OSRS Blue Dragon Scale Ironman

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OSRS Blue Dragon Scale

The Blue dragon scales respawn in Taverley Dungeon and Corsair Cove Dungeon by Blue dragons. They are earned as an uncommon drop from the Brutal blue dragons. For Taverley dungeon, it requires a dusty key to enter this part of the dungeon, however if you have 70 Agility, you are able to cross the pipe right by the dungeon’s entrance and then arrive directly at the blue dragons’ lair. Meaning that to fight dragonbreath attacks are highly recommended and several food if you are a lower combat level. Usually, OSRS Blue dragon scales are utilized to train the herblore skill as a secondary ingredient. Need to know that ground dragonscale dust can be acquired from nightmare zone too. But, this cannot be purchased in Ironman mode.

OSRS Blue Dragon Scale

    • Release date: 27 February 2002
    • Members only: Yes
    • High Alchemy: 30 coins
    • Low Alchemy: 20 coins
    • Destroy: Drop
    • Store price: Not sold
    • Exchange price: 682 coins
    • Weight: 0.01 kg
    • Drop Rate: Unknown
    • Drops From: Unknown
    • Examine: A large shiny scale.

Uses of Blue dragon Scales

Blue dragon Scales is able to be ground into dragon scale dust with a pestle and mortar. Need to know that Dragon scale dust is a secondary potion ingredient utilized in Herblore to make weapon poison and anti-fire potions.


  • Dragon scale dustDragon scale dust is the result of utilizing a Pestle and Mortar on Blue Dragon scale. It is utilized in Herblore for potions such as weapon poisons and antifire potions. You are able to purchase it from the Nightmare Zone by using 750 reward points.
  • The Pestle and Mortar The Pestle and Mortar is an item which is usually used to crush items into powder for Herblore. Also, it can be used in some. You are able to purchase it from Herbalists. It can be used to grind some items to produce a dust
  • Weapon poisonWeapon poison needs level 60 Herblore to make. It is created by mixing kwuarm potion and dragon scale dust in a vial of water, resulting 137.5 Herblore experience. This one is dropped by ankous and shadow warriors. Also, it can be a reward from Observatory Quest. Weapon poison deals 4 damage every 15 seconds. If it is not reapplied to the target, the poison will deal 1 less damage with each passing minute until the target is no longer poisoned when the damage would be 0. You are able to remove weapon poison from weapons with a cleaning cloth.
  • An antifire potion An antifire potion gives small immunity to a dragon’s breath. When used with an anti-dragon shield, it can give complete immunity against dragon fire about 6 minutes. The players are able to make it with 69 Herblore by mixing clean lantadyme and dragon scale dust in a vial of water, that gives 157.5 Herblore experience. This only can be used after starting Dragon Slayer.

Dropping Monsters

    • Monster: Brutal Blue Dragon
    • Combat level: 271
    • Quantity: 5 (noted)
    • Rarity: Uncommon

Collecting the Blue Dragon Scales

As we explained before that the Blue dragon scales spawn in Taverley Dungeon. Currently, they are worth 593 coins each. The players are able to collect about 550 scales per hour. Also, 70 Agility is highly recommended to avoid having to cross Taverley Dungeon, which need a dusty key.

Please follow the sky-blue route to the dungeon entrance. After that, you have to enter the obstacle pipe if you have 70 Agility, or otherwise, go the long way around, but this is tedious and will just result in about 375 scales per hour. Next, you are able to start collecting the dragon scales. Please be careful not to attack any blue dragons by accident. Once your inventory is full, you are able to teleport to Falador, bank the scales, and repeat again.

For note: When collecting the Blue dragon scales, it is highly recommended to carry dragonfire protection and some food.

About Ironman Mode

In OSRS, you are going to find an Ironman mode. It is an account type which is released on 13 October 2014, that needs the player to be entirely self-sufficient. Ironmen mode are locked out of or restricted in most forms of interactions with other players such as the Grand Exchange, PvP, trading, most group minigames, and nearly all other group activities.

Mode of Ironman can only be enabled at the end of Tutorial Island by speaking to the Iron Man tutor before being teleported by the Magic Instructor. There is going to be a choice to change it to a standard account (or to a regular Ironman in the case of a Hardcore or Ultimate Ironman) at any time after the tutorial by speaking to the tutors in Lumbridge. This conversion is permanent, and account cannot be remade an Ironman. After deciding to toggle Ironman Mode off, there will be a few days waiting period before the toggle will take effect. During that time, the player can cancel the change if they change their mind or if their own account had been hacked. Also, the change is cancelled if a Hardcore Ironman dies during the waiting period to become a standard account.

Aside from that, the players may select to permanently stay an Ironman by speaking to the Iron Man tutor in Lumbridge. Due to these restrictions cannot be deleted in-game, one need to contact the Customer Support to delete it. As of the update of 11 January 2018, new accounts need have a skill total level of 1,000 to set permanent Ironman status.

Eventually, Standard ironman and Ultimate ironman were released on October 13, 2014. Later, Hardcore ironman was released on November 10, 2016.

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