What Happens at the End of Time in ACNH

What happens at the end of time in Animal Crossing New Horizons is what many players wonder about. However, you have spent most of your time playing New Horizons and perfecting your island as best as possible. But in the end, you might also wonder what the end goal of this game is.

We think it’s such a normal question when you want to know whether Animal Crossing will finally end. If so, what will happen at the end of time in New Horizons? Fortunately, some content creators of Animal Crossing answered people’s curiosity perfectly. So, let’s find out some facts about what will happen at the end of time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons through our post below!

What Happens at the End of Time in ACNH

Here’s What Will Happen at the End of Time in New Horizons!

Some Animal Crossing content creators seem to answer what many players wonder about what will happen at the end of time in New Horizons. One of the content creators is ‘ProsafiaGaming’channel that shows the situation at the end of time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Through a ‘ProsafiaGaming’ video entitled ‘What Happens at THE END OF TIME in Animal Crossing New Horizons’, you actually can find out some facts that will happen if New Horizons is over.

To illustrate what will happen at the end of time in New Horizons, ProsafiaGaming tried to take the time travel experiment by setting the time to the maximum, until there’s no option  to set the time.

In the option, the maximum year that you can choose is 2060, the maximum month is December and the maximum date is 31 with the maximum hour of 11:55 P.M, it means 31st December 2060 at 11:55 P.M.

With the selection of the time, you will be taken into a Countdown event for New Year’s Eve in the plaza. In the game, Isabelle will tell you that you have to go to the plaza as quickly as possible. At 11:56 P.M on December 31st, 2060, your default character will go to the plaza to celebrate the Countdown event.

In the plaza, you will meet Isabelle

In the plaza, you will meet Isabelle and she will give you a present, that’s a light stick. So, you can use the light stick to wave together once the Countdown begins. Before you count down to welcome the new year 2061, you may need to interact with every villager in the plaza, and see what they will talk to you about.

When the countdown begins, you can hold the light stick and wave it together with your villagers until the countdown ends and 2060 is over.

The New Year 2061 is coming

Surprisingly! The New Year 2061 is coming. Well, everything seems to be pretty normal. You are still alive in 2061 and your villagers are still partying in 2061. In the middle of partying in 2061, you can interact with each villager and also see what they will talk to you about the new year 2016. However, most villagers say ‘Happy New Year’ to you, it means that the game will still exist.

The point is, what happens at the end of time in New Horizons is that you and your villagers are still alive and everything runs pretty normal, as usual. So, you do not need to worry that your island may be going to end after 2060.

So, if you want to see what happens at the end of time in New Horizons, you actually can watch the ProsafiaGaming video here.

Learn More About Time Travel in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing allows the players to take time travel experience in which they can manually change the time of their game to take advantage of seasonal events such as moving villagers out, upgrading shops, moving villagers in, progressing story, etc.

The time travel is commonly used to manipulate the ABD interest by the end of each month that is added to the player’s Bell amount in their bank accounts. However, time travel is a type of cheating that has been performed by many players.

Unfortunately, every player who takes a time travel experiment will get the risk of their town becoming populated with weed, interrupting the growth of trees, downgrading Tom Nook’s store and more.

In some cases, time travel will also be needed to reach a year within the clock’s range which is identical to the post-limit year to maintain synchronization with the real world.

Of course, there are different ways to time travel depending on the Animal Crossing series. On this occasion, we’ll talk about time travel in New Horizons. In this Animal Crossing series, you cannot find an option to change the time when talking to Tom Nook.

Instead you may need to change the time of your console to change the time in New Horizons. To do so, you can go to Settings and scroll down to the System. Then, choose the Date and Time option. It is needed to turn off ‘Synchronize Clock via Internet’.

After you have performed that, you can choose the ‘Date and Time’ option and change the date and time to see how you feel. If you already have changed the Date and Time in your console, you definitely can take a time travel experiment  in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Is There a Disadvantage You Will Get After Time Travel?

Yes, there’s a bunch of disadvantages if you take a time travel experiment. Most of the disadvantage that you get while time traveling in New Horizons is about your turnips rot. It means that the turnips that you have obtained will go bad after you leave it for over a week.

Another disadvantage is that weeds will appear faster than before spreading around your island. With time traveling, you will also lose your Nook Stop bonus. As you know, you will be given Nook Miles each day for opening up the Stop whether it is to redeem Nook Miles or for Nook Shopping.

Last but not least, you will be able to lose your streak and cannot collect some Nook Miles to open up the Nook Stop if you try to time travel.

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