When Does Celeste Show Up for the First Time in ACNH

Since Celeste is currently giving you the star and zodiac-themed recipes, you may have to find Celeste more often to get more recipes. Aside from that, she will inform you about meteor showers and shooting stars in the game. So, finding Celeste is one of your priorities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Unfortunately, getting Celeste is not as easy as you think, as she will randomly appear somewhere on your island at a certain time that you may not know. If you really want to find Celeste on your island, you should know the clue when she will appear on your island. No worries! We’ll show the specific time of Celeste to appear. Here you go!

When Does Celeste Show Up for the First Time in ACNH

When and Where Will Celeste Appear?

As a general clue, Celeste will randomly appear at a specific location on your island. Keep in mind that the arrival of Celeste is not related to the current season, but the only one information that you should know is that Celeste will appear in the evenings on a random day on your island.

According to some sources, Celeste will appear only on clear nights between the hours of 7 p.m. and 4 a.m on your island. She will appear on your island along with a meteor shower. In order for Celeste to arrive on your island in the evening, Isabell shouldn’t announce a meteor shower.

Of course, if you want to get Celeste easier, it may be important for you to look for information about the occurrences of meteor showers. We’ll show you the percentage of meteor shower occurrences that we got from the official game handbook, here are they:

    • January 5th – February 23rd: 4%
    • February 24th: 2%
    • February 25th – March 31st: 4%
    • April 1st – April 10th: 0%
    • April 11th – June 15th: 1%
    • June 16th – July 5th: 0%
    • July 6th – July 31st: 2%
    • August 1st – August 31st: 2%
    • September 1st – September 15th: 3%
    • September 16th – September 30th: 3%
    • October 1st – November 14th: 2%
    • November 15th – November 24th: 2%
    • November 25th: 2%
    • November 26th – December 9th: 2%
    • December 10th: 0%
    • December 11th – December 23rd: 3%
    • December 24th – December 30th: 0%
    • December 31st – January 4th: 4%

Note: % is the chance of meteor showers to occur in Animal Crossing; New Horizons.

What Does Celeste Give to You?

You may already know that every time you talk to Celeste, she will grant you a bunch of recipes such as star space DIY recipes, Star Wand recipes and also Zodiac recipes. Here’s a list of all  recipes that you will get from Celeste:

Star and Space DIY Recipes that include:

    • Asteroid
    • Astronaut Suit
    • Crescent Moon Chair
    • Crewed Spaceship
    • Flying Saucer
    • Galaxy Flooring
    • Lunar Lander
    • Lunar Rover
    • Lunar Surface
    • Moon
    • Nova Light
    • Rocket
    • Satelite
    • Sci-Fi Flooring
    • Sci-Fi Wall
    • Space Shuttle
    • Star Clock
    • Star Head
    • Star Pochette
    • Starry Garland
    • Starry-Skies Rug
    • Starry Wall
    • Starry-Sky Wall
    • Yellow Star Rug

Star Wand Recipes that include:

    • Cosmos Wand
    • Golden Wand
    • Hyacinth Wand
    • Iron Wand
    • Lily Wand
    • Mums Wand
    • Pansy Wand
    • Rose Wand
    • Star Wand
    • Tree-Branch Wand
    • Tulip Wand
    • Wand
    • Windflower Wand

Zodiac Recipes that include:

    • Aries Rocking Chair
    • Cancer Table
    • Virgo Harp
    • Taurus Bathtub
    • Scorpio Lamp
    • Sagittarius Arrow
    • Pisces Lamp
    • Libra Scale
    • Leo Sculpture
    • Gemini Closet
    • Capricorn Ornament
    • Aquarius Urn

How to Get All Celeste’s Recipes in ACNH?

Sure, the only one way to get all Celeste’s recipes is to meet Celeste and speak with her. Celeste will actually give you the recipes every time you talk to her. More often you speak with her, the more recipes you will learn.

If you have found Celeste and talk to her about love of constellations and stars, she will grant you one recipe per your visit. The first time you visit and speak with her, she will grant you a Star Wand recipe which is the most iconic of the wands.

After you meet Celeste, she will grant you one recipe continually each time she visits. Then, she will give you a Zodiac fragment of that season instead if you already have finished all her recipes.

For some reason, you may get hard in finding Celeste. As an alternative way, you will be able to visit a friend’s island who has Celeste on a given night. If your friend is willing with  your arrival on their island, you can then visit their island and speak with Celeste to get one recipe of your own.

Keep in mind, you can also earn one recipe from her per day. Since there is a limit to her generosity, you may find it hard to obtain all of Celeste’s recipes. To obtain all Celeste’s recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may have to make a serious effort of finding Celeste on your island.

How to Wish on a Shooting Star?

There’s always an opportunity where a few shooting stars may appear on a clear night. However, you can also get guaranteed chances, provided you should wait for news of a meteor shower during daily announcements.

When shooting stars happen, make sure to drive away any tools. If necessary, you may be able to move to an area of your island with an obstructed view of the sky. To capture the shooting stars, you should tilt your camera up by pressing up on your controller. To wish on the shooting stars, you may need to press the ‘A’ button. Sure, the star will shine before it disappears.

For more information, the stars will tend to fall in small groups of 2-3. So, you should be ready to press the ‘A’ multiple times in a row. If you see one falling star and miss it, you can then look up anyway when you catch others in time.

You can also do this on your friend’s island. So, you can ask around whether anyone you know will have a meteor shower tonight or not. However, shooting stars can be a fun way that you can do during meteor showers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.