Roblox Slender Boy Outfits for Cheap

There are a lot of outfits in the game known as Roblox. All of them are different. They usually follow trends, seasons, and consider various reasons into account. One of the outfits in Roblox is called slender outfits. What are the slender outfits in Roblox? Find out about them by reading the whole post.

Slender outfits in Roblox are the kinds of outfits that are specifically made with special care. Not only that, some specific materials are also used to make these outfits. With them, your dream to get the amazing outfit will come true even if you have a limited Robux.

While slender outfits are known to be cool, in fact, most of the players of Roblox do not spend time trying out these outfits. Even though they have only some enthusiasts, there is no doubt that these outfits are worth the time and effort. They are the perfect options for your Roblox character, especially when you only have a limited amount of Roblox.

If you are interested in getting the slender outfits in Roblox and your character is a boy, there are some slender outfits for boys that you can consider. All of them are cheap so it should be easy for you to afford them. The list of the cheapest slender outfits for boys in Roblox includes:

    1. Black and White Combo

Black and White Combo Slender Outfits Roblox

The first cheapest slender outfit for boys in Roblox is called Black and White Combo. This one is stylish and unique. A lot of players love this outfit due to its stylishness and due to its uniqueness. Everything is carefully selected.

The first feature that you have to do is to choose the Black Jeans with White Shoes that will be able to be found in the inventory. Aside from these jeans, you will also be given white shoes. The next thing that you will have to choose is Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People. By spending only 95 Robux, you will be able to get a stylistic hairstyle. In addition to the hair, you should also use Clean Shiny Spikes that costs 80 Robux. By using all of them, you will make a new trend.

If you want to make the outfit much more innocent and good looking, you can get Reading Glasses that costs 100 Robux. Besides, you can also get a chain called Eboy Padlock Chain that costs only 2 Robux. If you think that the hair is not bouncy and thick, you can get Black Short Parted Hair that costs 80 Robux. Another alternative is to use Cool Boy Hairstyle that costs 75 Robux.

For the facial expression, you can use Sinister facial expression that costs 1,001. One of the most important things is the shirt. For the pants, you can use a Champion Jacket that costs only 5 Robux.

    1. Blacky Outfit

Blacky Outfit

If you are a black lover, you might want to consider this option. It is really best for those who want t0o make a good looking outfit with a limited amount of Robux.

For the hairstyle, you can get Black Middle Part that costs 100 Robux. This one is perfect if you want a bouncy look. The other options include Black Short Parted Hair that costs only 8 Robux and Cool Boy Hair that costs 79 Robux.

If you want to give the character a rich and classy look, you are recommended to get Reading Glasses. To get this item, you will have to spend 100 Robux.

In order to give a full black shirt, Tommy Hilfiger Black Tucked Sweater is the best choice. It costs only 5 Robux. Do not forget to also get a Royal Blood Beanie that costs 50 Robux. If you do not like it, you can get a Cheek Bandage instead. This one costs 25 Robux.

For the pants and shoes, you can use Grey and White Adidas Sweatpants with Nike Shoes. It is really affordable. If you are wondering about the price, it only costs 5 Robux.

    1. Scary Slender Outfit

Scary Slender Outfit

Compared to the first two, Scary Slender Outfit is extraordinary. This one is considered as one of the rarest. Despite its uniqueness, not everyone likes it. However, there are some people who also like this outfit.

The first element is the facial expression element where Sinister is used. It is the best evil expression. This one is purchased for 1,001 Robux. The main part of the design is hairstyle. Aside from that hairstyle, you can also use Black Middle Part. For this one, you only have to spend 100 Robux. Some other options include Black Short Parted Hair that costs 80 Robux, Cool Boy Hair that costs 79 Robux, and Clean Shiny Spikes that costs 80 Robux. If you think that no one of these hairstyles are suitable for the slender outfits of Roblox, then you might want to consider Beautiful Hair for Beautiful people. If you want to get it, the money that you have to spend is 90 Robux.

After getting the hairstyle, it is time for you to go for pants. As for the pants, you can use Red Plaid Print Pants and White Sneakers W ABS! that costs 5 Robux. What about the cap? For the cap, you can use Buddy’s Black Cap that costs 40 Robux. If you are wondering about the shirt part, you can pick the Polo Sweat Shirt 999 ent that costs only 5 Robux.

The most important one when it comes to Scary Slender Outfit is horns. If you have no idea what to get, you can choose Wicked Devil’s Horns that costs 75 Robux. By purchasing it, you can get an evil look. If you want, you can also get extra fittings like a Black Drawsting Bag that costs 120 Robux and specs like Vintage Glasses that costs 125 Robux and Diamond Stud Earrings that costs 75 Robux.

Which Roblox slender outfit for boy do you think is best? Feel free to get any one that you want. One thing for sure, all of them are cheap and you can afford them.