How to Become a Slender Girl in Roblox

The term ‘Slender’ on Roblox refers to an avatar style to make a Roblox avatar slim and tall with spiky black hair. Even though there is not anything special about being a Slender girl, except for a more gorgeous appearance, many players really want to create their character to be a Slender girl.

To create a Slender girl on Roblox, you will need some certain outfits and choose the proper body part of your avatar to make it taller and slimmer. If you’re looking for the way on how to become a Slender girl, you can dive into our post, as we’ll show the clear and easy guide below!

Becoming a Slender Girl on Roblox, How to Do?

To create a Slender Girl, you may need to dress your female avatar, just like a Slender Man. You should know that Slenders actually have their own style that are often described as the aesthetic emo or punk, since each player places their own spin on this trend.

Slenders usually wear pants and a long sleeve shirt with black-dominant. They also feature a dark hairstyle and some select to add a black hat to complete their appearance. Many players also enjoy adding wings of some sort to make their slender outfit pop.

That’s very easy to create a Slender girl, as you just simply choose the appropriate outfit with black-dominant. Aside from that, you also need to choose female body parts. To make your character being a Slender, you can use the following accessories:

    • Black Spiked Hair
    • Plain Black Shirt
    • Plain Black Pants
    • Stitchface
    • Korblox Items

It is known that Korblox is one of the expensive items in Roblox that costs 17,000 Robux. This item will match with your slender character, as it features floating legs. It does not wonder if this item has been favoured more than 403,000 times.

If you’re still confused about how to create a Slender Girl, you watch some tutorial videos on YouTube. Most videos will give you a guide to dress your character like a Slender Girl. To make it easier for you to become a Slender girl, we’ll explain a tutorial video entitled ‘HOW TO DRESS LIKE A SLENDER GIRL? (Roblox)’ uploaded by GoldsCatcher YouTube channel.

How to Become a Slender Girl in Roblox'

This video shows how to dress your character like a Slender Girl. Here’s step by step that the channel gives in the video:

    • First, head toward the Avatar Customization Page.
    • Then, you can start to change your character’s custom to a bacon girl.
    • After that, change your left leg and right leg to man legs.
    • Make sure to change your skin tone to nude color.
    • For head, you do not have to use any type of head.
    • To make a Slender girl, the channel suggests you to use big sad eyes for your face.
    • To make your character cooler, you also need reading glasses.
    • For a selection of t-shirts and pants, this channel recommends you to choose Supreme Windbreaker X Shirt and 1hunnid White Two Piece pants.
    • To make your avatar slender, hair is a very important part to customize. This channel suggests you to use 7 types of hair including Cool Boy Hair, Black Short Parted Hair, Black and Red Hair, Black Middle Part, Clean Shiny Spikes.
    • Then, you can move the hair link to another page and copy the numbers from the link to the advanced page.
    • To make your character’s look more gorgeous, don’t forget to use accessories. The channel uses the Diamond Stud Earrings. Then, copy and paste the link to the advanced list number.
    • The last equipment you can use is a Teddy that will stick on top of your hand.
    • To make it more alive, you can use some animations such as Astronaut, Ninja and Levitation.

Congratulations! You successfully become a Slender Girl. That’s how to create your avatar becoming a Slender Girl. It’s very straightforward to become a Slender Girl in Roblox, isn’t it?  If you are still confused about creating a Slender Girl, you can watch the video by clicking this link.

How to Create a Slender Girl with R15 Scaling Tool?

In addition to creating a Slender Girl in default customization on Roblox, you can also take advantage of R15 Scaling Tool. The R15 scale is a very excellent tool to make your character Slender, since it really gives you 15 customizable parts when it is compared to the regular 6.

To make a Slender girl with scaling tool, you will need to go through the following steps:

    • First, you need to visit the R15 Character Scaling Test Page.
    • Then, go through the tutorial on how to use the tool.
    • You can also download the R15 scale for free.
    • After that, you can go to customize your character.
    • Make sure to use the R15 scaling tool to customize your character.

To definitely finalize this look, you may have to make the clothing match the Slender Man aesthetic to get your character in a spooky spirit. Your character’s look will not go wrong if you put on black, long-sleeved jackets and pants with a white shirt inside.

However, this customization is not the only way which you can dress your character. It means if you want, you can also wear skirts and bright colors like red or yellow.

What Is Slender in Roblox?

It is known that Slender refers to male characters, but sometimes you can also find Slender in female characters. You may already know that Slender Man is a very popular creepypasta which has infiltrated Roblox. It works to turn your avatar into something called a Slender.

Talking about the personality of a Slender character, there’s no one-size-fits-all personality for a Slender. However, there are some stereotypes which are often associated with them. Some people think Slenders are mean, but it may not be true of every Slender that you meet.

While others noticed that they often like to troll in games or prefer the online dating lifestyle that is known as an Oder in which they look for online partners actively. Whatever people assume about Slenders, but it would be funnier to represent the Slender characters in Roblox.

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