What is the Point of Animal Crossing on Switch?

Animal Crossing is a game which has a nice appearance. You can see that the characters are cute and the features are also fun to play. Now, you may wonder about the point of Animal Crossing on Switch. Let’s read some information about Animal Crossing below.

The Point of Animal Crossing

I tried to find the information about what the point of Animal Crossing on Switch is. However, I could not find specifically the information about it. The information that I got is about the point of Animal Crossing in general.

According to the Sbnation site, here is the point of Animal Crossing. You will land on your new tropical island. Then, after you land on your new tropical island, there will be Tom Nook, the raccoon, who will give you your first tent home. Even though it sounds good, but he does not give it for free. He gives you a crappy tent because he knows that you will say yes to his ‘generous’ offer of a big, new house for 98,000 Bells.

Then, you will be given a task to go around the island and collect whatever Nook needs. You will catch and sell fish, insects and whatever else that you are able to find to be able to repay his debts. After you do that, then Nook is happy. His loan plot has just started. You are able to upgrade your home for 190.000 Bells.

What is the Point of Animal Crossing on Switch

The Reasons of Why You Should Play Animal Crossing

According to the Her Campus site, here are the reasons why you should play Animal Crossing games.

    • There are no two islands which are similar. As we know that everyone is different and has unique tastes. So, there will not be two islands which are the same in the Animal Crossing. You may find islands which have Disney themes. However, there are also islands which have a New York City theme or Harry Potter theme. So, the possibilities are endless. If you do not like your island, you are able to start it over.
    • Playing Animal Crossing is therapeutic. Playing a video game can be so relaxing especially when you are playing Animal Crossing. It is because in this game, you are able to decorate and you can enjoy it. You are also able to create custom designs or see the things that are created by other players. Sometimes, you may be a little bit intimidating when you see how talented others are. However, you should be proud of yourself because you have designed what you want. In the game, you are able to design clothes and then put them on display in your shop so that other players can see them. And then, you will be surprised if your villager wears the clothes that you designed and it probably can touch your heart.
    • You can decorate the island based on your style. When you begin the Animal Crossing game, your island is a blank canvas and it means that it is full of possibilities. Let’s say that you don’t like your house. If so, you are able to change the style easily. It is because the island is yours. If you want, you are able to put your house by the beach or you can put it on a cliff above the waterfall.
    • You can meet friends. When it is your birthday, you may find that your villagers in the game throw you a surprise party and give you gifts. Even though it is just a game, but you may be happy because you can have some type of celebration. Not only that, your friends may come to your island and give you gifts. KK Slider also can sing a special song for you.
    • The villagers are cute. You may agree that the villagers in Animal Crossing are cute. In this game, you have to look for new villagers to convince them to be able to come to your island. They will be permanent residents until they will ask to leave and you have to approve when they want to leave. You will love seeing your villagers out and about and having fun on your island. Sometimes, your villagers also become friends with other villagers and you are able to see them doing activities together such as sunbathing.
    • There is a villager hunting. When you begin Animal Crossing, there are only two villagers that you have at the beginning. As your island grows, you are able to have ten villagers. The first two villagers are random, but the eight villagers can be chosen by you. You need to earn a ticket and you are able to fly to new islands where you are able to discover a villager that you are able to bring home. Let’s say that you do not want the villager. If so, you are able to use another ticket and try again.
    • There are constant updates. When you think that you are tired of playing the game, bored and you have done everything there, do not have to be worried because Nintendo will send an update.
    • Your character can wear cool outfits. You are able to change your outfit each day in Animal Crossing. There are a lot of outfits that you are able to buy or you get as gifts from your villagers. Also, you are permitted to wear outfits that other people have uploaded online. It is fun because you are able to have all the outfits that you want without having to break the bank. In the game, you can also meet Kicks and Sable. They are special characters who will give you multiple fashion items.
    • There are special events. During holidays, you can enjoy a special event which takes place on the island. For Easter, you can see eggs all over your island. You are able to gather the eggs and you can make special items such as an Easter hat or dress. You will also see that trees change with the seasons and during Easter, your trees change into blossoming cherry trees.

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