How Many Zulrah Scales for Jad

Are you here because you are curious how many Zulrah scales for Jad? The information about it is very limited. There is only one on the internet yet it is also unable to be opened. Nevertheless, there is a glimpse of it. Find out the thing that you are looking for below.

The Amount of Zulrah Scales for Jad

According to a journal dropped by jfhb.dusit,, the answer is 220 scales. It is stated that on average, each Zulrah kill will provide 220 scales, or 337 including the ones gained by dismantling the aforementioned drops.

Everything About Jad

Jad or TzTok-Jad

Jad or TzTok-Jad, is known as one of the most powerful monsters in the game called the Old School RuneScape. This one is the boss of the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame. Having a combat level of 702, it has a max hit of 97. Most players can be easily killed in one hit by using any of its three attacks. For those who have no idea about these three, they include a Melee attack with its bite (max hit of 97), a blast of Magic in the form of a fireball (max hit of 95), and a boulder falling from the ceiling as a Ranged attack (max hit of 97). If you want to add to the challenge, it is needed for you to fight through the waves of monsters in the TzHaar Fight Cave to reach TzTok-Jad. Besides, you also need to do so solo and without being able to restock on supplies from the previous waves.

Jad Details:

    • Release date: October 4, 2005
    • Full Name: TzTok-Jad
    • Nick Name: Jad
    • Members: Yes
    • Combat Level: 702
    • Size: 5×5
    • Examine: This is going to hurt…

Combat Info:

    • Max Hit: 97
    • Aggressive: Yes
    • Poison: No
    • Attack Style: Stab, Magic, Ranged
    • Attack Speed: 8 per 4.8 seconds

Slayer Info:

    • Slayer Level: None
    • Slayer XP: 25,250 XP
    • Category: TzHaar
    • Assigned By: Chaeldar, Nieve, Duradel

Combat Stats:

    • Hitpoints: 250
    • Attack: 640
    • Strength: 960
    • Defense: 480
    • Magic: 480
    • Ranged: 960

Aggressive Stats:

    • Attack: +0
    • Strength: +0
    • Magic: +60
    • Magic Damage: +0
    • Ranged: +0
    • Ranged Strength: +0

Defensive Stats:

    • Stab Weapons: +0
    • Slash: +0
    • Crush: +0
    • Magic: +0
    • Ranged: +0


    • Poison: Not immune to poison
    • Venom: Converts to poison


Everyone is able to pay 100 slayer reward points to have Duradel, Chaeldar, or Nieve assign Tzhaar as a possible Slayer task. Once you get TzHaar as a slayer assignment, you will be asked to be assigned with 1 TzTok-Jad instead.

Players are free to choose between the damage of the imbued black mask or slayer helm and accuracy bonuses on all monsters found in the fight caves, including TzTok-Jad. Accepting this challenge rewards you with Slayer experience for each of the monsters in the Fight Cave that you beat. If you manage to get rid of TzTok-Jad by yourself, you will be able to get a bonus of 25,250 Slayer experience. In total, you will get 37,010 XP for the whole cave.

In case the player leaves the fight cave when the task is still happening, either by manually or by drying, they will get a message stating that they no longer have a slayer task as they left the fight cave. Apparently, the task streak will not be reset and it is able to be used as a way to quickly skip this task without the use of the slayer points.

Method to Fight Jad:

Method to Fight Jad

In OSRS, TzTok-Jad is the name of the monster that lives in the TzHaar Fight Cave. This one is faced on Wave 63, which is also known as the last wave. It is the only one place where Jad is located.

Fighting and killing TzTok-Jad requires you to get decent skill and reflexes. It is possible for the Jad to use Melee, but it is harder to switch between the Protect from Melee, Protect from Missiles, and Protect from Magic prayers. Ranged and Magic attacks are only used at a distance. Everyone is recommended to use Ranged to attack this monster as he is resistant to Magic.

Just like the Tok-Xil that you have faced before in the Fight Cave, TzTok-Jad has a very long attack range. The best method is to try to discover the location of the orange Ket-Zek spawned in the previous wave. Just like the other waves where two opponents of the same variation are faced, the new one will show up where the off colored monster spawned. You are able to get ready to prevent Jad from releasing a surprise attack.

TzTok-Jad usually uses attacks randomly. It is important for the players to know the warning signs for the attacks and change between these attacks. These attacks include:

    • Melee: TzTok-Jad pushes forward with a sharp bite. This action is done if the player is within melee distance. Compared to the Magic and Ranged attacks, Melee attack is different because it is instant.
    • Magic: TzTok-Jad stands with his hind legs and dangles his forward ones for a while before shooting a fireball from his mouth at the player.
    • Ranged: TzTok-Jad stands with his hind legs and then throws his front ones onto the ground which causes the player to be hit by a boulder. There is no way for the player to avoid this boulder by running.


    • Tertiary:
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Tzrek-jad 1 1/200 Not sold N/A

Take note that the drop rate is 1/200 for completing the cave off task and for sacrificing the Fire cape and 1/100 if the TzTok-Jad is killed while on a TzHaar slayer task.

    • Rewards:

Each player who manages to beat TzTok-Jad will be rewarded with the coveted fire cape with the addition of 8,032 Tokkul or 16,064 Tokkul with completion of the Elite Karamja Diary. If you want, you are able to exchange any unwanted fire cape with TzHaar-Mej-Jal for your choice of 8,000 Tokkul or a second chance at Tzrek-jad. It is the same reward rate as killing Jad without a slayer task (1/200).

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