What Happened to Atriox in Halo Infinite

For those who want to know information about what happened to Atriox in Halo Infinite, you are able to read this entire page. Here we are going to inform you about what happened to Atriox in the game of Halo Infinite.

What Happened to Atriox in Halo Infinite?

For those who follow the previous Halo games, you may wonder why War Chief Escharum is the leader there rather than Atriox who built the Banished when he defected from the Covenant some years ago. In the flashback cinematic, in fact it is Atriox who tosses the Master Chief into outer space, apparently killing him, instead of Escharum.

What Happened to Atriox in Halo Infinite

Because Atriox MIA several months later when the main action of Halo Infinite picks up, it seems like Atriox might be dead. Halo Infinite waits until the post-credits scene for showing us that the bearded Brute is alive and healthy.

Atriox appears deep inside several type of Forerunner structure. We do not know where and what he is doing exactly. However, we know it must be bad. Atriox interacts with several type of console, and a bunch of brick-like pieces spin about the room. Could this have something to do with the mission of Harbinger? The opportunities are high that this is going to trigger the next big threat that Master Chief have to face down the line.

What Happens to Escharum in Halo Infinite?

What Happens to Escharum in Halo Infinite

In this page, we will also explain about what happens to Escharum in Halo Infinite. Well, here we are going to share information about that.

Although the fact that Atriox character was the last leader that known in the Banished, a different Brute that called Escharum is their current War Chief who spends much of the Halo Infinite taunting Master Chief through red holograms. He has got a bit of a wheezing cough whenever we view him in his lair. The one obvious goal that he has is to fight Master Chief to the death.

Apparently, Escharum has the Brute equivalent of lung cancer. However, he would good to die in the glory of war. Lucky for him, the Chief delivers that case as part of the game’s penultimate boss encounter.

The goals of Atriox are a bit muddled outside of this. However, he talks a lot like Thanos from the movies of Marvel with sweeping generalizations regarding destiny and inevitability. Eventually, he says that his death is going to inspire many more to rise up. And probably he is right.

Who is Atriox in Halo Infinite?

Apparently, the game starts with the Master Chief in the thick of combat and it is not long before he meets a strenuous enemy in the form of Atriox, who manhandles the Master Chief. But, partway through the first level of the game, it is revealed that Atriox was killed. We do not get to spend much time with Atriox in the game of Halo Infinite. However, it seems likely he is going to be a major player in future Halo stories. Here is everything you should know about Atriox in the game of Halo Infinite.

Based on the research, Atriox was introduced in Halo Wars 2 for the first time, where it was revealed that Atriox effort to fight for the Covenant during the Human-Covenant war. But, Atriox did not believe for the Covenant’s religious conquest in the  galaxy-wide. His questioning about that group’s ideals made the ire of Covenant leadership, who tried to execute him to quell any possible rebellion. But, Atriox killed his executioner that inspired further rebellion within the Covenant. Atriox’s actions made him a loyal following. Soon after, he and his followers left the Covenant. Atriox’s group of rebels would go on to be called as “The Banished.”

In the game of Halo Infinite, Atriox tried to uncover the secrets of Zeta Halo. It is the settng of the game which resulted in the Banished occupying the ring. Throughout the game, the Banished fighters frequently said that Atriox died shortly after his meeting with the Master Chief, however the game’s post-credits scene says otherwise. Eventually, it is revealed that Atriox actually survived and he is well. Atriox activates a terminal that frees a dangerous and mysterious force known as “The Endless.”

Plan and motivations of Atriox have yet to be revealed. However, we are going to likely find more of the strong Brute villain in future Halo stories. According to how Halo Infinite ends, it seems like he is poised to be the next big threat in the Halo series.

More Information about Atriox in Halo Infinite

Talking about what happened to Atriox in Halo Infinite, now you may want to know some information about Atriox in the game of Halo Infinite. For your information, Atriox is the powerful warmaster who leads the Banished. Formerly, Atriox fought on behalf of the Covenant. But, he was banished once thwarting his xecution. Atriox inspired lots of others to join him in exile. By 2558, Atriox had become a symbol for even Jiralhanae that not serving with the Banished to union. The ambitions of Atriox are unclear, however they are grandiose. His biggest play for power came at the end of 2558, once Atriox led a big force to Installation 00 with the intention to utilize its forges to create Halo rings.

After several months of occupying the Ark, then the Banished were confronted by the UNSC Spirit of Fire. A battle for control of the immense Forerunner construction happened. Later, Atriox lost his right-hand. Also, he lost his fleet’s flagship and a newly constructed Halo ring that was sent via a portal to the Soell system. With the help from his forces, Then Atriox returned to his Banished forces in the Milky Way galaxy by using a Slipspace portal that is located on Reach to reach a big aim, leaving behind his troops to hold the Ark. Said to have died during the Installation 07 conflict, later Atriox resurfaced and discovered the Endless cylixes in 2560.