How to Get Red Wrapping Paper ACNH

Throughout the Christmas Toy Day Event, you will be allowed to help Santa to deliver the gifts, unfortunately, the Wrapping Paper is missing. Then, you are allowed to get it in order to wrap the gift and you can then deliver them to the villagers on your island.

Of course, to complete one of the tasks in the Toy Day event to deliver the gifts, you should find the Red Wrapping Paper first. Getting the Red Wrapping Paper may be a bit tricky for you as you have to follow some ways until you finally get it. So learn and follow our steps to get the Red Wrapping Paper in the below!

How to Get Red Wrapping Paper ACNH

Getting the Red Wrapping Paper, Here’s the Guides!

When you start playing the game, Isabelle will talk to you about a visitor which has arrived on your island. Then, you just need to go to the Resident and meet with the head service. There, you can find a Jingle and also Santa. Afterwards, Santa will tell you that he will deliver the gifts on your island, but the red wrapping to incase the gift is a mission.

Here, Jingle will give you a guide of how to get the Red Wrapping paper for Santa. In completing the Jingle’s task, you just need to find 3 pieces of Red Wrapping Paper.

Here’s how to get the Red Wrapping Paper!

  • Use the Crafting Way

The Red Wrapping Paper can be obtained by crafting method in which you need to get the ornaments as follows: Red, Blue and Gold ornaments. Well, all the ornaments can be obtained in Holiday Season/ Festive Season. To get them, you have to shake the cedar trees until the ornaments are falling down on the ground. At least, there are a total of 10 ornaments which will fall to the ground.

The Red and Blue ornaments are easy to find compared to the Gold ornaments. However, the Gold is a relatively uncommon ornament to get. The Gold ornaments can be just obtained for every 10 ornaments. In order to get the ornaments, you just keep shaking the pine trees. Somehow, it’s so easy to find those ornaments especially if you are playing Animal Crossing


To craft the Red Wrapping Paper, you will need:1x Red Ornaments,1x Blue Ornaments  and 1x Gold Ornaments.

  • Buying It At Nook’s Cranny

Aside from getting the Red Wrapping Paper by crafting method, you can also get the Red Wrapping Paper from Nook’s Cranny shop. Unfortunately, Nook’s Cranny just purchases two colors of Wrapping paper every day. It means by purchasing it from Nook’s Cranny, it’s not sure that you can get the Red Wrapping Paper.

The available colors of Wrapping Paper at Nook’s Cranny are Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Green, White, Light-blue, Mint, Gold, Yellow, Light-green, Navy, Gray, Purple, Pink, Brown, and Festive.

  • Get It From Villagers

You can also get the Red Wrapping Paper by talking to the villagers. Once you have delivered all gifts on Toy Day, you can talk to any villagers whether they have Red Wrapping Paper or not. To note, only on December 24, 2020, you are able to get the 3 Red Wrapping Paper from your villagers that you exchange the gifts with them. But, you can only get the Red Wrapping paper once.

What Will You Get After Finding the Red Wrapping Paper?

Once you successfully find the 3-pieces Red Wrapping Paper and give them to Jingle, you surely will obtain a pair of Toy Day stockings. Then, you are able to hang the stockings at your home for decoration. Aside from the Toy Day Stockings, Jingle will also hand you some gifts that you have to deliver to every villager on your island.

Another gift from Jingle is a Magic Bag. To get it, you just simply need to talk to a villager and then give them a gift. In the way you give the gifts, you will also be reminded many times that Jingle will be leaving your island after 5 A.M. That means you should complete the Jingle’s tasks before he leaves from your island.

The amount of gifts that you need to deliver depending on the villagers of your island. If you successfully delivered all the gifts to them, you just back to Jingle and he will then reward you with two gifts.

How to Use Red Wrapping Paper?

At least there are two usages of the wrapping paper. Here they are:

  • To wrap the gifts

The main usage of wrapping paper is totally to wrap the gifts for decorative purposes. However, it seems that you are able to raise the friendship level of any villagers if you give them a wrapped gift.

To craft a Gift Pile.

  • To craft a Gift Pile.

Red Wrapping Paper definitely can be used to craft a Gift Pile. Well, the Gift Pile here is a customizable houseware item which can be obtained from crafting. Aside from the Red Wrapping Paper, the other materials to craft the Gift Pile are Wooden-Block Toy and Cardboard Box.

For more information, the recipe to craft this item can be obtained from Jingle if you already delivered the gift to more than half of your villagers on Toy Day. Besides, it can be customized by using 1 Customization Kit.

Here are all the variations of Gift Pile:

  • Red and Green

Red and Green

  • Colorful


  • Cute


  • Cool


  • Chic


  • Elegant


  • Natural


The materials you’ll need to craft Gift Pile:

  • 3 x Red Wrapping Paper
  • 1x Wooden-block toy
  • 1 x Cardboard Box

How to Wrap the Gifts with Wrapped Paper?

You may also wonder how to wrap the gifts. Here’s how!

  • Firstly, you have to buy the wrapping paper at Nook’s Cranny.
  • Once you bought some wrapping paper, you can then add the item that you want to wrap to your inventory.
  • Then, open your inventory and choose the wrapping paper and then select the “Wrap” option.
  • Move your cursor to the item and then hit “A” to choose it.
  • Finally, the items will be automatically wrapped.

Congratulations! You can now give the wrapped gifts to your villagers.