Skeletal Wyverns RS3

In the game of Runescape or also Runescape 3, you will find a slayer monster, Skeletal Wyverns  which is also known as undead monsters, though they’re in fact re-animated remains.  Whereas the undead creatures have come back to life, meaning the Salve amulet and its enhanced versions will not work as well.

To kill Skeletal Wyverns, it requires level 72 Slayer. You can find them in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon which is exactly in the chamber which is accessed from the southern wall of the icy area. They are the only monsters which drop granite legs and also draconic visage.

Skeletal Wyverns RS3

Fighting Skeletal Wyverns in Combat

Skeletal Wyverns have a heavy hitting ice-breath attack that can be negated with an elemental, mind, cosmic, body, chaos and dragonfire shield or dragonbone shield. To fight them, you can use Wyrmfire potions, Deflect Magic and Protect from Magic as an alternative. However, super antifire, antifire and brightfire potions will not work as well.

Skeletal wyverns attack with melee, ranged or also their unique ice-breath attack. An ice-breath attack here can freeze the players similar to the Ancient Wyvern’s ice spells. They will also be stunned as well, sure, escaping is impossible, unless Freedom is used to break free.

If you are not wearing one of the elemental shields, you will be hit for very high damage. Skeletal wyverns’ ice breath attack actually deals typeless damage. It means that armour type and armor stats will not affect its accuracy.

They will use a ranged attack both when you’re attacking from a distance and when you’re attacking within melee range. Their melee attacks consist of biting and using a tail. To kill them is required for the hard Falador achievement Why Oh Wyvern. Their tailbone will also be required for the Odd Old man’s wish list once Fur ‘n Seek.

If you are on a slayer task with over 68 summoning, 85 magic and 80 defence as well as a full slayer helmet, you will easily get profit from this task. In other words, they are also a fresh source of crimson charms, though there are numerous easier alternatives if someone is not on a slayer task.

Combat info

    • Attribute: Draconic
    • XP bonus: +5%
    • Max hit: 13 (Ranged) and 50+ (Icy breath)
    • Aggressive: Yes
    • Poison: No
    • Attack style: Ranged, Melee, Icy breath
    • Attack speed: 6 with interval 3.6 seconds

Combat stats:

    • Hitpoints: 200
    • Attack: 125
    • Strength: 116
    • Defence: 120
    • Magic: 125
    • Ranged: 120

Aggressive stats

    • Hitpoints: +0
    • Attack: +0
    • Strength: +0
    • Defence: +0
    • Magic: +0
    • Ranged: +0

Defensive stats

    • Stab weapon: +140
    • Slash weapon: +90
    • Crush weapon: +90
    • Magic: +80
    • Ranged: +140

Skeletal Wyverns Drops

Skeletal wyverns’ drop rate based on 228,591 kills from the Drop Rate Project. Here’s how it breaks down:

    • The average Skeletal Wyvern kill including its unique drops is worth 15,649.
    • The average Skeletal Wyvern kill is worth 14,678 excluding dragon platelegs, draconic visage, dragon plateskirt and granite legs drops.

Here are the items dropped by Skeletal Wyvern when you successfully kill them:

    1. Granite Legs

Granite legs are platelegs and require 50 defence and 50 strength to be worn. You can get this item by killing Skeletal Wyverns. If we compare to dragon platelegs, this item actually has a greater ranged defence bonus at the cost of worse melee defences.

    1. Draconic Visage

Aside from granite legs, Skeletal Wyverns will also drop Draconic visage after death. However, this is a very rare drop from many high-levelled dragons as well as Skeletal Wyverns. To create a dragonfire shield, you with 90 Smithing (can be boosted) can combine an anti-dragon shield with a draconic visage. By doing this, it will grant you 2,000 Smithing experience.

If you do not have the required Smithing level, you can take the draconic visage to Oziach in Edgeville who will help you to create the shield for a payment of 1,250,000 coins. In addition to completion of the quest Dragon Slayer I will be required for Oziach to create the shield.

Recommended Skills to Kill Skeletal Wyvern

The higher stats are really needed as they have very high defence and capability to hit high and often. They may also be hard to kill even with a decent weapon. Here are the suggested skills to kill Skeletal Wyverns:

    • Attack: 90
    • Strength: 90
    • Defence: 90
    • Ranged: 90
    • Summoning: 90

The boost of life points from adding logs to bonfires will assist you greatly. However,  the boosts last longer when the higher levelled logs are used for the bonfire. So, it’s better for you to use the best logs to get life points boots before fighting them.

Here’s a list of best shield that you can use to fight Skeletal Wyverns:

Dragonfire shield

    • Uncharged: 170
    • Charged: 297
    • Class: Melee
    • Level: 70
    • GE Price: 1,233,247

Dragonfire deflector

    • Uncharged: 170
    • Charged: 297
    • Class: Ranged
    • Level: 70
    • GE Price: 1,224,377

Dragonfire ward

    • Uncharged: 170
    • Charged: 297
    • Class: Magic
    • Level: 70
    • GE Price: 1,215,882

Chaos Shield

    • Charged: 90
    • Class: Magic
    • Level: 50
    • GE Price: 76,461

Cosmic Shield

    • Charged: 41
    • Class: Magic
    • Level: 40
    • GE Price: 8,098

Body Shield

    • Charged: 20
    • Class: Magic
    • Level: 33
    • GE Price: 14,257

Mind Shield

    • Charged: 10
    • Class: Magic
    • Level: 1
    • GE Price: 5,606

Elemental Shield

    • Charged: 2
    • Class: Magic
    • Level: 1
    • GE Price: 17,076

Tips and Trick to Defeat Skeletal Wyverns

This post also give you some tips and tricks that you can take to defeat Skeletal Wyverns, here

    • Use Void Knight equipment

It’s recommended for you to use Void Knight equipment after 92 Ranged as at this level is more effective than Dragonhide armour.

    • Pass entrance cave while frozen

After finding a safe spot to kill Skeletal Wyverns, you can go through it while frozen and wait safely for the effect to wear off.

    • Find a good safe spot

Walking the Wyvern constantly will take you to the door close emergency exit. In this way, you should find a good spot where you can only be attacked by one wyvern at one time. However, it prevents a second ice breath or ranged attack once killing the one of them you’re fighting against.

    • Get your position at least seven spaces

The range of the Skeletal Wyverns’ icy breath attack is 6, while their ranged attack is 7. Sure, you will never be hit with magic damage as long as you’re at least 7 spaces away ranging.

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