15 Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, “Auto Mythic” Guaranteed!

If you want to obtain the victory in Mobile Legends (ML), you have to choose the strongest hero in the game. And then, the hero can be relied on to push rank easily.

There are a lot of new characters in the list of strongest Mobile Legends heroes. It is because the new heroes are quite overpowered and can give big enough damage to the enemies.

According to the Telset site, here are 15 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2022.

1. Mathilda


One of the strongest ML hero names is Mathilda. This character has a unique role where she is a support or assassin. This female character has the abilities which can be useful for the team. Guiding Wind skill can make this character dash in the desired direction and get a skill. When this skill is activated, teammates will also be able to follow her dash.

Soul Bloom skill can also give great damage to the opponent. No wonder why this character is banned because her damage is quite high. However, it will be an advantage if Mathilda is successfully used in a team in ranked mode.

2. Brody


Brody is also one of the strongest heroes who is often banned because he is a new marksman hero who has high enough damage. Compared to other strongest heroes in ML, he has a much lower attack speed, but the damage Brody gives to opponents is quite large.

Corrosive Strike skill gives damage and stun effects to the opponents and this skill makes Brody will be easy to chase or avoid the opponent’s pursuit. There is also the Torn Apart Memory skill that makes Brody into the air and immune from enemy attacks. Besides, it also gives a large enough damage area to enemy heroes around.

3. X.Borg


X.Borg has the ability to riot in early game so that this character becomes the best hero in the Fighter role. Ultimate skill is his best strength because it can provide high and very wide burst damage. This hero is considered very dangerous because he has very high damage and also quite thick blood.

He has skill 1 which has a very annoying DPS and also a small cooldown. So, it is good for attacking and defending continuously. When the red bar of the enemy is full, the damage dealt becomes true damage and will add a slow effect. So, the enemy is not able to run from our pursuit. This hero also has 2 health bars so that he can run away from any kind of enemy easily.

4. Khufra


This hero has been the best-selling choice of the players. He has skills that are guaranteed to make your opponent difficult.

He has Tyrant’s Revenge skill which has a CC effect which permits Khufra to jump and hit the opponent with the effect of being knocked up or thrown up. He also has Bouncing Ball skill where it permits him to bounce like a ball. He also has ultimate or Tyrant’s Rage skill which will pull all opponents around him to the front.

5. Lancelot


This hero is one of the deadliest and strongest hero assassins in this game. All of the skills that he has are blinking so that it is easy for him to finish off the opponent’s mainstay and leave before receiving large damage from other opponents.

After revamping, he will get a stack that can be accumulated up to 3x every time doing dash to an opponent or forest monster. Each stack gives an increase in damage of up to 10% where it means that this hero can get additional damage of up to 30%. If the stack has been collected, using Thorned Rose skill to the opponent will give very deadly damage.

6. Ling


Ling is the only strongest hero in ML who is able to climb walls and make him have high mobility. So, he can quickly target or escape from the opponent. It also means that Ling is quite slippery to beat.

A quite high level of skill is needed to use Ling, but if you have already been proficient in using it, you will be afraid when using Ling in the game.

7. Luo Yi

Luo Yi

Luo Yi can give painful damage and he has crowd control ability that can make the opponent difficult. Dispersion is a skill that he has that can give large enough damage to the opponent. If it is combined with Rotation skill, it can give great damage and give a crowd control effect.

This hero also has ultimate skill namely teleport skill that can bring all friends to the specified area.

8. Esmeralda


She has high magic damage and she also is equipped with quite good durability. The thing which is scary about this hero is her ability to generate natural skills up to 50% of her health. She can also absorb shields from opponents which makes opponents easy to defeat. If the opponent does not have a hero with stun abilities, it will be very hard to stop Esmeralda.

9. Chou


We can say that Chou is flexible because he can play a role as a fighter, tank or assassin. He also has a skill combination which is super strong. He is considered as a hero with the best disabler effect and has a short cooldown. After 35 seconds, ult Chou can be used again and he has an immune and shield effect.

Ultimate skill that he has is very dangerous, especially when he uses a build fighter. The best thing about this hero is that he can subvert the opponent’s core hero in one combo.

10. Selena


Along with the meta shift, Selena who has the assassin role slowly changes her role to be a support role. It is understandable because she is a hero who has the longest stun in this game. She can stun the affected opponent for up to 3 seconds by using her Abyssal Arrow. With Abyssal Arrow, she also can release monsters from a distance and if it hits an enemy, it will stun. However, it is difficult to use this hero and it takes time to learn this hero.

11. Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin

After getting a revamp, this hero became the main choice recently. He has the ability to fight from a distance or at close range. He also can give high damage which is generated from every hit given.

He has Mountain Shocker skill that can give the opponent a rain of shots three times. This skill also can open the enemy’s positions on the map and can finish off dying opponents from a distance.

12. Lunox


She has fairly high burst damage. With the right item, she can give greater damage to the opponent. She has 2 different ultimate skills. The first skill is Order Brilliance which permits her to turn into light and immune to all damage dealt. And then, the second skill is Chaos Darkening which permits her to dash in the desired direction and give high damage with a very deadly burst.

13. Grock


This hero has the ability to damage and the damage is quite large in early game. Besides, he also has very thick blood in the late game. So, this hero is effective to accompany carry hero to do farming and clear minions.

By using skill 1 and anti cc ability, he can survive from the stunner heroes. With skill 2 that he has, he can block the enemy’s path and has ultimate skill which is free to use to run and chase his enemies.

The combination of skill 1 and the ultimate is very powerful to stop the movement of enemy core heroes while repelling them. This hero is also immune to Crowd Control so that he has the strongest durability in the game.

14. Granger


Even though this hero will get a nerf which is quite difficult for his position, if in the right hands, he can be a very formidable marksman. It is because he has had enormous damage since the early game.

He also has skill 1 which has a fairly short cooldown and it is good for being able to repulse his enemies. His ultimate skill can be used to finish the enemy who has started to run out of blood because of spam skill one.

15. Bruno


Since the revamp, this hero has become META. This hero has damage which is very high and he also has the ability to increase critical damage. When you use this hero, you just need to use skill 1, attack with a basic attack, and then run using skill two when being chased by the enemy. He is a hero who does not need a complicated strategy and control to be an OP hero.

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