Power Gloves Aether Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, the term Power Gloves Aether Content is used to call Power Gloves from Aether Lost Content. This one is the kind of gloves that look like the ones that do not do anything yet. The sad news is that there is only limited information about it on the internet.

There are a lot of items that you will be able to find in the Aether Lost Content, mostly dungeon loot that are originally from the Platinum Dungeon, along with the new boss, as well as the blocks to go with it.

Power Gloves Aether Minecraft

If you are wondering about the Platinum Dungeon, it can be defined as that one dungeon that was concepted to be the fourth one to finalize the mod. This dungeon is considered new. The developer took the idea and designed the dungeon and boss fight as the Aerwhale King.

You might also not be familiar with the Aerwhale King and want to know more about it. As stated in the previous paragraph, this one is a boss from this Aether Lost Content. When it comes to how it looks, it resembles the Aerwhale. The only thing that sets them apart is the Aerwhale King is much bigger, that’s why it has a king name after it. This boss has animated fins and a crown.

What about its behavior? The Aerwhale King likes to fly around the Platinum Dungeon, in a circle. If you have a thought of provoking it with any physical attack, please erase your plan. It is definitely not recommended due to the fact that you will get an attack cycle if you try to step on a Songstone within 30 blocks of the Aerwhale King. Do remember that the Aerwhale King will reset if the target of it leaves the top of the tower.

Lost Content Additions

Aside from the Power Gloves, there are a lot of other additions to the Aether Lost Content. Here is the complete list of those additions:

  1. Gale Stone: This one is a blue and cool stone. It makes up most of the structure of the Platinum Dungeon. No one cannot destroy it until the Aerwhale King is defeated.
  2. Light Gale Stone: This one is the Light version of Gale Stone. Just like the Gale Stone, you are able to find it in the Platinum Dungeons. Aside from that, it also cannot be collected until the boss is defeated.
  3. Stonestone: This legendary stone has a sound that is made when walked upon can only be heard by the Aerwhale King, awakening the anger inside of him.
  4. Power Gloves: These gloves look like the ones that do not do anything yet.
  5. Platinum Key: This one is a really shiny key that is dropped from the Aerwhale King after being defeated. It is able to be used to claim the treasure on the second floor of the dungeon.
  6. Invisibility Gem: This one makes the holder totally invisible. The mobs cannot attack you since they cannot see you. In this case, you are recommended to sneak up on your opponents with it.
  7. Phoenix Pickaxe: The metal of this one is molten hot and it smelts sand when you touch it.
  8. Phoenix Sword: This one is a molten sword that turns its enemies to a burning crisp. It would be so hot to touch it. They will drop meat if you use this on animals.
  9. Phoenix Shovel: The head of this one is molten hot and it will smelt sand when you touch it.
  10. Phoenix Axe: The head of this one is molten hot. It is able to melt through wood and it produces words when it is touched.
  11. Phoenix Cape: The cloak is hot to touch but it does not do anything yet.
  12. Shield of Jeb: This one is a shield that is said to have been used along with the Hammer of Notch. This shield has some scratches on it. However, it seems like it does not have any special ability yet.
  13. Gravitite Shield: This one is the kind of shield that is made 100% of Gravitiite. You can use it to block attacks. It seems like there are no special effects of it yet.
  14. Zanite Shield: This one is the type of shield that is made completely of Zanite. You are able to use it to block attacks. Just like the Gravitite Shield, it seems like it does not have any special effects yet.
  15. Sentry Shield: This one looks like the ancient sentry technology. The use of it is still unknown.
  16. Agility Boots: These are a rare pair of boots. People can see them in the Platinum Dungeons. They will turn the legs of the wearer stronger, that’s why they are able to walk up block immediately. in addition, they also can allow them to move faster.
  17. Swetty Mask: This one is the skull of a Blue Swet. There is nothing special about it yet.
  18. Crystal Sapling: These are the blue saplings that will grow into Crystal Fruit Trees. With Bone Meal, they can grow faster.
  19. Brown Moa Egg: This one is an egg laid by a Brown Moa. You will be able to get a Brown Moa with 4 mid air jumps by hatching it. This thing is able to jump very high, even though you are limited with the amount.

Aether: Lost Content refers to an add-on for the mod named Aether Legacy. Before, it used to be an official addon, but then the Gilded Games re-obtained the Aether Legacy mod. The content that was concepted, planned, or removed from Aether I and Aether Legacy itself is featured in it. The Platinum Dungeon is the number one content in this mod.

Due to the limited information about the Power Gloves of the Aether Lost Content, you are recommended to keep updating the information by visiting the communities or forums of Minecraft, where the members who share the same interest as you gather in the same place, following the official account of Minecraft, and visiting its official website regularly.