What Region has the Worst Players in Fortnite

You may wonder about the region which has the worst players in Fortnite. When I tried to find the information about it, I could not find it. Instead, I found the information about the easiest Fortnite matchmaking region on Sportskeeda. So, here is the information about the easiest Fortnite matchmaking region.

The Easiest Fortnite Matchmaking Region

According to Sportskeeda, here is a list of the easiest Fortnite matchmaking regions.

  • Middle East

    Middle East servers are practically new. So, the player base in this server is not a huge one. For your information, Middle East servers were introduced after the World Cup. Since then, there has been a rise which is steady in the base. However, you also need to know that there is a long way to go before these servers can be hot and sweaty like others in Fortnite. As a player, you are able to consider the Middle East matchmaking region to be the easiest for now.

  • Brazil

    There are some players in the community who would argue that public matches in Brazil are sweaty enough. This region has been highlighted as an upcoming sweat fest many times since the Fortnite World Cup, where a number of South American players showed interesting gameplay.

  • Asia

    A massive player base is owned by Asia. China and Japan alone control millions of players. These servers are sweaty and no other regional player would have an opportunity on Asian servers, especially playing from a Nintendo Switch.

  • Europe and Oceania

    In Fortnite, Europe has a good reputation because there are a number of competitive Fortnite players who have come out of this region. There are also some Fortnite stars from Oceania. However, the lobbies sometimes are too easy to play in. Players may be given mixed feelings by this server, but it is still a decent server. Same as the Middle East, the player vase is small so that it makes lobbies unpredictable. However, Europe has a large player base and most of the lobbies are sweaty enough where they are filled with players who play the game for a living. Also, they will build tall buildings in every fight in a match. It can be said that this is one of those lobbies where new players will find it hard to be able to adapt right from the start.

  • North America East and West

    North America is the best Fortnite server in the game and all the leaderboards are filled with North American players from both segments. The Fortnite World Cup also became a witness to the dominance of the North American players because the top four players in the finals were from North America. It also has the highest number of Fortnite content creators in the world.

What Region has the Worst Players in Fortnite

Region Which Has the Best Fortnite Players

You may also wonder about the region which has the best Fortnite players. According to the Kr4m site, here is the list of regions which have the best Fortnite players.

  • North America

    North America owns the best Fortnite players in the world. You are able to look at the Fortnite World Cup which has been the biggest and most competitive LAN tournament in the history of Fortnite. At the Fortnite World Cup, there are 100 of the best players from around the world who compete against each other to get the Victory Royale and the opportunity to be the winner of $3,000,000. The top 4 players in the finals of the solo tournaments all came from North America including Bugha, Psalm, EpikWhale and Kreo. Beside these 4 players, there are also a plethora of outstanding players from North America such as Saf, Dubs, UnknownArmy, Tfue, ZexRow and so on.

  • Europe

    Pro player of Fortnite from Europe is not as popular as their American counterparts. However, it does not mean that they are less skilled. You are able to see that in the solo tournament at the Fortnite World Cup, there were 3 out of the top 10 players who were European. In the duo tournament, there were the top 2 teams and those were all European. Those are Nyhrox + aqua and Rojo+ Wolfiez. We can say that North Americans may have dominated the solo tournament, but Europe came out on top in duos.

  • South America

    Even though South America is not popular for its superstar gamers, but they have produced superstars in sports such as MMA and Soccer. Why is South America put in the third rank? It comes back to the data which shows the player distribution for the Winter Royale. There are a number of players who compete from the Brazil region are actually outnumbering NAW on consoles and they are very close on PC as well. There were also a number of players from South America which showed some very interesting gameplay at the Fortnite World Cup. Let’s take an example. k1nG from Argentina gave a surprise to everyone with his hyperaggressive gameplay and finished 5th place in the solo tournament. Some players such as Leleo, Kurtz and King who are all from Brazil had impressive performances and they were able to prove that they are able to keep up with the North Americans and Europeans.

  • South Korea

    This country has typically dominated eSports. League of Legends and Starcraft are two of the most successful eSports titles of all time and the South Koreans are at the top position. Why is South Korea dominant in games? In South Korea, if you are good at games, it is celebrated. Meanwhile in the West, gamers are seen as nerds. But, it seems that this thought is changing in the West, especially as a result of Fortnite and the amount of money and celebrity status to be gotten. Even though Fortnite has really taken off in South Korea or maybe not yet, there are some promising players such as FaxFox, Peterpan, and Hood.J. They had good placements at the Fortnite World Cup.

  • Japan

    It seems that shooter games have never been popular in Japan. However, fighting games are dominated by Japanese players and especially gamers from Tokyo. It seems that Fortnite is a game which transcends cultures and it seems that Japanese gamers are warming up to Western titles. There are several Japanese players who have very good skills such as TAKAMURA who finished 33rd in the solo finals of the Fortnite World Cup and RizArt who is a player that recently has the same level to the best of the United States and Europe.

However, this list may be able to change because this information is based on an article on Kr4m site which was published on January 2020.

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