OSRS Dragon Slayer I & II Guide Quick

In the RuneScape game, there are the quest series which are divided into two parts. One of the quests is Dragon Slayer which consists of two parts including Part I and Part II. Of course, you should complete both to get the amazing rewards. To note, before you go on completing the Dragon Slayer II, you should complete the Dragon Slayer quest I.

Thankfully, this post will guide you to complete both of them. Just learn our guide below and take the quest now. Here you go!

Quick Guide: Dragon Slayer I

Dragon Slayer I-

Dragon Slayer I allows you to prove yourself that you’re a true winner by killing the mighty Dragon, Elvarg of Crandor. If you successfully complete this quest, you’ll really have a right to buy and wear the Rune platebody. The Dragon Slayer I quest comes in Experienced difficulty level with long length duration.

Step 1: Talk to Guild Master

Firstly, you should talk to the Guild Master in the Champion’s Guild. Once you talk to him, he’ll inform you to go to Edgeville to communicate to Oziach about obtaining a rune platebody. He asks you to get three pieces of a map to take you to Crandor.

To do it, you should find map piece one on a goblin in the Port Sarim jail. Then, he asks you to give him ten thousands for the piece. If you have a magic level over 33, you can kill him with a halberd and take the piece through the bars.

Afterwards, you have to find a second piece in the dwarf mines. Here, you will find a crayfish pot, a wizard mind bomb, a sheet of silk, and an unfired bowl. Once you have all items, the door will be open. You can then click on it and grab the chest to get a piece in it.

The last piece can be found in a house southwest of Falador. In the way of getting it, you should kill the creatures to get colored keys. You can also kill the second smallest rat with the longest tail to obtain a red key to open the red door.

By killing the level 19 Ghosts with the hood, it will give you the same color key where the door is. You also have to kill the level 22 skeleton using the circular shield until you obtain the colored keys. Killing the level 24 zombies in order to get a blue key then, kill Melzar the mad until you get a colored key.

Last, you have to kill a level 82 Lesser Demon until you get the last colored key. Finally, you can open the last door and chest behind it. You will successfully get all of the pieces.

Step 2: Create the Map

Once you get all pieces, you should then create the map by clicking on one and another to combine them. By clicking on the last piece and the two which are put together, you will have the full map.

Step 3: Talk to Klarense

The next step, you should talk to Klarense which has a ship that you can buy for 2000GP. You will need 3 planks and 90 steel nails to fix the ship.

Step 4: Look For a Captain

Once you buy the ship and fix it, you must then look for a captain for your ship. Your captain can be found in Draynor village.

Step 5: Equip Your Weapon

In order to kill Dragon, you should equip your weapons with rune armour, dragonfire shield, and anything anti-dragon weapons. To get them, you can load your inventory with emergency escape items and also food.

Step 6: Talk to Ned

You should then go to Draynor village to talk to Ned in the bottom of the ship. He will take you to the island. At the island, he will crash, but you don’t have to worry as there will be a way after you’re done.

Step 7: Kill a Dragon

To kill a dragon, you should go to the top of the island and down the hole. Then, you have to climb over the wall and go inside. You will find a room where a dragon is located. What you should do is to kill the dragon. To note, you don’t stay around the outside with the skeletons as they will waste your food. All things you need to do is to go to the back of the room and continually click on the candle about 7 times.

Step 8: Go Out

You can go out from the room by walking through until you find a wall. Push it, it will open and keep going to get a room with Lava and Lesser demons. You can climb the rope and you will be on Karamja island. You should then head to the dock and get a ride back to Port Sarim. You can also use the Home Teleport Spell to teleport Lumbridge.

That’s it, you successfully complete the Dragon Slayer I quest.

Quick Guide: Dragon Slayer II

Dragon Slayer II

The Dragon Slayer  II quest begins to uncover the secrets of the Dragon Slayer I quest. After  defeated in Dragon Slayer I, an adventurer awakened Elvarg from her slumber. So, here’s the quest for Dragon Slayer II:

Step 1: Talk to Alec Kincade

To start completing the Dragon Slayer II, you first should talk to Alec Kincade that you can find outside the Myths’ Guild. Alec Kincade is the guildmaster located in Myths’ Guild. He judges whether adventurers are worthy of entering the guild. Then, the Myths’ Guild can be found on the south-western top of Feldip Hills. It’s an accessible guild for you who complete Dragon Slayer II.

Step 2: Talk to Dallas Jones

Once you talk to AlecKindace, you should then talk to Dallas Jones as a researcher from Varrock. He will investigate the destruction of Crandor which is located in the Karamja Wines, Spirits and Beers pub on Musa Point. By talking to him, he will inform you of a brief summary of Dragon Slayer I quest. Once spoken to him, he will appear in Elvarg’s den underneath Crandor.

Step 3: Go To Elvarg’s Lair

What you should do is to go to Elvarg’s Lair under Crandor. You can then talk to Dallas Jones which has spent the last fifteen years to learn more about the dragon race.

Step 4: Enter the Tunnel

After talking with Dallas Jones, you can then enter the tunnel. You can also use your pickaxe on blockage in the northern wall.

Step 5: Investigate the Ancient Mural

You should then investigate the Ancient Mural which is located in the ruins of a dragonkin castle on Lithkren. When you’re completing the Dragon Slayer II, it’s opened with the dragon key where Bob and Dallas Jones release the dragonkin Zorgoth and his creation. After you investigate the ancient mural, it will jump out of a nearby strange egg and start attacking you. In the way of investigating the ancient mural, a level 100 spawn, a creature will attack you. What you should do is to kill it.

Step 6: Investigate Mural Again

You must also investigate the mural again to make sure that you kill all creatures which spawn in the ruins of a dragonkin castle on Lithkren.

Step 7: Talk to Dallas Jones

Last task that you should do is to talk back to Dallas Jones and tell him that you have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Well, those are the quick guide both of Dragon Slayer I and Dragon Slayer II. Now, it’s your turn to prove your strength in defeating the dragon named Elvarg.