How to Get Rid of the Bad Omen Effect in Minecraft

When you are playing Minecraft, you may find the Bad Omen effect that comes with the death of a patrol captain. The Bad Omen is one of the Minecraft status effects that stands out as especially ominous. It will have some dramatic effects when you kill a patrol captain in a illegar patrol.

In Minecraft, the Bad Omen status effect looks like an illegar face with crossed axes underneath. The illegar patrols will appear all over the Overworld that commonly contain a small group of pillagers with a patrol captain. So, how to remove the Bad Omen status effect?

How to Get Rid of the Bad Omen Effect in Minecraft

Removing the Bad Omen Status Effect, Here’s How!

There will be a notification to inform you that the Bad Omen status effect is now attached to you, after the patrol captain is defeated. When its status effect appears, it means that you have become a target for illagers, then a raid will commence after you enter a village.

According to some sources, the two ways to remove the Bad Omen status effect  are either by drinking milk or through your death. Here’s for the explanations:

Way 1: By drinking milk

You can drink the milk that makes cows more useful at this moment. To get some milk, you will need a bucker and either a mooshroom or a cow. You can also use the milk buckets to get rid of the Bad Omen status effect.  Sure, getting the Bad Omen effect is inconvenient, but it can be a lot worse.

Aside from that, milk has often been used to get rid of any unwanted status effects like wither or weakness. Sure, to remove the Bad Omen status effect, you can also use the same way, as this is a status effect instead of a curse.

Way 2: Through your death

If you prefer to die to remove the Bad Omen status effect, it’s better for you to put yourself in a location where you can recover your items quickly. Because of allowing the hostile mobs to kill, you may be dangerous for the item recovery effort. It may be better to use a console command such as ‘/kill @s’ that causes the instant death.

Certainly, the second way is such a drastic way if we compare it to the first way. However, it will be necessary in certain difficult circumstances. Whatever the way you choose, the Bad Omen is a pretty easy effect to remove.

Through your death, it will reset all status effects, however this is not ideal. Sure, you should know that the same is not true of raids after they have been started. In this case, the raids commonly can only end through all illagers’ death, all villagers’ death or if all the beds have been destroyed in the area.

The point is, a bucket of milk, death and a raid are the only options that you should choose to remove the Bad Omen status effect in Minecraft.

How Long Does Bad Omen Last?

As we’ve mentioned, you will get the Bad Omen status effect after defeating a captain illager. They are commonly pillagers where you often come across these in the groups of illagers. The illager here is the rad captain in a group, as it will have an ominous banner on its back.

The Bad Omen status effect will last 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes). If you enter a village, you will spawn a raid while under its effect. Well, that can also be stacked. You may also upgrade the potency of your Bad Omen if you kill the multiple raid captains. The higher potency of your Bad Omen, sure the worse the raid spawn will be.

Learn More about Bad Omen Effect

Learn More about Bad Omen Effect
Bad Omen

Every Minecraft player knows that Bad Omen is such a negative status effect. It actually puts some extra pressure on the players who only want to go about their day. In this case, any challenge will be tested including your Bad Omen status effect.

When you enter a village  with the negative status effect attached, you will trigger a raid. After that, all illagers will celebrate by jumping and laughing, when all villagers die or when all beds that belong to the villagers are destroyed in a village during a raid.

Additionally, it may stack up to level 6 if you kill more raid captains. Sure, each effect level will cause the triggered raid to have more waves and different amounts and the types of enemies. Aside from that, there’s the possibility of attacking troops that carry magic weapons with special abilities.

Bad Omen Effect in Some Minecraft Versions

    • Java Edition

In this Minecraft version, when you trigger a raid by entering a certain radius around a bed, the Bad Omen’s potency will determine the opportunity of illagers to be equipped with enchanted weapons.

Well, the Hero of the Village’s potency will equal the Bad Omen’s Potency if the raid results in your victory. Furthermore, the Bad Omen levels that pass the first will grant a single extra raid wave.

    • Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, it always has the same effect, regardless of the Bad Omen level. This will also not trigger the raid mobs getting enchanted weapons or an extra wave. In this edition, an animation that is similar to the one shown when dying with a totem of undying will appear that shows the effect’s symbol rotating on the screen, after you get the Bad Omen effect.

The same will also apply when you receive the Hero of the Village effect. In Bedrock edition, you can remove the Bad Omen status effect by performing all conventional ways including drinking milk or dying.

Through the commands, you will still get the Bad Omen status effect in peaceful difficulty, however it does not trigger a raid if in a village.

For more information, only boss mobs will be immune to the Bad Omen status effect. But, only players and tamed wolves will be able to trigger raids. Then, other mobs with the Bad Omen will not trigger a raid while in a village.