Some Reasons Why Do People Have a Globe Next to Their Name in Fortnite and What is Mean?

When you play Fortnite games, you may see that there is a globe icon next to their name. Meanwhile, there is nothing like this on your Fortnite name. So, what is the meaning of the globe icon next to their Fortnite name? And, why do they have it?

The Meaning and The Reason Why People Have A Globe Icon Next To Their Fortnite Name

According to Epic Games site, the globe icon next to other people’s names in Fortnite is from v10.40 patch. It means that the players on your squad or team in Fortnite Save the World or Fortnite Battle Royale are not in your party or Friends lists. So, this icon appears naturally, not by our will. There is no further information about this icon, but if you want to know more about v10.40 patch in Fortnite, you can read about it below.

 Why Do People Have a Globe Next to Their Name in Fortnite

Besides, you may also see that some other Fortnite names have a computer icon. So, what does it mean? If you see this, it means that the account is playing on the computer. So, if they are playing Fortnite on Xbox One, the icon which will appear next to their name is a controller. This icon will appear when you cross play with others.

Fortnite v10.40 Patch Notes

As we explained above that globe icon next to the Fortnite name of some players means that the players on your team or squad in Fortnite is not your party or Friends Lists. Then, what are the other things from this patch notes in Battle Royale? This globe icon is in the UI section. Another thing in the UI of this patch notes is that it adds DualShock 4 support on Sony Xperia devices to show the icons for the controller.

How about the performance? The I/O performance on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is optimized. It is done to improve level streaming performance and load times.

It also adds support for some devices including Samsung Galaxy A9, Samsung Galaxy A70, Samsung Galaxy A80, and Samsung Galaxy A90. And also, it adds 60 FPS support to OnePlus 7 Pro.

What are new things in this patch notes? There is The Combine. You are able to put your skill and muscle memory to the test. In this playlist which is new, you have a goal to be able to reach the end as fast as possible while eliminating all targets along the way. You have to compete against friends or other players for the fastest time on the leaderboard. Another new thing is Starry Suburbs. If you have ever wished upon a star for great loot, then you have to come to this new Rift Zone to be able to make your wishes come true. There will be shooting stars with powerful loot which are landing there.

There are limited time modes. There is a simulation of the end-game scenario in Battle Royale. However, it is done with a condensed moving zone. You have to eliminate the competition as you avoid the Storm closing in. Each round is unique because there are randomized spawn and inventory items. You are able to make a line with up to 15 friends. The Zone wars can be seen in the list below.

  • Zone Wars: Colosseum

It was created by Jesgran and here you have to be the ultimate gladiator in a Colosseum-like island. In this open-style island, you will be required to build quickly.

  • Zone Wars: Desert

It is created by JotaPeGame and you have to make your way through a small desert town to the final circle. There is a diverse set of weapons and mobility which permit for unique gameplay and a lot of replayability.

  • Zone Wars: Downhill River

It was created by Enigma and here you have to stay out of the storm when you move downhill through a river on this island. There are community launch pads and a consistent Storm path which permit for familiarity after a few rounds.

  • Zone Wars: Vortex

It is created by Zeroyahero. In this island, there is a unique twist on Zone wars with its mountainous terrain to traverse. You will also see that the elevation changes from zone to zone and it can be drastic.

How about the bug fixes? There are a lot of bug fixes from this patch notes as you are able to see in the list below.

  • An issue in which the Health bars of vehicles not display is resolved.
  • When a player who is wearing a Bush is hit by  a Junk Rift object, it will not damage the player anymore instead of the Bush.
  • It will not prevent players from moving around while skydiving anymore when using a Grapnel Gun to enter a Rift Zone.
  • An issue which players could deploy a Glider while in prop for is resolved.
  • If you are in prop farm, it will not prevent you from being affected by the Explosive Batarang’s homing.
  • Explosive Batarangs will not float in the air anymore after the object they are on is damaged.
  • An issue where the Zapper Trap would not spread at the location of the placement preview is resolved.
  • Shield Bubbles which are attached to a Supply Drop will not disappear anymore after the Supply Drop is destroyed.
  • Shield Bubbles are not able to prevent fall damage anymore.
  • Shield Bubbles are not able to be stuck in the air anymore.
  • An issue in which Shield Bubbles would not attach to a vehicle when it is thrown by a player riding the vehicle is resolved.

In the Audio section, the bug fixes are:

  • An issue in which the sound of a Chest would continue after a player opened the Chest is resolved.
  • The ‘Where is Matt’ Emote music does not restart anymore after every loop.

In Mobile, there is a 2x multiplier for the Edit/ Building sensitivity settings. Then, there is also clarified look acceleration strength tool tip. Also, there is toggle targeting which is set to on by default.