OSRS Ghosts Ahoy

Are you looking for the guide of Ghost Ahoy quest in the OSRS game? If so, you’re on the right page as this post will guide you to successfully complete the Ghost Ahoy quest. As we know, the Ghost Ahoy is an intermediate quest in OSRS, so we think that you will easily complete this quest.

This quest requires you to help the villagers of Port Phasmatys who were stuck in the Temple where Lord Necrovarus has reigned since their lives looking for a better way for themselves. Of course, they cannot continue the journey to the afterlife.

OSRS Ghosts Ahoy

Well, what you should do is to get the key held by Necrovarus. However, he won’t give the keys easily especially to travelers  like you. So, you should look for the other ways to snatch the key from his hand. Can you save those poor souls from Lord Necrovarus? If you’re sure, let’s follow our guides below!

The Items You’ll Need for Ghost Ahoy Quest

Here’s a list of item you will need for completing Ghost Ahoy quest:

  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • 35 ecto-tokens or buckets
  • Pots
  • Bones
  • A bucket of milk
  • Nettle tea
  • A tinderbox
  • Logs
  • Gloves
  • A bowl of water
  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • Model ship
  • Silk
  • A needle
  • Thread
  • A knife
  • Three of each primary coloured dye
  • A spade
  • Ecto-tokens
  • Food/combat gear
  • Around 400 coins
  • An oak longbow
  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • Bucket of slime
  • Mystical robes
  • Book of haricanto
  • Translation manual
  • A ghostspeak amulet.

Here’s How to Complete Ghost Ahoy Quest

Step 1: Get Ecto-Tokens

To get ecto-tokens, you can talk with one of the Ghost disciples. He will then give you 5 echo-tokens for each worship you did. Once you have 5 echo-tokens, you have to go south to the Shimmering wall and then pay 2 echo-tokens to get in.

Step 2: Talk to Velorina

To begin this quest, you can start talking to Velorina, a female ghost that you can find in the north-east part of Port Phasmatys. To find her, you can go east to the house with the quest symbol to talk again with Velorina. You should choose ‘yes’ if you want to continue the quest and hear the story of the port.

She totally becomes the starting point of the Ghost Ahoy quest. However, to enter port Phasmatys, you should exchange 2 echo-tokens every time you enter the town walls.

Step 3: Talk to Necrovarus

Afterwards, you need to talk with Necrovarus and ask him to release the ghosts in order to continue to the afterlife. Of course, he’s angry and ignores you and says that you should never return. You can pay 2 echo-tokens to pass through the gate again. Then, talk with Velorina and tell her what Necrovarus said. Then, she will give you alternatives to reach your goal.

Step 4: Get the Nettle Tea from an Old Crone

To meet the old crone, you can go west-northwest pass his Necrovarus’s bridge. You can find the old crone’s house after you find Canifis Killing Tower, right on the east side. Once you meet her, talk to her that you really need a cup of Nettle tea to refresh her mind.

You can also use the nettles on the bowl of water. Please, don’t drink it. Alternatively, you can boil it on a fire by lighting a log. Once you have boiled it, you can go back to the old crone. She will give you a Porcelain cup.

In the midst of you and she enjoying the nettle tea, she will tell you to collect 3 items, they are The Robes of Necrovarus, The Book of Haricanto and something to translate The Book of Haricanto.

Step 6: Look for the Book of Haricanto

In order to find The Book of Haricanto, you should repair the model ship. You can go to the wrecked ship located on the northwest coast of Ectofuntus, take the stairs to the deck of the ship, then wait for the wind speed to drop to low;.

After that, you can try to color the model ship’s flag the right color, mix the dyes as needed, go down one level onto the deck of the ship, talk to an old man. Here you will receive a map fragment and have to combine them to get the location where the book is located.

In the way of finding the book, make sure you already have a spade and treasure map in your inventory. Return back to Port Phasmatys again and take a small rowboat to Dragontooth Island which is to the southeast at the pier. with only 10 ecto-tokens and the (Charm) option, you can talk to the ghost captain.

You can use  the map to find treasure, then dig with your shovel, and you will find the book of haricanto.

Step 7: Look for The Robes of Necrovarus

To find The Robes of Necrovarus, you can ask the ghost innkeeper. He will then give you a bedsheet. To color it, you can use a bucket of slime and use it. You can then talk to Gravingas, the ghost activist who protests you inside the town’s gate. He will ask you for 10 signatures.

You can ask ghost villagers for signatures. If  one requests an ecto-token from you, ignore it and ask the others. Then, with all 10 signatures, you can talk again to Gravingas, then show the petition to Necrovarus.

Here, you can take the key to Necrovarus drops and go upstairs. Use the key on the door and enter the room. Then, take the robe from the coffin.

Step 8: Look For the Translation Manual

To find it, you can go back to Port Phasmatys. You can then talk to Ak-Haranu located around the docks. Speak to Robin in the inn. He will challenge you to play a Rune-Draw game. Here, you should defeat him four times, so he will owe you 100 coins. He will then give you the signed oak bow to repay the debt. Well, you have to take it back to Ak-Haranu for the translation manual.

Step 8: Free the Villagers of Port Phasmatys

Once you collect all items, you should return to the old crone. Then, go back to the ectofuntus and speak with Necrovarus. After talking to him, you can then enter the Port Phasmatys freely. Finally, you will successfully free all Villagers of Port Phasmatys which are stuck by Necrovarus. For the last time, you should enter the Port Phasmatys and then talk to Velorina and claim your rewards.

Congratulations! You successfully complete the Ghost Ahoy quest.