditions

In order to find the Horned Hercules, the first condition that should be fulfilled is you must already have a total of 100 bugs in your hand. It might seem possible to catch lots of them but it is actually easy to do and it will also not take too much of your time. One thing that should be noted, you will need to go through a lot of nets.

The second one is your hemisphere. The time of the spawn will depend on the hemisphere that you selected for your island if you are in the bug. For those who are in the northern hemisphere, you will be able to see the Horned Hercules between July and August. As for those in the southern hemisphere, January and February are the months where you can see the beetle.

The next condition is the spawn location. The Horned Hercules is the kind of bug that will only show up on the trunks of trees. In the previous versions of Animal Crossing, it was found on all fruit trees. Unlike the previous versions, in the Animal Crossing New Horizons, this bug only spawns on the palm trees. Unfortunately, it will not spawn on stumps.

The fourth and the last condition is the time of day that the Horned Hercules spawn. Apparently, it will only spawn between five at night and eight in the morning. It might be needed for you to set an alarm to hunt it due to the fact that the game is always based around the time of the day it is in real life for the player.

Method to Catch Horned Hercules in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Method to Catch Horned Hercules in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In order to catch the Horned Hercules in Animal Crossing New Horizon, here are the steps that you have to follow:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have already caught 100 bugs in total. It is said that the Horned Hercules will not spawn even if you are playing and looking for it during the spawn times mentioned above if you have not caught a total of 100 bugs.
    2. Once you have successfully caught 100 bugs, another thing that you should get is the net. To do it, all that should be done is to press the X button to go into your pockets and choose your net.
    3. After getting everything, it is time for you to get closer to the Horned Hercules. Please do not move too closely or too quickly. If you want to get closer to the bug carefully, you can hold down the A button and move the right stick.
    4. When you think you are close enough, the last thing that you have to do is to release the A to swing your net.
    5. In the end, you will get the Horned Hercules in your hand.

It should be easy for you to catch the Horned Hercules in Animal Crossing New Horizons if you follow every step well. In case you are having a hard time, you are encouraged to seek help from the members of the communities or forums related to Animal Crossing. There are a few of the communities and forums related to this game and most of them are free to access. If you want, you might also try to reach out to the developers of the game called Animal Crossing through social media. There is no guarantee that you will get a response but you can still try it.

Things to Do with Horned Hercules that Have Been Caught

After catching the Horned Hercules, you can go to the Nook’s Cranny and sell it for 12,000 Bells. If you think the price is low, you might want to see Flick and sell the one in your hand to him instead. Unfortunately, there is no way to visit him any time you want. If you want to meet him to sell the Horned Hercules, you can just wait for him to visit your island. If you want to finish your insect collection in the museum, do not forget to donate one of these bugs that you have caught to Blathers at the museum.

The Other Bugs That Are Related to Horned Hercules   

There are some other bugs that are related to Horned Hercules. The list includes:

    • Horned Elephant
    • Horned Atlas
    • Horned Dynastid
    • Goliath Beetle
    • Drone Beetle
    • Scarab Beetle
    • Earth-Boring Dung Beetle
    • Dung Beetle
    • Blue Weevil Beetle
    • Rosalia Batesi Beetle
    • Citrus Long-Horned Beetle
    • Violin Beetle
    • Jewel Beetle
    • Tiger Beetle
    • Diving Beetle

The spawn conditions of these bugs mentioned above might be different compared to the ones for Horned Hercules. As for the method to catch them, it can be the same or similar with the one used to catch the Horned Hercules.