What is a WPS Button on a Router Look Like?

Depending on the problem that occurs on the router, the users may need to press and hold the WPS button on their router to fix the problem. But sometimes, they do not know which WPS button is and where they can find it on their router.

If you also get hard in finding the WPS button on your router, that’s very common, as some buttons on the router do not display their names. Thankfully, we will inform you of everything about the WPS in this post, so you will find it easier to find the WPS button on your router. Here you go!

What Is a WPS Router?

WPS stands for ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ that works to simplify the connections between devices in a network. With the help of WPS, the Wi-Fi security key will be automatically transferred and does not need to be manually entered.

Furthermore, the WPS is designed to ease the process of connecting to a secure wireless network from a computer or other devices. It’s important to note that WPS is not an exact term, as some companies may use other terms to describe the WPS function including Wi-Fi Simple Config, PBC, Push ‘n’ Connect and Quick Secure Setup (QSS).

For more information, the WPC can be applied by the manufacturers using a variety of methods such as by WPS key or a PIN. So, the router that you have at your home may contain either a PIN or also WPS key.

What Does the WPS Button Look Like on a Router?

What is a WPS Button on a Router Look Like

letters ‘WPS’

WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Generally, the WPS button is either made with a symbol of two arrows that form a circle or with the letters ‘WPS’. There are also other forms of WPS buttons that may be found on a router labeled ‘Wi-Fi; or show an icon. On older devices, the router may not have the WPS button.

Keep in mind, the WPS button will look a little bit different depending on the router model. For some general models, the WPS button can be easily located, as it’s just labeled ‘WPS’ that would be somewhere around the back of the router.

In addition to being labeled ‘WPS’ or represented by two arrows pointing to each other in an oval shape, the other router models may use the term ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ beside the button that is just the term ‘WPS’ written out as full.

Generally, the WPS button is located at the back of your router, but the placement of the button may vary depending on your device. If you cannot find the WPS button, it means that your router does not have the WPS button. Instead, you may be able to use the web based set-up with an internet browser to set up your Wi-Fi connection.

How Does the WPS Button Work?

The WPS button functions to allow the users who are in touching range of the router to connect their device to an available internet network. If you are an internet network owner, you will be able to press the button and connect a device that way.

If you hit the WPS button, the router will start looking for compatible devices. If your router finds any devices that look for a WPS-enabled router to connect to, both will automatically pair up. However, your router will stop looking for the device if nothing connects to the router in roughly two minutes.

It’s important to note, all devices can connect using the WPS button. The devices that are designed before WPS caught on will not work with it. If your router does not support the WPS button, you may not be able to find if a device works with WPS or not. But if your device supports the WPS button, it will display a ‘connect via WPS’ option when it is connecting to a new router,

How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network with WPS?

Keep in mind that not every Wi-Fi device will work with WPS on the router. On some old systems, they are designed before WPS will not understand what it is, while some modern devices do not bother with WPS function.

There are two ways that you can do to connect your wireless devices to your Wi-Fi network including by using the WPS button on your router and by using the Wi-Fi password. Here’s how the WPS works on your router!

    • First, you have to press the WPS button on your router.
    • Then, the WPS button will start to flash amber/orange that let you know it is looking for a device to connect.
    • In the device’s Wi-Fi settings, you can find and choose the name of the wireless network (SSIS) that you are trying to connect to. Well, it must complete the connection without entering a password.

You should know that changing your router password will boot off all the devices that are connected to it through the WPS. If you attempt to reconnect your device to Wi-Fi, your device will claim that its credentials are now incorrect.

If it occurs, you can try to set up your password back to what it was, then everything will reconnect again. For some reason when you set your password to something stronger, you may not want to do it this way. Alternatively, you can set your device to forget the router. Then, you can reconnect it using the WPS button again.

However, it is such a simple way to prevent unwanted things if you suspect someone is connecting to your router with WPS without your knowledge. All you need to do is to change your router password. Then, you will lock out everyone who obtained your Wi-Fi connection without your permission.

How if you have trouble connecting your device to Wi-Fi using WPS? If you face the trouble when connecting your device to Wi-Fi using WPS, you can try to reset your router and try again.

You can also try to connect to the Wi-Fi network with your network login information that is printed on your modem label. If your router does not have the label, instead you can find them by signing in to the modem’s user interface.