How Long Does It Take for Turtle Eggs to Hatch in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world, a turtle egg is known as a block that hatches one or more baby turtles. Some people are really wondering how long it takes for the turtle eggs to hatch in the game. If you are one of them, here is everything that you need to know.

The short answer to the question is three days. Once you have bred turtles with seagrass, one will make its return to the beach that is considered as its home. When it is there, the next thing that it will do is to dig into the sand and lay four eggs within a few seconds. There are three stages that should be passed by the egg before hatching.

How long does it need for the turtle eggs to hatch in the game named Minecraft

It is worth noting that the egg will hatch if it is located on the typical sand. You should also remember that the egg will not hatch when it is placed on the red sand. In fact, the time needed to hatch the egg differs. It might grow and hatch during the day and night and it will grow faster at night.

How long does it need for the turtle eggs to hatch in the game named Minecraft?

It takes approximately three days for four eggs to hatch in Minecraft without having to speed the progress. The silk touch enchantment is the thing that you will use to obtain the turtle in the inventory. If the egg is pushed by a piston or falling on to it or a block affected by gravity falls on to it, it will break without dropping anything.

The method to farm turtle eggs in this game is by breeding them. They are able to lay one to four eggs when they produce and feed on seagrass. It happens on the nearby sand. Keep in mind that the control that you can use to feed the turtle seagrass differs from one device to the other.

For those who are using Xbox One and Xbox 360, pressing the LT button on the controllers is the right thing. However, if you use a Mac or PC, then you should right click on the turtle instead so you can feed it seagrass.

What is the reason behind the time that takes too long for the turtle eggs to hatch?

These turtle eggs are able to be placed as the regular solid blocks and they will hatch slowly into turtles. After that, you are able to put about four eggs onto a block. You will have to keep in mind that these turtle eggs will only hatch on the sand and not the red one.

Another thing that is worth noting is the fact that they usually hatch faster during the night hours. If any items or any players fall onto the egg for more than once, it will end up breaking. However, if you hear the cracking sound and you see a baby turtle is hatched, you will be able to get the extra turtles.

Usually, the turtle eggs are destroyed by skeletons, ocelots, zombies, and wolves. In order to prevent this kind of situation, you are highly recommended to always guard them until they hatch.  As they are growing into adults, baby turtles will drop scutes.

You will need to get about 5 turtle scutes if you want to craft the turtle shell, which is helpful for those who have the ability to breath it water. Using the turtle shell makes it possible for you to craft turtle master potion, the one that will grant you resistance IV and slowness IV.

Another thing that you need to know

Once the eggs are laid by the turtle, you have a chance to breed it for the second time. Do not forget that the turtles are quite different compared to the other animals. It explains why it has a distinct breeding cooldown.

Just like fish, turtles are water friendly, which are different from the other passive mobs. In this game, the baby version of this animal is usually the smallest one half the size of endermite. On top of that, they are the only ones that have the ability to breed a block in this game.

Remember that an adult one is able to swim into a boat and get stuck. However, it will not change anything, including your ability as a player. Basically, the turtle will still be in the boat and be your partner when riding.

About turtle egg

A turtle egg refers to a type of block that can hatch, making a baby turtle. In the Java Edition of this game, it is called Tuttle Egg, while in the Bedrock Edition and Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft, this one is referred to as a Sea Turtle Egg.

You can get them in the inventory by using the tools with the Silk Touch enchantment. Breaking a cracked one with this enchantment will reset the growth stage when it is placed on the different block.

The details information about the turtle eggs in Minecraft:

  • First Appearance: 1.13 (Snapshot 18w07a)
  • Tool Used: Any tool
  • Technical Name: minecraft:turtle_egg
  • Stackable: √ (64)
  • Flammable: X
  • Luminous: X
  • Transparent: X
  • Renewable: √
  • Blast Resistance: 0.5
  • Hardness: 0.5
  • Catches Fire from Lava: X

Players are also able to destroy the turtle eggs by jumping on them. There is a small chance of dropped items or falling anvils to destroy eggs.


Usually, it takes a plenty of time for the turtle eggs to hatch. The good news is that you are able to increase the speed of the process by increasing the random tick speed. The default speed of the random tick is three.

Please always wait for the eggs to crack three times before it hatches. When hatching, you will be able to hear the cracking sound and upon hatching, the green particles will come. Once the turtle eggs have hatched, you will need to set the random tick speed to default.