What Happens if You Reject a Nickname ACNH?

Villager’s affection for the player is expressed in the form of a nickname. In other words, nickname is the term of endearment towards the players that are used by villagers with high friendship level. In fact, all Animal Crossing villagers are friendly and will have special nicknames for you.

Sometimes, your villager will ask you if they will start calling you by a randomly chosen nickname. Of course, there will be two options that you can choose: either accept it or reject it. You may wonder what will happen if you reject a nickname given by your island villagers. If you’re curious about it, let’s find out more information about a nickname rejection in ACNH in our post!

What Happens If You Reject a Nickname Given by Your Villager?

As we’ve mentioned, you will have two options for a nickname given by your villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can choose either ‘accept it’ or ‘reject it’. Whatever the option you choose, it will affect you as well. Here’s the explanation!

Option 1: Rejecting a nickname

What Happens if You Reject a Nickname ACNH

If you reject a nickname that is given by your villager on your island, they will become either sad and end the conversation or ask your suggestion for a new nickname if you have a good relationship with that villager. Your villager will give you option to input a custom nickname that you want and your villager will use it to call you in every conversation in the game.

Option: Accepting a nickname

Accepting a nickname

If you accept a nickname that is given by your villager, they will then use that nickname to call you in every conversation on your island. Certainly, there will be an opportunity that other villagers will begin using the same nickname too.

Okay, that’s what will happen if you either reject or accept a nickname that is given by your villager on your island.

On occasion, your villager will begin using a random nickname without asking you. Well, the nicknames that are already selected by your villagers will depend on their personality and gender. Then, certain nicknames will also be dependent on your gender.

For more information, some nicknames in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will automatically include the first letter of your name. It is possible for your villager to simply use only your initial as your nickname.

How to Change a Nickname in ACNH?

If you want to change your nickname in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may have to frequently speak with your villagers and keep playing the game until you see your villager with a thought bubble over their head. Certainly, they will start a new conversation with you about changing their nickname for you or coming up with a new one.

The process of changing a nickname is quite random, since there will be a chance where your villagers will show the possibility of changing their nickname for you anytime you talk to them. This possibility is not influenced by your relationship with your villager, although speaking with them on a daily basis will increase both your relationship with them at the same time and the chance of that conversation occuring.

A villager’s nickname that you suggest for you will be taken from a pool of pre-written nicknames. After that, they will ask whether you really love it or not. As we’ve mentioned, if you decline, your villager will either be sad or ask what you would prefer if you have a good relationship with that villager.

Your villagers will also give you a chance to input your own preferred nickname into the game if you say no of a nickname given by them. Unlike previous series of Animal Crossing, in New Horizons, you cannot filter the nicknames by gender, so your villagers will suggest any possible name for you.

After your villager has a nickname for you, they will begin using it in every conversation, at least until enough time passes that they require it if you want to change it again. Even though this is quite rare, there will be a chance where other villagers will take this nickname and begin to use it.

Here’s a list of nickname commonly used in New Horizons:

Generic nicknames

muffin glitter swanky chief buddy
butterbean jetsetter dumpling rosebud boss
lollipop funky button cruiser cookie
cupcake superfan snookums reverb chef
biscuit subscriber puddin’ motor wonder bud
sunflower faboo tulip gigajolt guacamole
pumpkin dancer luv spud touchdown
sweetkins gold star rambler Prof. Pie champ
shmoopy hun backbeat tater tot maximum
superstar dimples highway burrito racer
blaster skippy peanut hashtag friendo
somersault youngin june bug maestro canapé
mountain lucky scooter platinum goalie
coach pup slick guru
hero chum rutabaga headliner

Personalized nicknames

x-bug Vitamin x
x-puff Iron x
x-beans Kid x
x-o-rino DJ x

How to Prevent Your Villagers Changing a Nickname?

Since every villager will ask you to change a nickname for you, the only one way to prevent them changing a nickname in Animal Crossing is by making them leave your island. To get your villagers to leave your island, you may have to stop speaking with them.

If they are a new villager on your island, it’s enough to ask them to leave on their own, since they have not built up a friendship with you. You may also have to ignore them completely. According to some sources, talking to Isabelle will speed your villagers to leave your island, but it has not been confirmed yet.

However, you can try both ways; ignoring your villager completely and complaining to Isabelle. So, it will not hurt them anyway.

Aside from preventing them from changing a nickname for you, there are also other reasons why you want your villagers to leave your island. You may don’t like how your villagers act or dress.

Furthermore, there are some players who do not want their villagers on your island. Certainly, there are a bunch of options to make them leave your island. So, you can start ignoring them and don’t talk anymore to them, or you can try to speak with Isabelle about it.

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