OSRS Optimal Quest Guide

Optimal quest guide lists OSRS quests that allows the new members to progress in an order which minimizes the amount of skill training. This guide does not reckon an unlockable content, such as dragon equipment or fairy rings, which gives lots of benefits to the progression of player’s game. We suggest the players to complete the quests in the Recommended Quests section as soon as.


Books of knowledge or experience lamps received through random events or achievement diaries can be used on any skill of the player’s selecting or to save time by shortening the next training in this guide.

The players with 50 Construction have to take benefit of their player-owned house for access to a teak altar, portal chamber, and mounted glory. Also, teleport to house (tablet) can be used for emergency teleport. The new players on a budget must use a ring of dueling to access the bank and restore stats.

If the players complete achievement diaries, it will be beneficial throughout the game. Some rewards are an access to unlimited teleports, shortcuts, lamps, noted item drops, and Lunar spells.

Recommended Quests

The quests below list several of the more notable unlockable content, teleportation ways, equipment, and locations.

Skill unlocks:

    • Druidic Ritual: This unlocks Herblore.
    • Rune Mysteries: This unlocks the ability to use Lamps and Books of knowledge on Runecraft.
    • Tears of Guthix: This unlocks weekly access to a mini game that rewards experience in the player’s lowest skill, which is useful in helping progress towards skilling goals.
    • Desert Treasure: This unlocks the ability to use Ancient Magicks.
    • Lunar Diplomacy: This unlocks the ability to use Lunar spells.

Transportation unlocks:

    • Plague City: This unlocks Ardougne teleport (Tablet teleport and spellbook teleport).
    • Enlightened Journey: This unlocks the Balloon Transport System.
    • Fairytales (Part 1) and start (Part 2):  This unlock access to fairy rings.
    • Tree Gnome Village: This unlock spirit tree teleports.
    • The Grand Tree: This unlocks gnome glider transportation.
    • Ghosts Ahoy: This unlocks Ectophial and free passage to Port Phasmatys.
    • Watchtower: This unlocks Watchtower teleport (Tablet teleport and spellbook teleport).
    • Another Slice of H.A.M: This unlocks the Dorgesh Kaan Keldagrim train system.
    • A Taste of Hope: This unlocks Drakan’s medallion.

Equipment unlocks:

    • The Great Brain Robbery: This unlocks the Barrelchest Anchor.
    • Dwarf Cannon: This unlocks the Dwarf Multicannon.
    • Dragon Slayer I: This unlock ability to use green d’hide body, rune plate body and dragon plate body.
    • Dragon Slayer II: This unlock ability to make Ava’s assembler.
    • Family Crest: This unlocks Steel gauntlets.
    • Animal Magnetism: This unlocks Ava’s device.
    • Recruitment Drive: This unlocks initiate armour.
    • The Slug Menace: This unlocks proselyte armour
    • Recipe for Disaster: This unlocks better Culinaromancer’s gloves.
    • Lost City: This unlock ability to use the dragon dagger and the dragon long sword.
    • Monkey Madness (Part I): This unlock ability to use dragon scimitar.
    • The Fremennik Isles: This unlocks helm of neitiznot.
    • The Fremennik Exiles: This unlocks Neitiznot Faceguard.
    • Rum Deal: This unlocks Holy wrench.
    • Haunted Mine: This unlocks Salve Amulet.

Area unlocks:

    • Priest In Peril: This unlocks Morytania.
    • Bone Voyage: This unlocks Fossil Island.
    • Throne of Miscellania: This unlocks Managing Miscellania.
    • Regicide: This unlocks Tirannwn.
    • Mourning’s End (Part I): This unlocks Lletya.
    • Song of the Elves: This unlocks Prifddinas.
    • Making Friends with My Arm: This unlocks Weiss.
    • Sins of the Father: This unlocks Darkmeyer.
    • Below Ice Mountain: This unlocks Ruins of Camdozaal.

Some OSRS Quest guide

Quest New levels after quest Quest points Additional info Location
Tutorial Island 10 Hitpoints 0 Lumbridge
Cook’s Assistant 4 Cooking 1 Lumbridge
X Marks the Spot 4  Agility 1 Please finish when in Draynor Village for Rune Mysteries. Use 300xp reward on Agility. Lumbridge
The Restless Ghost 9 Prayer 1 Run from the skeletons. Then, start Rune Mysteries before go to Wizards’ Tower, and start Imp Catcher while at the tower. Lumbridge
Rune Mysteries 1 Please unlocks the ability to use experience lamps and Books of knowledge on the Runecraft skill. Then, kill chicken in Wizards’ Tower basement, pick up feathers for Client of Kourend. Lumbridge
Imp Catcher 8 Magic 1 Purchase all beads on the Grand Exchange for 3,286.
For money, just complete the Stronghold of Security for 10,000.
Wizards’ Tower
Witch’s Potion 10 Magic 1 Rimmington
Client of Kourend 10 Agility 1 Purchase a rope and 2 earth runes from Regath’s Wares. Then, use the 20 percent favour reward on Port Piscarilius to meet The Queen of Thieves start requirement. Use both 500xp rewards on Agility. Great Kourend
Dwarf Cannon 7 Crafting 1 Allows the use of the Dwarf multicannon. Also, allows smithing of cannonballs. Baxtorian Falls
Waterfall Quest 30 Attack

30 Strength

1 Speak to King Bolren part-way via the quest to start Tree Gnome Village. Baxtorian Falls
Tree Gnome Village 36 Attack 2 Allows the use of spirit trees. Tree Gnome Village
Monk’s Friend 13 Woodcutting 1 Ardougne
Hazeel Cult 11 Thieving 1 If selecting the good side, remember that there are two rewards. The first one is 5 coins. Discover the poison in cupboard on the first floor for the second reward: 2000 coins and 1500xp in Thieving. Ardougne
Murder Mystery 14 Crafting 3 Seers’ Village
Merlin’s Crystal 6 Camelot
Holy Grail 31 Defence

29 Prayer

2 The Black Knight Titan has good ranged and magic defence, so you have to use a halberd or attack and quickly move away from the Titan and you will not be hit. Camelot
Druidic Ritual 3 Herblore 4 This will grant access to the Herblore skill. Taverley
Witch’s House 24 Hitpoints 4 Level 42 and 55 enemies are able to be Safespotted. Taverley
Black Knights’ Fortress 3 Speak to Sir Amik Varze after completing the quest to start Recruitment Drive. Falador
Recruitment Drive 29 Prayer

10 Herblore

14 Agility

1 If your character is male, 3,000 coins required. It is reimbursed at the end of the quest. Falador
Observatory Quest 19 Crafting 2 This quest has 12 types of random rewards, that may include 875xp in either Attack, Strength, Defence, or Hitpoints. Castle Wars

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