Stonks Meme Template Face

For those who are unfamiliar with a ‘stonks’ meme may be confused about it. You may only see the meme guy as a mannequin-esque figure with a face which looks like someone who tried to photoshop Thomas, the Tank Engine’s face onto a businessman.

Unfortunately, if you have not seen this meme before, there’s no way for you to describe it well. Thankfully, this post will inform you of any facts about the stonks meme to ease your understanding for Mr. Stonks who finally appears in the game of Fortnite. Here you go!

What Is Stonks Meme?

Stonks Meme Template Face
The Stonks meme which is an intentional misspelling of the word ‘stocks’ was created in 2017. But recently it went viral when redditors skyrocketed the price of GameStop’s shares. This stonks meme began in late January where a video game retailer GameStop saw its share price skyrocket from $ 35 to a peak of $ 483 after traders on Reddit began buying the stock.

Meanwhile, the Stonksman which appears in Fortnite as Diamond Hanz (thanks to his imaginative diamond hand), it clearly refers to a long-lasting meme, and has likely been introduced thanks to the GameStop situation.

In addition, the stonks meme is a meme guy which has been around for quite some time. This meme has appeared amid the GameStop stocks drama last year. Sure, this meme appears when the  jokester’s holiday can stop to make fun of the meme that it produced.

How Does Mr. Stonks Look Like in Fortnite?

How Does Mr. Stonks Look Like in Fortnite
An official Fortnite Twitter account shared an unordinary video clip which presents the famous, bald-headed stonks guy from the popular meme whole shaking his hips and tapping on a llama-shaped cowbell.

Mr. Stonks is wearing a black distressed business suit with a blue tie and of course, his diamond hands are no exception. The clip shows that the bell has been rung and Mr. Stonks is ready to answer the cell.

We certainly can read this situation well as it’s not the first time this has happened in Fortnite. As a Fortnite fan, you may really notice that Fortnite has an amazing collection of skins that celebrate pop culture, fruit and more, this stonks skin is no exception even though some people think that it’s just a joke.

Regardless of all jokes, the start of April this year is such a precious moment for Fortnite. That’s because Fortnite Battle Royale has just rolled out its Spring Breakout event including some Easter-themed costumes, new durk characters named Webster and also weapons.

The good news, the brand new Spring Breakout Cup will start tomorrow in which Duos compete in up to 10 matches to win special prizes. Fortnite surely will become a good time this week whether you are in it for the stonks or the spring celebration.

Where to Find Stonks Meme Template Face?

Of course, there are bunch of online photo editor which provides template face for stonks meme. Sure, you are also allowed to edit the image by adding any texts, symbols, icons and also change the fonts into the picture. Thankfully, this post will give you a list of meme generator that you can use to customize the stonks meme face.

Here are they:


Through this meme generator, you are able to customize the font color and outline color beside where you type your text. Then, you can also move and resize the text boxes by dragging them around. If you use a mobile phone, you probably need to first check “enable drag/drop’ in the ‘More Options’ section.

In editing the stonks face, you can also draw, scribble or outline on it. You may also want to add custom stickers and other images including speech bubbles, deal-with-it sunglasses, scumbag hat and many more. Imgflip is the fastest meme generator which easily adds text to images or memes.

If you want to get more stonks meme template faces, visit Imgflip here.


Kapwing will allow your stonks meme to get booming by editing it on Kapwing. In this meme generator, you can also use free stonks meme makers to create a custom stonks meme. As you know, the bald stonks guy has his arms crossed which is very optimistic about the future of his stonks.

So, to create the stonks meme more gorgeous, you can edit this template directly in your browser. You can access Kapwing here. Once you are at this page, you should find the Make It button. By clicking on it, you will be taken into the editor page to ease you replace the original stonks meme with your own images, text and also videos.


The next meme generator that you can use is VHVRS. On this page, you will find plenty of stonks meme with hilarious face. Through this site, you can only download the stonks memes, can’t edit your own memes. However, you can share your own works onto this site by creating the account first. Once you create your account, you can continue to upload your meme works by clicking on the Upload button.

Get more stonks meme at VHVRS.

Indian Meme Templates

If you are looking for stonks memes, Indian Meme Templates can be your great option. This site really provides tons of memes, stonks meme is no exception. Aside from a working man, you will also find stonks meme in other profession such as stonks chef, stonks doctor, and many more. We think that you will be fun if you access this site especially for finding out the stonks meme template face.

Get plenty of hilarious stonks meme templates from Indian Meme Templates.

My Meme Wall

If you want something funny, of course seeing memes can be the best way. Especially if you see a meme stonks featuring a bald man with a stock movement screen next to him. From My Meme Wall site, you will largely find numerous stonks meme template faces that you can download easily.

Aside from stonks memes, this site also provides a lot of memes from a numerous topic which can make the users laugh out loud.

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