OSRS Hellhound Safespot

As we know that a safe spot is an important and safe area to kill any kinds of monsters. In a safe spot area, you’re allowed to set your position from which a monster may be attacked either using Ranged or Melee attack or also using a halberd among an obstacle without retaliation.

So as for killing Hellhounds, there are some safe spots as the best spots to kill Hellhounds, demonic creatures easily. Here are they:

Where to Safe Spot Hellhounds?

Hellhounds are located in a variety of locations which each have their own advantages. Sure, this monster can be safe spotted in nearly every single location which makes them an easy task for lower levels to complete.

OSRS Hellhound Safespot

The recommended safe spots to fight Hellhounds are Taverly Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend, Karuulm Dungeon, and Witchaven Dungeon as most Hellhounds can be found there. All of them can be safespotted with the objects around the room. Moreover, you’re able to place a cannon in all of those locations, except the Catacombs of Kourend.

Players in higher level can choose to fight the Cerberus boss for more loot and Slayer experience. While, Skeletal Hellhounds which are spawned by the Vet’ion boss will also count towards your task.

Sure, the best and fastest location to find Hellhounds is in the Stronghold Slayer cave next to the Slayer Master Nieve. After you enter, you should run south until you get some Hellhounds.

Safespotting Hellhounds is as easy as standing in the corridors around the dungeon. Many pro OSRS players prefer to stand between the path which connects two rooms around the cave as you can attack them from boths rooms and neither can reach you.

Hellhounds will also spawn in the Wilderness inside of the Revenant Caves and in two high level areas around the Resource and Deserted Keep area. It’s important to note that it’s a very dangerous place to complete your task, due to all areas that can be found fairly deep in the Wilderness. If you get the Wilderness area, please don’t bring any items which you do not want to lose.

Here are all locations of Hellhounds which is recommended and not to kill Hellhounds:

Recommended Place to Kill Hellhounds

    • Taverley Dungeon

Taverley Dungeon,

Taverley Dungeon is the most popular and recommended  place to kill hellhounds with  both ranged and melee attack as the several safe spots are available. If this kind of monster becomes unaggressive, you just simply enter and then exit the resource dungeon to make them aggressive again.

If you already have no 55 dungeoneering yet, you should go up the ladder west of Hellhounds and come back down. Well, the suggested skills of the players to kill Hellhounds in this location at least have 70 Agility, a level of 80 would further reduce travel time.

    • Taverley Hellhound Resource Dungeon

Taverley Hellhound Resource Dungeon

This is the recommended place to use Dwarf multicannon to shoot Hellhounds with at least 55 dungeoneering. You’re recommended to use a dwarf multicannon while using protection prayer to increase experience output as there are at least 12 Hellhounds which can be found in this dungeon.

If you get Hellhounds becoming aggressive, you just simply exit and engage combat with a Hellhound. You can then enter the resource dungeon to make them aggressive again.

    • Kuradal’s Dungeon

Kuradal's Dungeon

This is one of the recommended places to fight Hellhounds, but using a Ferocious ring is not allowed in this place. If you’re assigned a Hellhound slayer task by Kuradal, well, her dungeon is the great place to kill them.

In this place, the ferocious ring will provide a 4% damage bonus to every hit and can speed up the tasks. If you have rebuilt the fairy ring, the quick bank will also be available.

Not-Recommended Place to Kill Hellhounds

    • Witchaven Dungeon

Witchaven Dungeon is not a recommended place to kill Hellhounds. Even though there are several safe spots to kill them, you can only find two Hellhounds in this dungeon with the slow rate of respawn.

    • God Wars Dungeon

You don’t have to visit the God Wars Dungeon as there are no aviansie near the Hellhounds. In this location, there are very few Hellhounds which are extremely spread out around the dungeon. The Hellhounds surely have moderate spawn rates which are commonly found fighting other followers. Well, it’s an ideal way to kill them without requiring many foods.

Unfortunately, Hellhounds in the God Wars Dungeon do not drop any charms and will have a higher combat level than the ones found elsewhere. Although Hellhounds offer larger experience per kill, the constant movement which is required to look for a Hellhound will most likely negate the effect.

    • Forinthry Dungeon

Suggested skill to fight monsters in Forinthry Dungeon is brawling gloves. However, this dungeon comes in a PvP area, so you should be careful with Pkers. If you receive a slayer task, you probably will kill the revenant hellhounds in the area for it to count towards the task. Of course, there are less obstacles than the Wilderness Volcano location which is at level 27 wilderness.

    • Level 50+ Wilderness

Suggested skill to fight monsters in level 50+ wilderness is brawling gloves. However, it’s not a popular hotspot for Pkers which is close to both the Ardougne lever and Mage Arena lever. Of course, there’s a safe spot beside the southernmost dead tree near the lava and the Deserted Keep (if you stand directly to the west of the tree, the Hellhounds will then back against the fence, so they cannot attack you.

    • Wilderness Volcano

Wilderness Volcano is a totally recommended spot to kill hellhounds, except for F2P players who don’t want to enter the forinthry dungeon. You should notice that Wilderness volcano is a very popular hotspot for Kpers. Sure, the safe spot will be available near the south-western entrance of the volcano which is located at level 20 wilderness. So, all teleports will work here.

Additionally, to teleport to the corporeal beast and toward the volcano from there, the members can totally use a game necklace.

Well, those are all locations of recommended and not-recommended places to kill hellhounds. If you really receive a Hellhound slayer task, make sure to look for them at the recommended locations that we’ve listed above to easily kill them.

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