OSRS Vorkath Recommended Stats

In order to fight Vorkath easily, you surely have to use the best of the best strategy. However, Vorkath uses a bunch of attacks which are primarily magical, ranged and melee attacks (if standing beside him). Just like King Black Dragon, he also uses three types of dragonfire such as venomous, regular and prayer-disabling kind.

Vorkath’s dragonfire is stronger than other dragons which also requires more tiers of protection to block. Well, the final common attack is a fireball that he launches high in the air which should be avoided or it’ll deal substantial damage.

OSRS Vorkath Recommended Stats

Considering he is a draconic boss-monster which was first encountered during the Dragon Slayer II quest as the penultimate boss, of course, fighting him should take the great and superb strategy. Aside from that, you also have to know the stats of Vorkath which will ease you fighting him. Here you go!

Vorkath’s Recommended Stats

Here’s for recommended stats of Vorkath:

Combat info

    • Attribute: Draconic, Fiery and Undead
    • Max hit: 30 (Magic), 32 (Ranged), 32 (Melee), 73 (Dragonfire) and 121 (Dragonfire Bomb/Special)
    • Aggressive: No
    • Poison: Yes (Venom)
    • Attack style: Slash, Magic, Ranged and Dragonfire
    • Attack speed: 5 with interval 3.0 seconds

Combat stats

    • Hitpoints: 750
    • Attack: 560
    • Strength: 308
    • Defence: 214
    • Magic: 150
    • Ranged: 308

Aggressive stats

    • Hitpoints: +16
    • Attack: +0
    • Strength: +150
    • Defence: +0
    • Magic: +78
    • Ranged: +0

Defensive stats

    • Stab weapon: +26
    • Slash weapon: +108
    • Crush weapon: +108
    • Magic: +240
    • Ranged: +26

You can see from the list above that Vorkath has high combat stats. Of course, if you really want to fight him, you should have higher stats than Vorkath. The higher stats that you have will easily fight Vorkath. Otherwise, if your stats are lower than Vorkath, a chance of winning the fight is only slightly.

What Should You Do to Fight Vorkath?

Before you go on fighting Vorkath, you should know that he can be fought after completion of Dragon Slayer II and this time, he’s stronger. Dragon Slayer II is such the barrier between you and this overpowered boss. As it’s considered an end-game quest, sure, the requirements are pretty high-level. Then, only a small percentage of players have successfully defeated him. Presuming you have high stats & good gear, you will easily make over 3 million gold per hour in profit.

Here are some of requirements you should have:

    • 200 quest points
    • 68 mining
    • 70 smithing
    • 75 magic
    • High melee stats

After the quest is successfully completed, you can repeat the Vorkath boss fight with no limitations. After you hit 50 kill count, you’re able to finally upgrade your Ava’s Accumulator for the best cape slot in Range.

In this case, he is not considered a safe boss fight, so Hardcore Ironmen will lose their status if defeated. While, you probably go back and recover your items at the starting points if a man is killed.

Gears for Killing Vorkath

To kill Vorkath, you should also equip your gear with a proper one. Well, the most common to kill them is with range and nothing beats the Dragon Hunter Crossbow as its 20% damage and accuracy bonus. It also stacks with an imbued Salve Amulet and a full void set, though you use Armadyl’s armor to get better.

Here’s a list of gear that you should use in killing Vorkath:

    • Weapon: Dragon Hunter Crossbow
    • Shield: Dragonfire Ward
    • Ammo: Enchanted Ruby Dragon Bolts
    • Amulet: Fury or Salve Amulet imbued
    • Ring: Imbued Archers Ring
    • Boots: Pegasian Boots or Blessed Dragonhide
    • Helmet: Elite Void or Armadyls
    • Body: Elite Void Ranger helm or Armadyls
    • Legs: Elite Void or Armadyls
    • Gloves: Barrows Gloves or Void Knight Gauntlets

Aside from various gears that you should use, you can also equip your inventory with numerous items as follow:

    • 1 Bastion Potion
    • 1 Anti-venom+ (no exceptions)
    • 1 Extended Super antifire
    • At least 3 prayer potions
    • Runes for Crumble Undead
    • High healing food (like manta ray or sharks)
    • 1-click teleport (Fremmenik boots will work)
    • A Bandos Godsword For lowering defense (best option)
    • A bone crossbow for lowering defense (best option)
    • An ancient mace for leeching prayer points (optional)
    • A Saradomin Sword for healing (optional)
    • A Dragon Warhammer for lowering defense (optional)

Strategy to Kill Vorkath

The best strategy to kill Vorkath is started at the beginning of the fight. Before you fight him, you should hit him with the specail attack of choice. It can be the Dragon Warhammer to lower  his defense, an ancient mace to restore your prayer from a previous battle or also the Bone Crossbow as a budget option.

As the first special attack probably determines the outcome of the fight, you have to go into every engagement with a full bar. Make sure to have Protect from Magic active to reduce initial damage when you engage the fight.

It’s important to know, there are some attacks to be aware as we mention below:

    • A fire attack which deals like a regular dragon may be removed by an antifire potion or shield.
    • A Dragonfire attack which disables a player prayer. Ensure to have your quick prayers set.
    • Generates venomous Dragonfire if no anti-venom is used.
    • A melee swipe if the players get to close.
    • A vertical Dragonfire which needs to be avoided or it’s commonly instant death for the player.
    • A spiked projectile which can be blocked by Protect From Missiles.
    • A blue magic spell which can be blocked by Protect From Magic.

Melee Vorkath is not a good idea because of the mechanics of the boss. That’s because the mobility of the fight and you will be limited when trying to get back into melee range. In other words, using a Dragon Hunter Lance will be the only decent weapon to go up against him.

Not only having a strong stab attack, but that also has a 20% damage and accuracy boots against this boss. Sure, you can combine it with the strongest strength bonus you can. Then, you can get up to 30 kills an hour.

To note: Vorkath is assumed to be one of the most consistent money makers in this game as it has high requirements to kill.

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