ACNH Lolly Favorite Color, House, Personality and Ranking

Lolly is one of the villagers in The Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is a cat villager and you may see that she is very cute. So, you may want to know more about this cute villager including about her favorite color, house, personality and ranking. Here, you can find all of these information.

Lolly’s Favorite Color

Lolly’s favorite color in the Animal Crossing New Horizons is Gray and Pink. Also, she really like simple style. However, different from the Animal Crossing New Horizons, in the Animal Crossing New Leaf, her favorite color is Yellow.

ACNH Lolly Favorite Color, House, Personality and Ranking

Lolly’s House

How is the house owned y Lolly? In Animal Forest e+, Lolly has a house which is similar to Sally’s house. However, her wallpaper is the Citrus Wallpaper and the flooring that she uses is the Citrus Carpet. In the Animal Crossing Animal Forest e+, three Lullaboids can be found in her house. The theme of her house is fruit and there is also a Pear Dresser, a Pineapple Bed, a Plant, a Pear Wardrobe, the whole Pine Set and five shirts. There is no stereo in her house so that there is no music as well.

In the Animal Crossing City Folk, at first, in the Lolly house, it uses a fruit theme. There are two pear closets, a clock, an apple TV, a pineapple bed and the whole Pine Set. The flooring that she uses is the Citrus Carpet and the wallpaper that she uses is the Citrus wallpaper from the similar set as the citrus carpet. In her house, the music is K.K. Parade.

How about in the Animal Crossing New Leaf? In New Leaf, Lolly’s house has been redesigned. It has a casual kitchen theme and it uses the Alpine Series, the Modern Wood Series including the wall with an Alpine Table and Modern Wood Bench. There are also other kitchen items can be found in this house including the Kitchen Floor with a sink, fridge and Science Table. In this house, the music is K.K. Stroll playing on a CD Player.

Animal Forest e+ (interior)
Animal Forest e+ (interior)
City Folk (interior) House Lolly
City Folk (interior)
New Leaf (interior) house Lolly
New Leaf (interior)
New Horizons (interior) home Lolly
New Horizons (interior)

Lolly’s Personality

Lolly's Personality

Lolly is a cat villager and she has a normal personality. Often she acts kind to the player and usually villagers who has normal personality can get a long well with peppy, smug, snooty, lazy and other normal villagers. Lolly may be able to conflict with villagers who has cranky and sisterly personality as well.

What time does Lolly wake up? She wakes up at 6:00 am and she is easier to make friend that most.


Lolly’s Ranking

If we talk about ranking of a villager in the Animal Crossing games, the answer can be different. It is because the factors which the author sees to make the ranking is different as well.

In the Game With, you are able to see that there is a Popular Villager Ranking and Lolly is at A Tier together with Coco, Stitches, Lucky, Molly, Dom, Scoot, Merengue, Cherry and Goldie. Then, on the same site, there is also the best villager tier list and Lolly is ranked at 16th position where in the first place there is Raymond.

On the Fanbyte website, the tier list or ranking is made per species. In the Cat Tier List of that site, Lolly is in Tier A. Here is the Cat Tier List according to Fanbyte.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
S Ankha Snooty Me meow
S Raymond Smug Crisp
A Bob Lazy Pthhhpth
A Felicity Peppy Mimimi
A Lolly Normal Bonbon
A Punchy Lazy Mrmpht
B Kabuki Cranky Meooo-OH
B Merry Peppy Mweee
B Rosie Peppy Silly
B Tangy Peppy ReeeeOWR
C Katt Sisterly Purrty
C Kid Cat Jock Psst
C Kiki Normal Kitty Cat
C Mitzi Normal Mew
C Olivia Snooty Purrr
C Purrl Snooty Kitten
C Tom Cranky Me-YOWZA
D Kitty Snooty Mrowrr
D Moe Lazy Myawn
D Monique Snooty Pffffft
D Rudy Jock Mush
D Stinky Jock Gahhhh
D Tabby Peppy Me-WoW

As you are able to see from the tier list above, Lolly is at Tier A. What does it mean? It means that she is a great villager and you are able to consider to add her to your island. Meanwhile, Tier S means that the villagers are super popular and everyone wants them on their island. What about Tier B, C and D? Tier B means that the villagers are above average where they have a few qualities that make them better than an average villager. Tier C means that the villagers are average villagers and also these villagers do not really stand out. Tier D means that the villagers are below average or awful.

In the Game 8, there is a ranking of the top 20 most popular villagers. Lolly is at 14th position. Here is the complete list of this ranking.

    1. Stella
    2. Chester
    3. Merengue
    4. Henry
    5. Marina
    6. Bianca
    7. Tipper
    8. Fauna
    9. Gayle
    10. Sherb
    11. Joey
    12. Apollo
    13. Cherry
    14. Lolly
    15. Marshal
    16. Tia
    17. Kyle
    18. Judy
    19. Alice
    20. Sally

On the Animal Crossing website, there is a Villager Popularity Tier List. Where is Lolly in this ranking? Lolly is in the Tier 2 which means very popular where she is at the 3rd position. Here is the list of top five in the Tier 2 of Villager Popular Tier List.

    1. Diana
    2. Merengue
    3. Lolly
    4. Dom
    5. Bob

On The Gamer website, Lolly is ranked as one of the 15 cutest villagers. Lolly is at the 13th position as you are able to see from the 15 cutest villagers list below.

    1. Molly

This is a duck villager.

    1. Peanut

This is a squirrel villager.

    1. Apple

This is a hamster villager.

    1. Flurry

This is a hamster villager.

    1. Merengue

This is a rhino villager.

    1. Maple

This is a cub villager.

    1. Fauna

This is a deer villager.

    1. Chevre

This is a goat villager.

    1. Poppy

This is a squirrel villager.

    1. Cookie

This is a dog villager.

    1. Julia

This is an ostrich villager.

    1. Chrissy

This is a rabbit villager.

    1. Lolly

This is a cat villager.

    1. June

This is a  cub villager.

    1. Rossie

This is cat villager.

Well, from the various rankings of Lolly above, you may be able to conclude whether this villager is good enough or not.