Rare Seed Stardew Valley

In the simulation role-playing video game by Eric Barone called Stardew Valley, the thing called Rare Seed refers to the kind of seed. This one is described as a mature plant that produces a Sweet Gem Berry.

You can purchase one to five Rare Seeds at the Travelling Cart for 1,000g each during spring and summer. Aside from that, there is also a 1.26% chance for the merchant to see one to five Rare Seeds for 600 to 1,000g each. In addition to two of those two methods, this type of seed is also able to be obtained by using Seed Maker.

Even though it is said that the seed takes all season to grow as stated on the description, in fact, it takes only 24 days. It can be faster if you use Speed-Gro or Deluxe Speed-Gro. With the help of these tools, you will be able to plant this seed up to Day 7, meaning it can be harvested before winter.


Rare Seed

  • Crop: Sweet Gem Berry
  • Growth Time: 24 days
  • Season: Fall
  • Sell Price: 200g Gold

Purchase Prices:

    • General Store: Not sold
    • JojoMart: Not sold
    • Traveling Cart: 1,000g Gold (Spring and Summer), 600-1,000g Gold (1,26% chance, any season)


    • Stage 1: 2 Days

Stage 1- 2 Days

    • Stage 2: 4 Days
  • Stage 2-4 Days
    • Stage 3: 6 Days
  • Stage 3- 6 Days
    • Stage 4: 6 Days
  • Stage 4-6 Days
    • Stage 5: 6 Days
  • Stage 5-6 Days
    • Harvest: Total: 24 Days

Harvest- Total-24 Days


Dislike from villagers such as Abigail, Alex, Caroline, Clint, Demetrius, Dwarf, Elliott, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Haley, Harvey, Jas, Jodi, Kent, Krobus, Leah, Leo, Lewis, Linus, Marnie, Maru, Pam, Penny, Pierre, Robin, Sam, Sandy, Sebastian, Shane, Vincent, Willy, Wizard.


  • Every Rare Seed produced from the Seed Marker costs more than 1,500g Gold or even 2,250g Gold Due to the fact that the Seed Maker produces an average of two seeds from one Sweet Gem Berry, which is only 97.5% of the time, and since a Sweet Gem Berry is worth at least 3,000g Gold and more if it is on advanced quality. The thing makes the maximum price of 1,000g Gold at the Traveling Cart a much better buy, despite the quantities offered are limited.
  • Each Rare Seed that is brought from the Traveling Cart gives the highest per day profit compared to the other crops. However, the story is different if you farm them in quantity with the seeds produced by a Seed Maker. The per day profits will drop extremely. Let’s say you get an average of 1.975 seeds per equipment use, the ones made from the regular quality Sweet Gem Berries make profits at a minimum rate of only about 60.9g Gold each day. The profits will drop to about 45.3g Gold per each day if you use the silver quality fruit of the seeds. If you use the gold quality fruit for seeds, the minimum profits that you will be able to earn are about 29.7g Gold per day, which is such a good return even though it is still less than a few other crops. These numbers mentioned before are based on the value of new fruits grown at the normal quality. The good news is that you can raise them significantly by fertilizing. Fertilizing is such a good option to get better quality in return. In fact, the values and profits of the odds for seeds maker production and the resulting quality of new crops will vary quite a bit. It shows that the best results will usually be obtained by selling the gold quality fruit as it is. It means you do not have to make them into seeds. If you want to use for seeds and replanting, you can just use the lesser quality fruits.

Things worth noting:

The player is informed by a Livin’ Off The Land tip (Fall 1, Year 2) that the Rare Seeds take only 24 days to grow, not the full 28 days of the season.

    • Spring:

Seeds, starter, saplings: Apricot Sapling, Bean Starter, Cauliflower Seeds, Cherry Sapling, Coffee Beans, Garlic Seeds, Jazz Seeds, Kale Seeds, Parsnip Seeds, Potato Seeds, Rice Shoot, Rhubarb Seeds, Spring Seeds, Strawberry Seeds, Tulip Bulb

    • Summer:

Seeds, starter, saplings: Blueberry Seeds, Coffee Beans, Corn Seeds, Hops Starter, Melon Seeds, Orange Sapling, Peach Sapling, Pepper Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Radish Seeds, Red Cabbage Seeds, Spangle Seeds, Summer Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Starfruit Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Wheat Seeds

    • Fall:

Seeds, starter, saplings: Amaranth Seeds, Apple Sapling, Artichoke Seeds, Beet Seeds, Bok Choy Seeds, Corn Seeds, Cranberry Seeds, Eggplant Seeds, Fairy Seeds, Fall Seeds, Grape Starter, Pomegranate Sapling, Pumpkin Seeds, Rare Seed, Sunflower Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Yam Seeds

    • Winter:

Seeds, starter, saplings: Winter Seeds

    • Other:

Seeds, starter, saplings: Acorn, Ancient Seeds, Banana Sapling, Cactus Seeds, Fiber Seeds, Grass Starter, Mango Sapling, Maple Seed, Mixed Seeds, Pineapple Seeds, Qi Bean, Tea Sapling, Pine Cone, Taro Tuber

Way to multiple Rare Seeds:

If you want to multiple the Rare Seed in Stardew Valley, here is the formula that you can use:

(#_days_played) + (unique_game_ID) / 2 + (X_tileLocation of object) + (Y_tileLocation of object) × 77 + (timeOfDay)

The formula to multiply the Rare Seeds above is the one that is used by the game as a random number generator to calculate how much Sweet Gem Berries that you get when you convert them into the seeds by using the Seed Maker.

For instance, if you have 2 Sweet Gem Berries, you can put them in your inventory and off to bed. By the next morning you are awake, the first thing that you need to do is to go to the Seed Maker and put both in at 06:20, for example. In the end, you will be able to get between 2 and 6 berries. Remember that you can keep every variable constant with the exception of the time of the day. It means if you get only 2, you can simply restart the game and try again at 06:30. Feel free to keep trying until you get the result that you want. It is such an effective way to start the farm.

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