About Fusion Coil Halo Infinite

In Halo Infinite, there is a fusion coil. Do you know what it is? If you are a Halo Infinite player, you need to know about it. So, let’s find out about Fusion Coil in Halo Infinite here according to Halo Alpha wiki and Gamepur.

What is Fusion Coil?

According to Halo Alpha Wiki, a fusion coil is a United Nations Space Command ground container where it is used for compressed plasma. It is made mainly of glass and aluminum.

About Fusion Coil Halo Infinite

The Operation of Fusion Coil

As also explained on the Halo Alpha wiki, the fusion coil is the safest and most intelligent way to transport and save highly explosive compressed plasma energy. As explained earlier, the materials for making the containers are glass and aluminum. In a fusion coil, there is high voltage and radioactivity stored.

Even though there has not been a confirmation, but it seems that the fusion coil may be related to the UNSC Deuterium fusion reactor. It is also the same as the Covenant Plasma Battery, but it is able to be detonated with fewer shots.

Pyrotechnics of Fusion Coil

If there are several shots from any weapon, it is able to explode these volatile coils. In multiplayer, usually players try to lay an ambush for a hostile near a coil and they do that by tossing a Fragmentation Grenade to the coil when the enemy gets closer.

As an alternative, they are able to be pushed from above onto passing enemies, exploding on impact with the ground or used as anti-vehicle landmines at vehicle choke points. Players also have used them for Explosive Jumping and in Forge to create perpetual explosions.

The Appearances of Fusion Coil

Fusion Coil appears in some series of Halo games.

In Halo 2, you are able to find fusion coils on six Halo 2 multiplayer maps including Foundation, Ivory Tower, Headlong, Tombstone, Waterworks and Zanzibar. In the campaign, they are not seen.

In Halo 3, you are able to find fusion coils in the Halo 3 Beta, in the multiplayer maps namely High Ground and Valhalla. They can be seen in several other multiplayer maps and also in a few Campaign levels. In Forge, fusion coils feature prominently where players are able to place a large amount of coils on any location in a map and detonate them. An incident where a beta tester used them is described by a Bungie Weekly Update along with the Instant Respawn trick, to turn an Elephant into a satanic pinata.

In Halo 4, you are able to find fusion coils in all of the maps in Forge. If a player is killed by them, that player disintegrates as if they were hit by a Forerunner weapon. In the campaign, you can also find a forerunner type Fusion coil on the level Forerunner.

Tactics of Fusion Coil

As explained on Halo Alpha wiki that several people may not think much about using fusion coils as an effective strategy. However, on Forge, fusion coils are good trap items. If there is a player near one that you see, you can shoot the coil. By doing it, it will be able to weaken the player or kill him depending on the amount of coils available nearby.

It is important for you to note that you have to be careful if the coils are near you. If you blow one up, it will blow up others and it can cause a chain reaction. If you find it in Campaign, you have to stick to Multiplayer tactics for there is not much difference. In Forge, if a choke point is found by you, often it is a good idea for you to place fusion coils in it and then detonate them with a long range weapon.

Trivia About Fusion Coils

There are some trivia about Fusion Coils according to the Halo Alpha wiki as you are able to see below.

    • You are able to make a trap by shooting one with a Shotgun at a certain distance and it will cause it to fall over and glow white before having a very delayed detonation which is also be able to triggered by touching the glowing container.
    • You are able to use the fusion coils in Forge to flip Elephants and create perpetual explosions.
    • During the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, fusion coils were not used.
    • When you save a map variant in Forge, there is a brief Terms of Use agreement where Bungie jokingly references the temptation to exploit these items, adding:”… And try not to build all your structures out of Fusion Coils.”
    • In the Halo manual, you can see under “The Forge -Co-op” where it references “Cooperate with your friends to make the work go faster, but don’t forget to throw a fusion coil at them from time to time.”
    • You are not able to damage fusion coils by overcharged plasma pistol shots, even though they can with regular shots.
    • When fusion coils take more damage, the humming noise that they make will be progressively louder and faster.
    • If landed upon, fusion coils negate all fall damage in Halo: Reach.
    • If they are placed on the ground in Forge, they will take normal damage. However, if they are placed on a wall or ceiling, they only take one shot to destroy.

Throwing A Fusion Coil in Halo Infinite

There are a lot of ways that you can do to beat an enemy in Halo Infinite. One of the ways is by using fusion coils. These coils can be found on specific Halo Infinite multiplayer maps.

To throw a fusion coil, you have to approach it and then you need to click on the interact button. For players who use a controller and for players who use a keyboard, the button is the E key. After you interact with the fusion coil, then you will have to get it immediately. After that, you have to use the firing button. If you use a controller, it is the right trigger and if you use mouse and keyboard, it is the left mouse button.

When a fusion coil lands, it explodes and it can cause a decent amount of damage.