What is Double Movement in Fortnite

A lot of players of Fortnite have been wondering and want to know about the movement of their avatar in the popular game by Epic Games called Fortnite. Due to curiosity, some of them even ask the makers. One of the things that they want to know is the double movement. For everyone who is wondering about the same thing, here is the guide to the double movement in Fortnite.

In the game called Fortnite, double movement refers to one of the features. With it, the keyboard used by the players is allowed to use the diagonal movement while facing forward in the game. knowing the endgame fights can be crowded, this one is an important trick to learn. With it, everyone is able to scout their surroundings more effectively as it will not be needed for them to stop moving or halt their movement speed when they are aiming for a better look.

What is Double Movement in Fortnite

It is stated that the players can easily double move thanks to the flexibility of the movement that sticks on the controllers. A few players have been using the movement stick accessories alongside their keyboards when they try to do this trick on PC. Apparently, there are a number of the third party tools that offer the ability to do double movement in the game by only using a keyboard. For those who are interested in these tools, two of the most popular and favorite include Wooting and Keys2x. The first one offers a free trial. However, you should be ready to pay for the next months when the trial is done. As for the latter, it is free, totally free even after months. If you want to try the double movement for the first time, this one is recommended for you.

If you have no idea how to set up these two, a Fortnite content creator named itsJerian explains it for you on how to set them up while at the same time showing they work in action. You can find his video on Youtube. The video is entitled “How To Get Double Movement in Fortnite! (ReWASD/Keys2xInput)” shared by itsJerian on April 9, 2021. It seems like many people find it helpful as it has been viewed by more than 1 million people.

For some people, using a third party tool do to a trick may sound so complicated. However, there is nothing to worry if you want to use the third party that is referred above. The main reason is because they only allow keyboard controllers to have the inputs like the controller. With the usual WASD setup, you will be able to move in 8 different directions and the number is able to be easily doubled with a controller.

For everyone who has been playing by using a keyboard for a long time, it can be hard for you to implement double movement to your set of moves as you may not be familiar with it and it is quite awkward for the first timer like you. It is normal when you feel uncomfortable when it has been a long time since you use it. If you are having this kind of hard time, keep calm as the thing will get better. All that you have to do in this kind of situation is to keep practicing as practices make perfect.

While there is no doubt that the double movement is really useful and important mechanic in the battle royale game, it is such a shame that it was not available for keyboard users for a really long time. Actually, the feature called double movement was present early. However, it was only available for the users with controllers only. Fortunately, it is not able to be executed by those who are playing on PC thanks to the other tools that help the players to simulate the controller inputs.

Talking about the double movement in Fortnite, a professional Fortnite player called SypherPK explained why it is added by Epic Games in Season 6 of the game. In order to find out the thing that he said, you can watch a video on Youtube entitled “Epic Just Changed Fortnite FOREVER…”. The video was shared by him on April 22 this year and it has earned almost 1 million views since the first time it was released.

There is one thing that is worth noting by the players of Fortnite. While the key remapping software has been allowed, the different thing happens to macro tools. In fact, the ones that allow the players to do multiple in-game actions with just a single hotkey will not allowed. Below is the statement about the double movement feature in the game from Epic Games as informed through its official blog:

The spirit of our rules allow for players to reconfigure keybinds in a way that wouldn’t be possible inside the game, including double-movement on keyboards.”

However, the requirement of the third party software for double movement is only important because the developer of the game does not give the same feature in the game, as stated by SyperPK in the video.

Regardless all of the efforts made by Epic Games to block and prevent the third party tools in the game, allowing a key remapping tool could be the same as increasing the risk of implications. SyperPK said implementing an in game option for the keyboard players to use the double movement feature is the best way to make a balance for this system in the game. This one is the most possible method to try. The sad news is that it is unlikely for the developer to introduce such an in game feature in the near future as it si still blurry.

Knowing there are always new contents that come with every new update, there is no doubt that Epic Games is more than glad to allow the third party key remapping software for double movement in the game that they created and developed.