Most Profitable Skill in OSRS

In the game called Old School RuneScape, having a lot of gold is important. By having a decent amount of them, you are allowed to train your skills, buy weapons, buy armors, buy food, and buy some other in-game items.

Basically, everything needs gold. It is the reason why everyone wants to have a lot of gold. If you want to earn gold or to make real money from this game, you might need the information about the most profitable skills in this game.

Most Profitable Skill in OSRS

There are a lot of kills in Old School RuneScape, some of the most profitable ones include:

    1. Combat (PvM)

The best money maker in the game is combat. With Vorkath or raids, you are able to get around 3 to 4 million in just an hour with max efficiency. It has been proven that using combat skills is effective to earn money. Compared to most other methods, most mid level bosses and mid level PvM ceratures offer better GP rates. This is why combat is number one when it comes to resulting money.

    1. Runecrafting


Runecrafting is one of the best methods, even though it is a very high requirement. You are able to make wrath runes at level 95 crafting and earn around 1.6 million per hour. When you are level 99 rune crafting, the death runes can be found double. The weakness is that the GP that you will get is lower compared to the natural runes.

    1. Hunter


If you prefer hunting, you can catch Chinchompas. If there is not enough hunter level, the alternative to be caught is implings, which is still good to earn money. At the lower levels, you can collect around 300k per hour. If you want to earn around 600k an hour, you will have to be at 80+.

    1. Smithing


In the past, smithing was least profitable. Fortunately, everything has changed and now you are able to smith everything and still get great GP. At level 50, you are able to make Mithril bars, resulting in around 6600k per hour. When you are at level 60, the one that you can make is Addy bars that result around 700k per hour. at level 85, you can smith rune bars for 900k per hour. What is good about smithing is the fact that every method makes consistent money.

    1. Thieving


At level 38 thieving, you are able to thieve Masters Farmers. However, level 90 is needed if you want to get the best GP. This method earns you around 1 million GP per hour. If the requirements are low, you can still earn around 400 to 500k per hour, which is not that bad.

The second one that you can consider is pickpocketing paladins, making around 600k an hour. You can also thieve the Wilderness Rogues’ Chests but you will have to get level 54 wilderness on top of level 84 thieving. Even though it is risky, it earns you 500k per hour.

    1. Farming


One of the options to make money through farming is growing sewed. If you do not find it interesting, you can also grow Celastrus seeds, kill Hespori, and so on. Farming is known to be one of the easiest ways to collect money in the early stages of the game. Even though you have a very low level, you can still do farming. While it does not offer an instant way to earn a good amount of money, this one is good for a long run.

    1. Magic


Magic is known as an expensive skill to train but it has a lot of money making methods. Most of them are apparently able to be found in the Lunar Spell Book. The first one is casting superglass makers. This one is available at level 77 magic. This results in around 700k an hour. The second one is charging air orbs. This one requires 66 magic or lower. However, the first one is still better because this one will only earn you around 300k an hour. In addition to these two, some other ones include enchanting bolts, high alchemy Ethereum bracelets, using magic for combat, and so on.

    1. Mining


Every player is able to mine volcanic ash starting at level 22. This method earns them around 300k per hour. As a player of the game, you can also mine gem rocks. You are able to do this at level 40. By mining the gem rocks, you are able to get 500 to 600k per hour. Mining Runite is another option that you can consider. However, it can be done only at level 85 mining.

    1. Fishing


One of the methods to earn a decent amount of money is to get minnows that can be caught starting at level 82 fishing. These things are able to be exchanged directly to get sharks. By doing so, you will be able to get around 250k per hour.

The next one to catch is the Sacred Eels. They are able to be caught at level 87 fishing. When you are at level 85, you can also try to get Dark Crabs, which are known to be more profitable compared to the previous ones. Before catching any animals, remember that a high fishing level is needed.

    1. Agility


If you are thinking that there is no way for you to make millions through Agility, you are actually not wrong. However, it is still good, especially for the starters who have the Agility Pyramid. With it, you are able to earn around 250k an hour. The offer is good for Ironmen and it is even better because the regular accounts are able to get the advantage from it.

The rooftops are where you are able to get the money. If you have the graceful set, there is a chance for you to exchange those for Amylase Crystals that you can sell.

Talking about Agility, it is beneficial because you are able to earn coins from it. Not only that, it is also good at making most other skills faster, since you are able to run for a longer period without running out of run energy.

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