The Fastest Skill to Get to 99 in OSRS

Owning a skill cape in the game called Old School RuneScape sounds impossible and a lot of people would agree with this. While it is true that it is hard and nearly impossible, there is still a chance and it is actually possible to do so.

By reading the entire article, you will be informed about the skills in the game that are the fastest 99s and how to get them.

    1. Fletching


Fletching is the fastest skill to get to 99 as long as you have funds. There are a lot of methods to choose from. If you want to use darts, you will need to go through 13 to 16 hours to reach level 99 Fletching. The one that offers the most experience is Dragon Darts, offering approximately 1.3 experience per hour and costing only 50m from level 95 to level 99. Actually, it is pretty good, at least if you compare it to prayer and construction.

Dragon Javelins and Dragon Arrows are among the fast methods. Two of them offer around 670k experience every hour. On top of that, both of them are at a lower cost than Dragon Darts.

Tipping rune bolts with onyx is one of the profitable ways to train Fletching. This one gives 282k experience per hour. Aside from that, another method is by fletching and stringing bows and the magic longbow is the one that is the most profitable.

Due to the fact that you are able to get the profit while getting such high experience rates, Fletching is named as the fastest skill to get to 99 in the game.

    1. Prayer


Prayer is considered as the most expensive skill in the game that is able to be purchased. Even though it is pricey, you can get a super fast experience. The fastest method that you can do is to use superior dragon bones on a gilded altar, providing a 1.3 m experience per hour.

If you are looking for a cheaper method, you can use dragon bones. This one yields about half the experience at 500k per hour. With that being said, you are able to get around 2.5 bones per an hour at a gilded altar.

Beside these two, you can also use ensouled Dragon heads, which are cheaper compared to the superior dragon bones. However, they are more normal when the dragon bones are used as comparison. By using this method, you are able to expect around 340k experience.

    1. Construction


Construction is among the most expensive skills in the game known as Old School RuneScape. This one would cost a player around 192m. Building mahogany tables from level 52 to level 77 is the fastest way to get to 99. Once you are at level 77, you can start to build gnome benches. If you are good at timing, you should be able to get around 900k experience per hour doing tables and more than 1.1m experience per hour doing gnome benches. As mentioned before, the overall cost is not cheap.

If you want a cheaper method, you can build Oak Dungeon doors. This one costs only 86m from level 74 construction. It results in around 550k experience at peak efficiency.

    1. Cooking


There are a lot of different kinds of grinding methods in cooking that will get you to level 99. The fastest one is 1tick cooking karambwans. If you do well, you will be able to get around 950k experience per hour. It might sound unlikely but it is true. With that level of efficiency, you can hit level 99 in about a half a day.

Cooking sharks and anglerfish is the most common method for grinding. Two of them earn you around 300k experience per hour. Actually, it is also possible for you to make about a few millions from this method.

    1. Firemaking


Firemaking has a great experience per hour, that’s why it is among the fastest. For anyone who wants to save the GP, you are able to level up for free. The best method that you can do without having to pay is going to Wintertod. This one provides the experience rates of 250k to 320k per hour, which is very decent for a skill like this one. It actually does not stop here as it is also possible for you to make a profit because the drops that you get for every kill are good. What is good about it is that you have a chance to go there at any time as long as you have a high enough firemaking level.

For those who want a faster experience, then you might want to burn Redwood Logs. This method can be started at level 90 firemaking. With it, you are able to get more than 500k experience per hour. It is worth considering knowing it is cheap as well, costing only 6m.

    1. Smithing


Another skill that is able to be bought is called smithing. If you have gold, you can level it up very quickly. The method that you can do is to make Gold bars at Blast Furnace, making around 350k experience per hour. If you compare smithing to the other ones, you can find it cheaper as it costs only about 25m total from level 40 to level 99.

If you want to get a profit, it might be a good idea for you to investigate smelting rune bars at Blast Furnace. However, you will only get around 105 experience per hour. On the brighter news, you will get a profit of almost 1m coins. This one is arguably one of the best money makers in the game, not to mention it has some decent experience to boot. In addition, it is also named as the click intensive method. If you are ready to make around 230k gold bars for level 99, you can consider it.

If the list above is not enough, you can also add herblore, crafting, ranging, and farming to the list of the fastest kill to get to 99 in Old School RuneScape or OSRS.