What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft to Breed

In Minecraft, cows are a passive, peaceful mob that are often found roaming around the overworld dimension. They are very common especially in the forest biomes and plains. Because cows are a source of milk, leather and also beef, it’s such a great way to breed and tame the cows.

When you have a plan to breed cows in the game, make sure you have a number of food to feed them, as that is the only source for cows to grow well and healthy. You may wonder what foods you should have to feed cows.Don’t worry about the cows’ food, as you can find the food around your Minecraft world. So, what are foods that you should find?

What Are the Food For Cows in Minecraft?

Similar to real life, in Minecraft, cows are also vegetarian, meaning they only eat plants. There are a variety of foods available for cows to eat. The important thing in feeding the cows is that you do not need to find the food in a hard way, as their food is scattered around your world.

Here are some food that you can give to cows:

    • Wheat


Wheat is the only food that can be fed by the player. It means that they are not capable of eating the wheat from the ground or also picking up dropped wheat items. So, if you have wheat in your hands, cows nearby will swarm towards them in an attempt to eat the wheat. Then, they will almost beg you to feed them the wheat.

The wheat can be obtained by cutting down any grown wheat tiles that you find. Well, a fully grown wheat pile will have the chance to drop wheat seeds that you can plant closer to your base. So, this way will make it easier for you to harvest in the future.

Cows will also enter the love mode when you give both of them that produce a calf. You can perform this every five minutes and will have the option to increase the calf’s growth  time by giving them wheat.

You can feed cows the wheat by right-clicking on the cow with wheat in your hands. However, this food will make the cows enter love mode. It will be possible for you to breed them when two cows are in love mode. So, it will create baby cows that are both tiny and adorable.

Sure, a cow will follow you if you hold the wheat near their face. So, make sure to not feed them the wheat immediately until you obtain them inside a pen.

    • Grass


Grass is the main cow’s food. You can find the grass on the dirt blocks. Sure, it is not common for cows to eat grass when they are kept in stables as pets. Well, it can sometimes make stables look unkept. However, it commonly only adds to the farm life appeal which certain stable builds have.

Farming the Cows in Minecraft, How to Start?

If you want to breed the cows in Minecraft, there are two requirements that you should meet, they are:

    • 2 cows
    • 2 wheat

Step-by-step for farming the cows in Minecraft!

Step 1: Having the cows’ food

Sure, food is the important thing that you will need for farming the cows. Before you start farming the cows, make sure to gain some of that. To farm the cows, you have to use the wheat, not grass.

Step 2: Building an enclosure

After you have the food, you can then build an enclosure with either a large field or a small pen to keep the cows. It can also be indoors or outdoors, however the enclosure that we need can lead the cows to, so the outdoors will be a great option for you.

Step3: Creating the fences and gates

You will also need to create the fences and gates. In this way, you can form the fences as a barrier that is 1 ½ blocks high to prevent mobs from jumping over it. You can create the fences from wooden sticks and will automatically connect together when those are placed beside each other.  Meanwhile, gates can be used as a way to get through fences that are opened or closed with a right-click.

You  can place a block of dirt one block away from the fence as an alternative way to gates so that you are able to jump out of the field. Sure, you should make the cow’s pen that will be easy to get into from any direction, even though you can just fence off an area and build a gate to get in and out.

Step 4: Finding the cows

Finding the cows

After creating the cow’s pen, you can start finding two cows. To find them, you will need two fo the same kind to breed. To get cows, you need to hold some wheat as their favorite food. They will then look at you and follow you after they notice that you hold their favorite food.

Once you get them, lead them back to their new home. It is important to note, if you use a gate to exit the cow’s pen, you need to equip something other than animal food to stop them from following you.

Start feeding them to get your cows to breed. You can right-click on a cow whilst holding wheat, then the hearts will show above its head. Well, the hearts show that they are in love mode.

Animal Breeding

For the next five minutes, the cows will not respond to further attempts to make them breed. But, as soon as possible you will have four cows that can be bred. So, you will be able to raise and grow a large herd quickly.

Step 5: Harvesting the cows

How to harvest the cows? Well, the fastest and easiest way to harvest the cows is by entering the pen. You can also carry a sword and slay all of them except a few that you may want to breed again.

As we’ve mentioned, the cows are the sources of milk, leather and beef. So, you will get all of them if you harvest the cows that you have farmed before. With those yields, you can then make any items that you will need in the game.