What Happens if You Discuss a Resident with Isabelle in ACNH

Every player of Animal Crossing New Horizons has a chance to get the most friendly neighbors. The thing is, not every resident in the game is friendly. It has been known that the game consists of the villagers with different animals that have different personalities. If you are annoyed by a resident, one of the ways that you might want to consider is to discuss the issue with Isabelle. Then, what happens if you discuss a resident with Isabelle? Find out the answer to the question that you are thrown below.

As stated before, one of the ways to make a resident move away from the island is by discussing with Isabelle. To do that, the first thing that you need to do is to enter the building called the Residential Services to meet Isabelle. Once you are there, have a seat and talk to her. Then, choose the option to Discuss a Resident. Do not forget to also choose any reason to complain about the resident. Feel free to choose any reasons such as the way they dress or the way they speak. By discussing a resident with Isabelle, the thing that you complain about or the thing that you want from that resident will be changed.

What Happens if You Discuss a Resident with Isabelle in ACNH

While this method is worth trying, there is a weakness. To pull off, it takes a lot of dedication. It will not be enough for you to discuss a resident with Isabelle once to persuade her to remove that resident. It is possible that the whole process takes days as it is not easy to make that resident know what you want.

Discussing with Isabelle is actually not the only way to get rid of a resident. Apart from that, there are several other options that you can try. The other ones include:

    • Stop interacting with them

One of the most effective ways to get rid of the annoying resident is to just completely ignore their resistance. While it is not easy and challenging, it is guaranteed to work out. The resident will feel left out and have no friends when you start to not talk with them. In case they catch you down, do not bother and just keep running and ignore their existence.

When you are in the phase of ignoring the resident, please do not forget to still focus on them. Apparently, there will be a time when they are seen walking around with a cloud above their head. For your information, it shows that they are thinking about something and the thing on their head is usually about whether or not they should leave the island. When you see it, it is the perfect time for you to interact with them. Do not waste the time and encourage them to find something that is better on another island.

However, it is not always the case. Instead of contemplating whether they should leave the island or not, sometimes the existence of the cloud means that they will give the player like you an item as their effort to garner friendship. In this kind of situation, all that you have to do is to follow up on the conversation. You can do it by hitting the resident with the bug net. It is proven to be effective in discouraging and making them mad, making the chance of them to leave the island higher.

Before trying this method, it should be noted that it will be needed for you to keep interacting with the other residents on the island. Try your best to show the unwanted resident that they are really unwanted and you can increase the chance of making them leave sooner by talking to the other ones and asking them to follow your steps.

    • Sending and ignoring letters

The second method that is worth trying to remove the resident is to write a letter. In the letter, please explain the reasons why it is necessary for them to leave the island. Since it is allowed for you to include mean words, please do it. Sending a letter that is full of mean words is the most straightforward and the best thing to let them know that they are unwanted and need to move away.

Sending and ignoring letters

Not only sending the mean letters, you also have to ignore every letter sent by them. Actually, it is a bit complicated as it is possible for them to send you gifts. While it might be hard for you to ignore them, especially when there is a chance of them giving you gifts, do not change your mind and think about the reasons why you want them to get out. Besides, it is also important for you to think about the long run effect.

    • Amiibo neighbors

For those the collector of Amiibo figures, you will be able to get rid of the resident a bit easier. After the Amiibo scanning in the Nook Stop getting unlocked by Tom Nook, the machine that is found in the Resident Services that is also used to help you pay off loans can be used to scan Amiibo figures. These figures refer to the one that has helped you keep the residents on your island that you are fond of. Not only that, you can also use these Amiibo figures to get rid of the residents that you do not want on your island.

In order to succeed, it will be needed for you to get the campsite on your island. In general, the players like you have an option to make a campsite after upgrading the Residential Services once. Once the campsite is built, a villager will show up and you are allowed to invite the villager to live on the island. Besides, it can also force Tom Nook to tell you that Nook wants to invite more villagers. After hearing his intention, please visit the Nook Stop machine where you will be given an option to invite residents with Amiibo figures.

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