Raymond ACNH Personality

You may already know that Raymond has been added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a smug personality. You probably think that Raymond is a bad villager who is hard to communicate and interact with. Sadly, if you think like that, you are very wrong. Why?

We guess that you are a Raymond fan, as this post will inform you of some facts about Raymond. Well, by visiting our page, you really want to get important and interesting information about Raymond, especially for his personality, don’t you? Let’s see some facts about Raymond from our post!

Raymond ACNH Personality

How Is Raymond’s Personality?

You may only know that Raymond has an arrogant personality. However, Raymond has a  good side where he is very polite and lively to converse with other villagers in the game. He is kind and gentleman, so he can get along easily with others.

Many people think that his personality appears to be a mix of the other personality types. With his smug personality, he will stroke his egos from time to time, revealing how cool they are.

Raymond sometimes appears arrogant when talking to himself. He may also be seen flirting with the player, regardless of their gender. He basically will get along with normal, lazy, peppy and snooty villagers. Otherwise, he will conflict with the cranky villagers.

How Does Raymond Look?

How Does Raymond Look

In New Horizons, Raymond is represented as a typical businessperson or office worker with white-collar shirt. He also often shows his appearance, house, catchphrase and picture quote. If you see his default expression, it looks rather serious which fits his business theme.

Raymond has gray fur where his paws, tail, ears are colored black, while his hair is blonde  which is neatly combed to the right. Just before his black paws, he has a barely noticeable gray to white gradient.

He wears glasses as his eyes have complete heterochromia iridum, with his right eye getting brown and his left eye getting green. He appears to have small fangs which show whenever he is shocked or happy. His initial outfit is a grey waistcoat. When rainy days come, he will wear a blue raincoat and a green outdoor hat, as well as carrying around the bat umbrella.

What Is Raymond’s Favorite?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Raymond loves everything with nature. He searches for his nature hobby through reading a book which pertains to an item he’s studying that could be either bugs, flowers, fossils or fish.

Raymond’s Favorite

You do not have to wonder when you see Raymond walking around and inspecting the various flowers on your island. You may also see Raymond carrying around sticks and picnic baskets. The villagers who have a nature hobby will sometimes take out a book about the flowers while examining them. Raymond will also set up shop by a river and fish or catch a bug and also take out a net to try.

Talking about his favorite style, he is enthusiastic about elegant and cool styles, where he wears a shirt with white collar and a vest and a tie. Don’t forget that the glasses will represent someone’s appearance to be more elegant and cool.

Raymond really loves the black and grey color. Her interest in black and grey is evident from the color of his home, with dominant black and grey colors.

How Does Raymond’s House Look?

How Does Raymond's House Look

Raymond owns an office-themed home where a modern office chair and an office desk are available in his office. His office desk contains a black desktop and document stack. There is also some stuff including a water cooler, safe, whiteboard, as well as  an iron work table with a fax machine and document stack on top of it in the back of Raymond’s house.

In the middle of Raymond’s house, you will find a den desk with a mug and a den chair from the Den Set and a Newton’s cradle. On the back wall, there is a formal paper and wall clock. He also uses the Office Wall for the wallpaper and uses the Monochromatic Tile for flooring.

Here are the additional information about Raymond:

    • Birthday: October 1
    • Personality: Smug (B)
    • Catchphrase: crisp
    • Default clothing: Waistcoat (Gray)
    • Default umbrella: Bat Umbrella
    • Favorite styles: Elegant and Cool
    • Favorite colors: Black and  Gray
    • Hobby: Nature
    • Carried bag: Classy
    • Book: Fish/Bug/Fossil/Flower
    • Food: Sandwich
    • Drink: Smoothie or coffee cup
    • Popsicle: Chocolate

Raymond on Pocket Camp

Moreover, Raymond was also added to Pocket Camp on March 20, 2020. That coincided with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In this series, Raymond will have friendship rewards from level 7 to level 50. Here’s for details:

    • Level 7 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with a waistcoat and sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 9 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 15 friendship

Raymond will ask the player to craft a server.

    • Level 20 friendship

Raymond will grant the player a picture  of Raymond and sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 25 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 30 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 35 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 40 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 45 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with sparkle stones (x1).

    • Level 50 friendship

Raymond will grant the player with sparkle stones (x1).

How to Give Gifts for Raymond?

If you want to give gifts to Raymond, make sure you spend some time with each villager. After that, you will gain the right to give them a gift. Need to know, you can only get one gift each day, and every gift has a value which will help you become a best friend.

In Animal Crossing, the villagers will start a friendship rank of 25 points to 200 points with sufficient care. Otherwise, if you ignore and stop talking with your villagers or you also give a bad gift to them, it may cause a lower score. Finally, if they are stressed and disappointed,  they will leave your island immediately.

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