OSRS Slug Menace Sequel

The Slug Menace is the name of the second quest or the sequel in the Sea Slug quest series. This one was the update to the greatly expanded after the small fishing village named Witchaven. If you are interested about it and want to know more, please keep scrolling down and keep reading until you reach the last word of the article.


  • Released Date: September 20, 2006
  • Members: Yes
  • Quest Series: Sea Slug, Temple Knight
  • Official Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Lead Developer(s): Chris LC
  • Start Point: Speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador.
  • Description: The small village of Witchaven was but deserted when the Fishing Platform was built a short way off the coast. Now, some of the inhabitants of the village have been acting somewhat strangely…
  • Official Length: Medium-Long
  • Requirements: Completion of Wanted!, completion of Sea Slug, 30 Crafting, 30 Runecrafting, 30 Slayer, 30 Thieving, the ability to beat a level 62 opponent with Melee. To start the quest you must have the Commorb in your inventory.
  • Items Required: Commorb, swamp paste, at least 5 rune or pure essence, Chisel, one of each: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Mind talisman or tiara or access to the Abyss.
  • Recommended: 3 Ardougne teleports for easy access to Witchaven, 2 Falador teleports to reach TIffy, fully charged Amulet of glory if using the Abyss method, energy potions, teleports to Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, and Ardougne, the ring of dueling that is also helpful if you have a plan to access altars without the use of the Abyss, necklace of passage for a teleport directly to Jorral’s Outpost. You are also recommended to take a charged Abyssal bracelet if going through the abyss.
  • Opponents to defeat: Slug Prince (level 62)
OSRS Slug Menace Sequel
The Slug Menace (#112)


    • Starting off
Sir Tiffy Cashien1
Sir Tiffy Cashien

In order to start everything, you will need to speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. By talking to him, you will be informed about the city of Witchaven, which has had a few things going on recently. You will be asked to check in with their local agent in Witchaven named Col. Jake O’Niall. Please give your Commorb to the Tiffy Cashien if you want to upgrade it to the Commorb v2. This one is the thing that will start the quest. After handing one, use the contact option on it and go to Witchaven.

  • Witchaven

You will be able to see Col. Jake O’Niall sitting on a rocking chair at the north east corner of the city. Upon seeing him, speak with him and you will be told that some people have been acting strangely recently, especially Mayor Eustace Hobb. The mayor started to get sick easily and he seems to be always in a hurry to restore the ancient, which refers to the ruined shrine just west of town, located between Witchaven and Ardougne. Before parting with O’Niall, do not forget to ask him about the most important ones in the town, which are Mayor Hobb, Brother Maledict, and Holgart. You will need to talk to each of them in order.

    • The mayor

Actually, you can talk to any of the important people mentioned above in any order, but it is better for you to start off by going to the place of Mayor Hobb, which is located at the north west side of Witchaven. When you are there, talk to him and ask him about Witchaven or the shrine. After speaking to him, stay still as you will be stopped by Savant. The girl will ask you to scan the mayor so please do so by clicking on the Commorb. When she is done speaking, the next thing that you will have to do is to go to the church and talk to Brother Maledict.

    • Brother Maledict and Holgart

Brother Maledict will say that he is a bit concerned with his followers since they have started to act strangely. After asking a few things, go to Holgart and you will be told that the mayor took his boat and handed it to Jeb.


    • The shrine

Go back to O’Niall and tell him your discovery. He will ask you to take a look into the shrine. When you are there, find the minimap. Walk through some things and you will meet Savant. Please scan the Commborb for her. Since she cannot read, go to Jorral’s house located at the outpost just north west of West Ardougne.

    • The pages

The message will be translated by Jorral. After that, go to Witchaven and report to O’Niall. You will be advised to talk to the priest and see if he knows about the open door. The priest will tell you that he has a book that might be useful but it has three of the most important pages missing, which are able to be found at the mayor’s house, Ezekial Lovecraft’s, and O’Niall’s. Since the last one is ripped, please put them back together.

    • Crafting the runes

The next part requires you to get a chisel and at least 5 rune or pure essence. After getting them, go to each altar and use them on them.

    • The imposing door
The Prince appears!
The Prince appears!

Now, it is time for you to open the last door. Then, go back to Witchaven and be ready for a fight. Next, go down into the shrine again and use each of the runes to trigger another cutscene. You will realize that you are tricked by Mayor Hobb to open the door so that Mother Mallum could escape. When it is done, you will need to fight a Slug Prince. After killing it, you will be treated to another one that introduces you to Mother Mallum. You will be teleported to Falador Park, just a few steps away from turning the quest in by speaking to Sir Tiffy. Congrats, you have completed the quest.



    • 1 Quest Point
    • 3,500 Crafting experience
    • S3,500 Runecrafting experience
    • 3,5000 Thieving experience
    • Promotion to Proselyte among the Temple Knights. It basically means you will be allowed to buy and wear Proselyte armour with a greater

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