OSRS Hellhound Boss Guide

This post will show you how to defeat Hellhounds with a complete guide. However, killing Hellhounds can be a great achievement as they are mid-to-high level monsters which already turn to the demonic creature which may be hard to defeat.

Hellhounds will be assigned as a slayer task at 75 combat level by various slayer monsters. As they can be found in multiple places, sure finding Hellhounds in each location can be dramatic, especially if you do not know how to access the location to find this type of monster.

Considering there are several locations where the Hellhounds spawn, but only of them are recommended spots to kill them, make sure you get the right locations where you can slay them easily.

OSRS Hellhound Boss Guide

Here’s the Guide for Killing Hellhounds!

Hellhounds can be mentioned as a common slayer task in the game of OSRS. However, they’re relatively easy to kill which do not hit very high. Surely, you will use overhead prayers to completely remove hellhounds’ attack.

Hellhounds slayer task can be assigned by Vannaka, Krystilia, Konar, Duradel, Chaeldar, and Nieve/Steve.Alternatively, the players who are in the higher combat level can face the Cerberus boss on a Hellhound slayer task.

Recommended stats for player to kill hellhounds:

    • Combat level: 122/127/136
    • Max hit: 11-13
    • XP/kill: 116-150
    • slayer level required: 75

Here’s for the Hellhounds stats:

Combat info

    • Attribute: Demon
    • Max hit: 11
    • Aggressive: Yes
    • Poison: No
    • Attack style: Stab
    • Attack Speed: Speed 4 with 2.4 seconds interval

Combat stats

    • Hitpoints: 116
    • Attack: 105
    • Strength: 104
    • Defence: 102
    • Magic: 1
    • Ranged: 1

Aggressive stats

    • Hitpoints: +0
    • Attack: +0
    • Strength: +0
    • Defence: +0
    • Magic: +0
    • Ranged: +0

Defensive stats

    • Stab weapon: +0
    • Slash weapon: +0
    • Crush weapon: +0
    • Magic: +0
    • Ranged: +0

Locations where you can find Hellhounds

Hellhounds are located in a variety of locations which each have their own advantages. Sure, this monster can be safe spotted in nearly every single location which makes them an easy task for lower levels to complete.

The best and fastest location to find Hellhounds is in the Stronghold Slayer cave next to the Slayer Master Nieve. After you enter, you should run south until you get some Hellhounds. Safespotting Hellhounds is as easy as standing in the corridors around the dungeon. Many pro OSRS players prefer to stand between the path which connects two rooms around the cave as you can attack them from boths rooms and neither can reach you.

Hellhounds will also spawn in the Wilderness inside of the Revenant Caves and in two high level areas around the Resource and Deserted Keep area. It’s important to note that it’s a very dangerous place to complete your task, due to all areas that can be found fairly deep in the Wilderness. If you get the Wilderness area, please don’t bring any items which you do not want to lose.

Recommended places to kill Hellhound:

    • Taverley Dungeon
    • Taverley Hellhound Resource Dungeon
    • Kuradal’s Dungeon

Not-Recommended Place to kill Hellhound

    • Witchaven Dungeon
    • Forinthry Dungeon
    • God Wars Dungeon
    • Level 50+ Wilderness
    • Wilderness Volcano

Gear setup you will need

Hellhounds are the kind of monsters which can be attacked by every combat style. In this case, melee is preferred unless you’re in lower level who wants to use safe spots. However, you can use either ranged or magic for safespoting. Well, a good ranged setup tends to be more effective and efficient combat style as hellhounds are weak to magic.

Here’s a list of gear that you have to use to fight hellhounds for every combat style:


    • Slayer helm/black mask
    • Necklace of anguish/fury/glory
    • Pegasian boots/d’hide boots
    • Amethyst broad bolts/runite bolts/broad bolts
    • Armadyl chestplate/blessed d’hide
    • Barrows gloves/blessed bracers
    • Toxic blowpipe/any crossbow
    • Ava’s assembler/accumulator
    • Twisted buckler/odium ward/book of law
    • Armadyl chainskirt/blessed d’hide
    • Archers ring (i)/brimstone ring


    • Slayer helm/black mask
    • Amulet of torture/fury/glory
    • Primordials/dragon boots/granite boots
    • Avernic/dragon/rune defender
    • Ghrazi rapier/abyssal tentacle
    • Berserker ring (i)/brimstone ring/warrior ring(i)
    • Rada’s blessing (4)/god blessing
    • Ferocious gloves/barrows gloves/combat bracelet
    • Bandos tassets/obsidian
    • Fire cape/mythical cape/obby cape
    • Bandos chestplate/torso/obsidian


    • Slayer helm/black mask
    • Ancestral/ahrims/infinity bottoms
    • Tormented bracelet/barrows gloves
    • Eternal boots/infinity boots
    • Occult necklace/fury
    • Imbued god cape/god cape
    • Ancestral/ahrims/infinity top
    • Arcane/mage’s book
    • Seers ring (i)/brimstone ring
    • Rada’s blessing 4/god blessing
    • Toxic trident/trident of the seas/staff of the dead

Strategy to kill Hellhounds

As we’ve mentioned above, Hellhounds can be fought with melee by using the Protect from Melee overhead prayer. You can also completely absolve yourself from taking any damage when fighting Hellhounds. Sure, there are also safe spots which are available in several locations including Tavern Dungeon, Slayer Cave and Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

If you’re on a slayer task, the best strategy to kill Hellhounds is by using Dwarf multicannon. However, cannons are often considered to be a supplement to a mainly weapon or fighting method.

Dealing damage with the cannon results hald experience for Ranged (2 experience per damage rather than 4). Unfortunately, it does not produce any Hitpoints experience. The accuracy of the cannon will depend heavily on the players current equipment, levels and also attack style.

To set it up, you should place the cannon base on a vacant square surrounded by eight more vacant squares. Well, the rest of the cannon is automatically set up from there. You finally have to use up to 30 cannonballs on the cannon or load it by choosing ‘Fire’. If you have both regular and granite cannonballs in your inventory, it’s recommended to insert the granite first.

Well, the best location to set up a Dwarf cannon for Hellhound task is the Stronghold Slayer Cave which is located in the tree gnome stronghold.

Then, if you have a plan to fight Hellhounds by using overhead prayers, you surely will get benefits from armour with a high prayer bonus including  proselyte and the use of a bonecrusher or also bone crusher necklace.

For the players who do not like AFKing, they can prayer-flicking Hellhound slayer tasks to reduce the amount of money spent.

To note: If you do not like the Hellhound task, you can also use an Expeditious bracelet on top of the dwarf cannon to increase kills even more as it has a 25% chance of counting 1 kill as 2 kills toward your slayer task.