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Guide of Ascension Perks to 2.2

According to a player with username redrum68, the best way to cover Ascension Perks is by separating ascension pahs and then their tiers since it is what you will need to select from at each stage. Each tier number shows the number of previously taken Ascension Perks are required.

Guide of Ascension Perks to 2.2

Tier 0 Options – Generic – Ranked

    • Interstellar Dominion

It should always be the first selection. It can save a significant amount of influence particularly the wider you play.

    • Executive Vigor

It is a significant bonus to edict or campaign duration. It is better early even though you seldom have the influence to use a lot of edicts but also extends campaigns to save a significant amount of energy. It tends to be stronger in the future if your expansion slows and you have influence to put into edicts.

    • Xeno – Compatibility

It is good if you have multiple species on each planet for growth boost and good with a lot of migration treaties.

    • Mastery of Nature

It is kind of weak early. However, it can be nice mid/ late game for more max districts particularly if you possess a lot of planets with low max districts.

    • Technological Ascendancy

It is a decent research boost useful in the game.

    • One Vision

Decent unity boost and governing ethics attraction will be able to help with happiness and faction  influence generation.

Tier 0 Options – Specialized

Tier 0 Options - Specialized

    • Voidborne

If you want to focus on building habitats which are now considered a bit weak.

    • Nihilistic Acquisition

You can get it, if you want to play very aggressively and steal pops from enemies rather than outright conquering them.

    • Universal Transactions

You can get it only if you are committed to branch offices and have a lot of potential commercial pacts.

    • Consecrated Worlds

It is for Spiritualists. Based on the spiritual significance of 3 planets, it provides unity/ amenity/ ethic attraction empire wide boost.

    • Shared Destiny

It is only useful if you focus on vassalization as saves time and influence for integrating them.

    • Transcendent Learning

It is seldom useful and only useful when you have to increase max leader level.

Tier 1 Options – Ranked

    • Imperial Prerogative

It is a good early option particularly for decreased tech and tradition cost.

    • Grasp the Void

It is a solid option particularly into mid or late game where every stabase counts.

    • Enigmatic Engineering

It is seldom useful.

Tier 2 Options – Generic

Tier 2 Options - Generic

    • Arcology Project

It permits Ecumenopolises which transform planets to permit very strong specialty districts including +10 alloy/ CG jobs per district.

    • Galactic Force Projection

It is decent early as its nice fleet/ naval capacity bonus.

    • Master Builders

It is good bonuses for megastructures and habitats if you focus on those.

    • World Shaper

It is only beneficial if you focus on a lot of terraforming.

    • Eternal Vigilance

It is very weak as defence platforms are not usually precious.

Tier 2 Options – Specialized

    • Hive Worlds

It is Hive Mind only terraforming.

    • Machine Worlds

It is Machine Intelligence only terraforming.

    • Synthetic Age

It is good for machine empires for extra machine trait points but not a must have.

Tier 3 Options

Tier 3 Options

    • Galactic Wonders

Late game perk to allow the building of galactic wonders.

    • Colossus Project

Late game perk to allow colossus ships.

    • Defender of the Galaxy

It is only beneficial against endgame crisis factions.

    • galactic Contender

It is only beneficial against awakened/ fallen empires.

The Best Stellaris Perks

The tier list that we provide you below is based on the Game Skinny site, it will set you on the way to the best perks in Stellaris according to your strategic builds.

Best Tier 0 Perks

    • Interstellar Dominion

Interstellar Dominion

If you plan to go wide, it can be easily your best early perk. Because you need a lot of influence early on, it is the type of perks that can save your influence costs. Then, you can expand as far as you want in your conquest gameplan.

  • -20% Claim Influence Cost
  • -20% Starbase Influence Cost
    • Technological Ascendancy

Technological Ascendancy

Even though this perk does not provide a lot of research speed, but in the early game it will give you a big boost. You will find a better way to be able to increase your research speed, but it comes later. You can use it in your technological build to a great effect. Pairing it with Enigmatic Engineering (Tier 1) perk will start a real tech dominance in space.

  • +10% Research Speed
  • Rare technologies are now 50% more common
    • Imperial Prerogative

Imperial Prerogative

If you do not possess any plan until now, it can be the best general strategy Tier 0 perk. Your research speed will be increased by the admin cap automatically. However, this perk has the other advantages unless you are going to technological dominion. It will not only reduce your Tradition costs, but also Leader and upkeep costs which is needed in the early game.

  • +20% Administrative Cap

Best Tier 1 Perks

    • Mastery of Nature

The more you progress in the game, you will get a bigger impact. It can save your energy, but the main point is to increase the number of max districts on your planets.

  • -33% Clear Blocker Cost
  • Mastery of Nature decision
    • Grasp the Void

Starbase begin to play an important role in the middle of the game when the number of them becomes bigger.

  • +5 Starbase Capacity

Best Tier 2 Perks

    • Arcology Project

If you have built up a significant number of planets, you will want to make them work for you at this point. Archology Project allows Ecumenopolises on your planets that can save your Alloy which can be used by you on your starfleet. Also, it can make jobs and hibatable districts.

    • Master Builders

If you can do well without Arcology, you have the capacity to build megastructures. It comes with Galactic Wonders perk which permits you to build mega structures.

  •  +50% Megastructures build speed
  • +1 Megastructures build capacity

Best Tier 3 Perks

    • Colossus Project

It permits you to build a Colossus type ship which is able to destroy whole planets.

    • Galactic Wonders

It focuses on three mega structures, the best of which is the Dyson Sphere. This sphere can produce enough power to sustain half of your empire.

  • Ring World research
  • Dyson Sphere research
  • Matter Decompressor research

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