Rarity List of Animal Crossing Villagers

Though there’s no such thing as a “rare” villager in Animal Crossing, here, the Animal Crossing fans may refer to the probability of finding each villager on a mystery island. However, the players are allowed to encounter all of the different villagers in the game. Therefore, not every species is represented across Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers.

As we know, the players will have a chance to meet plenty of different villagers. Of course, when you are determining which of those creatures is reliable to live on your island, you may think to get the rarest villagers which seems good to invite.

To ease finding the rarest villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, this post actually will guide you to get them easily. So keep staying on this page!

List of Rarity Villagers in Animal Crossing

Almost every species/ creature in Animal Crossing has the rarest villagers. Here, we also list the rarity of villagers randomly, meaning they come from every species. So, let’s see who they are!

  1. Marina


You may be shocked when you know that Marina is claiming the top rank as the rarest villagers which is much sought after by the players. Because of her popularity since she was released on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, of course there are a lot of players who really want her to come to their island.

  1. Merengue


Merengue places the second ranking as the rarest villagers in Animal Crossing. She is the only one who is based on food. She is  arguably the cutest execution of her concept. Merengue is a cute rhino villager which really loves eating strawberry and creme. In order to invite her to come and live on your island, you should decorate her face well although you know you cannot do it.

  1. Coco


Coco is one of the villagers which is represented to be the creepiest character in the game. However, it’s not wrong if Coco is categorized as rarest villagers as there’s something annoying about her. Coco is well-known as a normal rabbit who comes from the coconut. She  is also the only one villager who does not have an expression.

Her eyes tend to present the blank expression with sandy skin. Her gaping mouth just feels like it sucks anyone’s soul out of their body. Then, do you want to live with a mysterious villager on your island?

  1. Tia


She is an adorable elephant villager both in terms of her appearance and also personality. Tia was designed to give the appearance of  a teacup. Well, it works well even though she is missing a handle coming out of the back of her head. Which makes her more gorgeous in her little yellow and blue accents scattered around her body. If we remember, she is the only one villager who starts off in maid clothing as an additional super cute value.

  1. Lolly


Lolly is a cute cat villager which makes many players fall in love with her. In fact, it’s hard to hide our interest in not loving the adorable cat in the Animal Crossing game. Her personality is pretty good to make it living on your island. She is featured by the dark-gray stripes which accent her tail, legs and also face, keeping her light gray design so catchy to look.

  1. Goldie


Goldie is a gorgeous dog villager which is categorized as rarest villager in Animal Crossing game. As a classic resident, she has appeared in every single game. It doesn’t wonder if many Animal Crossing fans really spend much time with Goldie for two decades. We think she is a reliable villager that you can invite to come and finally live on your island as she’s well-known as a royal and friendly villager.

  1. Skye


With her appearance, we can claim that Skye is categorized as the rarest villagers in Animal Crossing. She can be found by sitting under a tree, enjoying a bit of cloud-watching. Skye is a wolf villager which possesses the Normal personality which is totally an absolute angel in the game. With her accented baby blue fur, she looks like fluffy little clouds.

  1. Gayle


Gayle is a cute alligator villager which is coming in a baby pink body. She is also accented with the splashes of darker pink. She has a heart smack-dab in the middle of her face which makes her cuter than before. With her good personality, her appearance will lead you to finally invite her to come and live on your island. That’s possible, isn’t it?

  1. Fauna


In choosing a villager to live on your island, you probably will be looking for the friendly and good one. If you want to get it, a cute and polite deer villager named Fauna may be suitable for you to invite. She totally has a good personality which has been quite popular among fans for a long time, especially in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. She has wide eyes to the gorgeous blush which accents her cheeks, making her impossible to ignore.

  1. Midge


Coming in as a gorgeous bird villager, it totally makes her one of the rarest villagers that you should choose in Animal  Crossing. She is very cute with hot pink accented her underbelly, her heads, and also her arms. She also has a palette which is combined with adorable little swirls on her cheeks.

  1. Maple

maple animal crossing

She is one of favorite villagers among Animal Crossing fans which is proved by her mere trading price on Nookazon exchange site. She is designed with a light brown cub villager which has pink cheeks and cute eyes. She frequently wears a winter-themed sweater.

  1. Aurora


Aurora is a cute penguin villager which has a funny catchphrase “b-b-baby” as though cold. Her birthday is on January 27 which makes her Aquarius female. In every single game of the franchise, she is often as a villager which makes her quite iconic. So, it’s not wrong if you consider choosing her to come and live on your island.

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