Virginia Man Arrested for Having Minecraft Worlds That Were Exact Replicas of Classified US Military Bases

According to the rumor, a man from Virginia was arrested for having a Minecraft world as an exact replica of secret US military bases. If you are interested in this story, you can check out this post to find out the truth.

Everyone on social media is talking about a man who is originally from Virginia getting arrested for having a Minecraft world that looks exactly like the real military bases owned by the United States. The screenshots of the news about the case are everywhere on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. Unfortunately, the one that was posted on Reddit is no longer around and there is no specific reason for why it was taken down.

Virginia Man Arrested for Having Minecraft Worlds That Were Exact Replicas of Classified US Military Bases

Apparently, a news portal called Anchorage Daily News was the one that released the screenshot of the news. What makes it weird is that news with such headlines cannot be found on the official website of that news portal. While there is a possibility of the news to be already taken down later from the portal, it is also possible for it to never be there in the first place. The chance of it being only made up news is high and a lot of people seem to agree with this.

On the screenshot of the news, Morgan Krakow is stated to be the one that wrote the news. When being asked, the writer has denied that she had written something like that. The woman presented what she thought about the news and claimed that the story was far from true and was fabricated. Her views on the rumor or the so-called news can be found on her Twitter account. Here are all the tweets that she shared:

A short story about misinformation and how I got swept up into a bizarre corner of Internet weirdness: Early this morning I woke up to an email from a reporter on a fact-checking team at an international news outlet asking whether I’d written a certain article. They linked to a tweet (not sharing here because I don’t think it’s worth spreading further) with a screengrab that looked identical to our site. It had my byline. The fabricated story was weird: something about a guy who had been arrested after sharing exact replicas of classified military bases on Minecraft. Wtf. But there’s where the discomfort comes in: at first I was like, okay, obviously this is dumb. But then I noticed the retweets and likes flowing in: doubling between the time I woke up and finished a news meeting this morning. And I started to worry… The thing that left my feeling queasy (more than usual), is that it looked super deal. Like, so real that I spent several minutes trying to make sure I didn’t actually write it. Part of me is still pretty anxious about this. And that’s what scared me. as a reporter COVID-19, I often scratch my head at all the people who have been misled by stuff online. In way more sinister versions, fake or fabricated information has had real-life and devastating consequences. Anyways, an incredibly weird may to start the day. It just underscored how easy it might be to believe fake stuff and how bad it is out there: misinformation and disinformation abounds. Grateful to all the people around the world working tirelessly to dispel it.”

A reporter with the Anchorage Daily News named Kyle Hopkins also shared a tweet that the image was a fabricated screenshot of the AND website. Here is the full tweet that the guy shared on his Twitter account:

This Tweet, which is approaching 9,000 retweets, shares a completely fabricated screenshot of the ADN website. What is the goal here? What kind of misinformation / chaos campaign is this part of? (Deleted my previous retweet to avoid spreading this bullshit.)

Kyle Hopkin was quoting a tweet made by @freeduck5 account. His tweet strengthens the views of Morgan Krakow. Basically, he thinks that the tweet is a baseless rumor and is fabricated.

For those who are wondering what are the charges against the man, there are no ones. The reason is clear, the news is proven to be fake and fabricated. As stated before, the name of the writer shown on the news had denied that she was the one that wrote the news. As explained on her tweets, she thinks that everything is a made up and she is literally concerned about how people have been misled by the information that is far from legit. The writer also pointed out that the fact that misinformation and any news that are fake and fabricated have real-life devastating consequences. In fact, there are a lot of people who believe the rumor right away and most of them do not bother to check out the fact. The good news is that there are a few ones who use common sense and try to dispel the truth behind the weird and random news before believing in it right away.

In this modern era, everything on the internet cannot be controlled. It is like a wilderness. Social media is actually a good thing to spread the correct news quickly. On the other hand, in a case like this, it is clearly not a good thing because it spreads lies and can damage the reputation of the writer whose name is included in the rumor.

While it is true that social media and the internet in general is useful, it is a must for everyone to be careful to not believe everything found on the internet. When you see something, the best thing is to double check. Advanced technology requires people to be smarter. Please be the one who does not eat everything without thinking and be the one that uses common sense instead and who always thinks of the consequences of a thing that might happen.

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