The Rarest Fish in ACNH

You may wonder what the rarest fish is in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In fact, there are 80 different fish that you can catch in Animal Crossing. Of course, some of them may be easy to find, while others will be hard to find. Certainly, the rare fish in Animal Crossing will have a high selling price.

Fish that you have caught can be sold to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny for Bells. Of course, if you have many Bells, you can use it for buying some in-game items such as clothing, furniture and many more. Aside from doing fun activities, you also have to look for ways to earn money quickly.

The Rarest Fish in ACNH

Certainly, you should know which fish can generate the largest profit and when and where they will spawn. Through this post, we emphasize that the rare fish will give you the largest profit in Animal Crossing. So, make sure to learn about some rarest fish that you can catch and sell to get lots of Bells.

Here’s a list of rarest fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

    1. Coelacanth

Coelacanth Rare Fish ACNH

The grand-daddy of all fish in Animal Crossing is infamous for being one of the rarest fish. This fish is back in New Horizons. The fish can sometimes be found gathering on an island’s shores. If you successfully catch this fish, you can sell it at Nook Cranny for 15,000 Bells.

Coelacanths can only spawn while it is raining, though they can be found all year and at any time of day. Well, the main rule for this fish is pretty simple, it only needs to rain. Because it is very impossible to determine when the rain will fall in-game ahead of time, you need to wait around and hope for the best if they really want to catch one of the legendary creatures in Animal Crossing.

    1. Great White Shark

Great White Shark Rare Fish ACNH

The Great White Shark is the rarest of the shark family in New Horizons. There are some sharks found in New Horizons including the Whale Shark, the Hammerhead Shark, the Saw Shark and the Great White Shark.

This New Horizons fish can only be caught in the sea from 9 p.m to 4 a.m from July to September. Of course, there’s a rare chance to find this fish. Certainly, you’re in luck, if you see a fin on the fish silhouette before you catch it. If you successfully catch the Great White Shark, you can sell it at Nook’s Cranny for 15,000 bells.

    1. Barreleye

Barreleye Rare Fish ACNH

When you first caught Barreleye from the sea, this fish may seem relatively unassuming. With its small size and pretty typical in terms of appearance, you may be surprised to get this fish where it absolutely brings 15,000 bells when you sell it at Nook’s Cranny.

This fish will be available all year around. They can be found in the ocean between 9 p.m and 4 a.m. According to the story, this fish will cast a small shadow when in the water and may be easily passed by islanders who want to snag a fish with a fin.

    1. Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Rare Fish ACNH

Blue Marlin is included as one of the few fish that appears at the pier. You will find it all day between November to April (for Northern) and July to September (for Southern). So, if you have a quick glance when you pass by the pier, you can catch it quickly by using some fish pin bait to encourage it out.

If you successfully catch the Blue Marlin, you can then sell it at Nook’s Cranny for 10,000 bells.

    1. Golden Trout

Golden Trout Rare Fish ACNH

Golden Trout can commonly be found between March to May (for Northern) and September to November (for Southern). You can find them between 4 p.m and 9 a.m in the hardest place to reach on your island, that’s at the source of the river at the highest elevation.

To catch this fish, you can bring a ladder and a few fish baits. With this way, you can really keep spawning them without having to travel back and forth. The point is, Golden Trout is a very rare, rare fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but you also need to keep trying. If you successfully catch this fish, you can sell it at Nook’s Cranny for 15,000 bells.

    1. Oarfish

Oarfish Rare Fish ACNH

The Oarfish may be one of the more surprising rare fish in Animal Crossing. That’s because with its huge size when caught, but it will look like a common ‘large’ fish in the water. So, you may likely stumble upon this fish by accident. They can be found in the sea at any time of day between December and May. Get for 9,000 bells by selling them at Nook’s Cranny.

    1. Football Fish

Football Fish Rare Fish ACNH

This seems to give you an uncommon fish with a good price. You have to catch Football Fish if you want to earn more bells. If you successfully catch this fish, you can sell it at Nook’s Cranny for 5,000 bells. They will spawn in the sea between November and March at 4 p.m to 9 a.m.

Well, that’s a list of rarest fish that you can find in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Tips to Catch Rare Fish in Animal Crossing

As the rare fish will give you the higher price when sold, certainly you need some tips and tricks to catch them easily, here are they:

    • Stay on the beach and keep scanning the sea as it’s where the rarest and expensive fish will appear.
    • Make sure to keep the baits to force a fish to spawn in unusual locations such as the pier. Here, you will have a chance to find Blue Marlin.
    • If you see a fin, it will likely be a shark and you can catch it as one of the rarest fish in Animal Crossing.
    • When the rain falls, it’s better for you to get out to the coast, as the rarest Animal Crossing fish will only appear when it rains. Despite rain is unconfirmed to increase your chances of getting the fish.

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