What Happened to Red Team in Halo Wars 2

Red Team was a UNSC team consisting of around two dozen SPARTAN-IIs. They participated actively in several battles, including the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, the Battle of Arcadia, and the Fall of Reach. By the way, what happened to the Red Team in Halo Wars 2? Find out that information from the text below.

What Happened to Red Team in Halo Wars 2?

Red Team members in Halo Wars 2 are hero units who act identically to their Halo Wars counterparts. They immobilize the target with an EMP when a Spartan hijacks a vehicle. Also, the Spartans are able to traverse lower or higher ground impassable to normal ground units with their Spartan Slam ability. Also, this ability can be used to damage or kill opponent units. If it is used to hijack the vehicle, it is going to stun opponent units nearby.

Wars 2

Once hijacking, the enemy vehicle is going to be immobilized until the hijacking process has been completed. But, it will be able to be cancelled if your hero was killed in the middle of hijacking. In the campaign, the Red Team is able to be revived when they are downed. Each Spartan in multiplayer is given to a UNSC leader as a hero unit. For your information, the standard version of Jerome-092 is tasked to Captain Cutter, Alice-130 is tasked to Isabel, Douglas-042 is tasked to Professor Anders, and a special version of Jerome is available to Jerome himself.

The multiplayer units cannot be revived. They have to be bought at the UNSC Armory. In the campaign, the Spartans are fully upgraded to level three upgrades. While on Multiplayer, each Spartan starts without upgrades with a Magnum as their weapon, except for Commander Jerome who utilizes Hydra MLRS.

Halo Wars Gameplay

Halo Wars Gameplay

In Halo Wars, members of Red Team have a regenerating shield bar besides a health bar. The regenerating shield bar recharges once a short time and creates the classic depletion and recharge sounds from the original trilogy. All Spartans count as Hero Units. If their health is empty, they are going to go down at which point their health bar starts to regenerate. Once Spartans have half full health bar, then downed Spartan will be able to be reenacted by touching them with another unit with your control. The Spartans have ability to hijack opponent vehicles and also commandeer the vehicles, same with John-117 in the original trilogy, however at a slower rate.

Aside from that, there is an implant upgrade which is able to be earned that gives Spartans the power to hi-jack vehicles more effectively. Due to Spartans are more effective, any vehicle driven by a Spartan is going to get a stat boost compared to the standard vehicles of the same kind. Spartans will not be able to be damaged by Flood pod infectors while their shields are intact. But as Hero units, Spartans are immune to being infected anyway.

Actually, Red Team is not usable outside the Halo Wars campaign, even though the player will be able to train and field up to three anonymous Spartans in Skirmish mode or in Multiplayer. Unlike Red Team, those anonymous Spartans are able to be killed when their own health is empty. But, more Spartans are able to be trained back up to the limit of three. In the campaign, Jerome takes a Spartan Laser, Alice uses a machine gun turret, and Douglas utilizes a homing rocket launcher. The chain gun and the Spartan Laser are Spartan weapon upgrades, but Douglas’ rocket launcher is a unique weapon.

Some Changes from Halo Wars to Halo Wars 2

The ability of Hijack has been retooled as the Spartan Slam ability that can be utilized to give damage to nearby infantry, traverse heights, and hijack vehicles.

    • The shields need more time to begin recharging and to recharge more slowly.
    • Overall base damage decreased.
    • Defeating a particular unit at point blank range will be able to start an assassination animation.
    • Now, Spartans are only able to be deployed one at a time during Skirmish, with each Spartan tasked to each leader respectively.
    • Also, upgrades are included, however the only difference is in the level two upgrades (Jerome with a Spartan Laser, Alice with a machine gun and Douglas with a rocket launcher).
    • Production and upgrades of Spartan moved from Barracks to Armory.

History of Red Team

History of Red Team

Based on history, in 2531, Red Team was under the leadership of Jerome-092. That Red team consists of three members. The members were Jerome, Douglas and Alice. In fact, Red Team participated in the Battle of Arcadia, where they helped the forces from UNSC Spirit of Fire to evacuate Arcadian civilians. And also to damage a Covenant excavation operation at Forerunner ruins. Jerome, Alice and Douglas remained with the ship’s forces once Covenant forces had been driven from Arcadia. After the crew of Spirit of Fire damaged a Forerunner Shield World to damage a fleet of Forerunner ships, then the three Spartans were assumed missing in action with the rest of the ship’s crew. Eventually, command of the Red Team was passed to Frederic-104.

Known Members of Red Team

Usually the Red Team is run by six members. However, other Spartans were able to be choose as the members of the Red Team for the missions that needed a bigger number of members. By the way, who are known members of the Red Team?

Here are known members of Red Team:

    • Li-008
    • Joshua-029
    • Vinh-030
    • Isaac-039
    • Douglas-042
    • William-043
    • Malcolm-059
    • Kelly-087
    • Jerome-092 – He was a commander during the Outer Colony campaigns of 2531.
    • Grace-093
    • Frederic-104 – He was a commander until the Battle of Onyx.
    • Alice-130
    • Beta-Red Actual – He was a leader of Team Beta during the Fall of Reach.
    • Red-Fifteen

Splinter Arrangement

During the Battle of Reach, the Red Team members who could survive were split into four groups: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.


    • Frederic-104
    • Kelly-087
    • Joshua-029


    • Beta-Red Actual
    • Red-Fifteen
    • 9 unknown Spartans


    • Li-008
    • Anton-044
    • Grace-093.


    • William-043,
    • Isaac-039,
    • Vinh-030,
    • 3 unknown Spartans

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