Worst Animal Crossing Villagers List

Which makes the Animal Crossing game so gorgeous, especially presenting a plenty of gigantic roster of villagers. In this game, the villagers are the sentient animals who live on your island. They totally have their own personalities. In order to make them living on your island, you surely have to invite them first to come and live there.

In  choosing the villagers to live on your island, you definitely have to choose the good villagers as there are the worst and best villagers that will appear on your island. Before you go on choosing the villagers to live on your island, better for you to know the worst villagers list. Once you know them, we think that you’ll be careful to choose them.

Here’s the List of Worst Villagers in Animal Crossing!

We guess that you will need the good villagers to live on your island. However, the villagers who have a good personality will give you a comfortable atmosphere when they are living on your island. However, there are some villagers which are hated by the players as they have a smug personality, so it makes them rude and naughty.

Of course, as an Animal Crossing player, you will have a right to ignore the worst villagers to come and live on your island. That’s your choice at all. To ease you ignoring the worst villagers in Animal Crossing, thankfully, we have a list of the worst villagers that you should stay away from. Here they are:


  1. Coco

The first worst villagers in Animal Crossing points for Coco. It’s not wrong if Coco is categorized as the worst villagers because there is something annoying about Coco. Known, Coco is a normal rabbit who comes from the coconut. Coco is the only one villager who does not have a strong expression.

Her eyes tend to present the blank expression with sandy skin. She seems to present a kind of ancient force meant to punish mankind for the sin of fear. Her gaping mouth just feels like it sucks anyone’s soul out of their body. You do not want to live with scary and mysterious villagers on your island, do you?


  1. Pietro

A smug sheep with a clown theme is involved as the worst villager in Animal Crossing. In other words, he is an unusual case either he’s loved or haters with no in-between. On some forums, he is pretty famous which is sought after by some players. While, others will be happy to get rid of him.

Pietro is represented as a colorful sheep which resembles a stereotypical clown. He has a specific large red nose with thick red lips. His face is white with his eyes in a small and black look. If you are unfortunate, you probably will find him to come and live on your island.


  1. Limberg

Limberg is a cranky mice villager which is a type of cheese with a strong odor. He is an orange mouse which has pink cheeks and a gray 5 o’clock shadow around his mouth and blue ears. Sometimes the villagers who have the cheese-themed names will be cute. While, they are not popular but they are not the worst villagers to have.

In the Animal Crossing game, Limberg is represented as an annoying and bizzare villager which means a bad villager to come and live on your island. He is represented older which is calling the player kid and referring to their age. In order to live in a cozy circumstance on your island, make sure to avoid him.


  1. Rodney

In some gaming forums, Rodney is one of the villagers who is hated by many players. He is an arrogant and uncommon aggressive nature which makes him one of the New Horizons most notable “trolls”. Aside from that, Rodney has a bad and sloppy appearance in which it leads him to be an equivalent of an incel in Animal Crossing.

Rodney is a smug hamster who has a hobby in music. He will also get along with normal, lazy, peppy and snooty villagers which may conflict with cranky villagers. Many Animal Crossing players judge him not as a cute villager which is better to stay away from him.


5. Eloise

From her name we might think that she is a cute and exasperated villager in Animal Crossing, in fact she is categorized as the worst  villager in Animal Crossing. However, Eloise’s personality is based on criticism. It means that she will frequently criticize your and the other villagers on your island.

Aside from that, she will also go so far to criticize your island circumstance. If we think that your island is a place where she was invited to come and live on, she totally criticized your place instead. You certainly do not want to invite the villager which always gives criticism to your island, do you?


6. Tammi

At the beginning, she may not be so bad . Tammi actually has bright yellow fur but it is not bad with her grey stripes. Tammi is a bright monkey villager which has a peppy personality. She is always happy and cheerful which has the ambitions of fame.

In her all time, she constantly talks of fame and stardom which make it so obnoxious. In her conversation, she will usually be over-excited to see you or other villagers on your island. She will be particularly getting along with normal, lazy, jock, peppy and alsi sisterly villagers.


7. Beardo

In Animal Crossing, Beardo has a lot of haters which points him based on his appearance. He has a light blue with brown fluffy fur on his chest and stomach. The fur’s location is on his belly which has drawn some more maturity compared to the players.

Beardo is an arrogant bear villager which comes from the type of facial hair. However, his personality is appearing to be a mix of the other personality types. He will get along with normal, lazy, peppy and snooty villagers on your island.

Well, those are some worst villagers that you will find in Animal Crossing. There are still plenty of worst villagers that you should know to stay away from.

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