Lunar Diplomacy OSRS Quick Guide

In the game called Old School RuneScape, there is a thing called Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest, which refers to the one that sees players getting involved in the fight between the Fremennik and the Moon Clan. You will be able to get a number of rewards if you manage to complete this quest. One of the offered rewards is the access to the Lunar Isle. Another most interesting thing is getting a new spellbook.


  • Start point: Go to the westernmost dock of Rellekka and speak to Lokar.
  • Official difficulty: Experienced
  • Description: “Can you make it to Moonclan Island and make pece between the Moonclan and the Fremenniks?”
  • Length: Long
  • Requirements: 61 Crafting, 40 Defense, 49 Firemaking, 5 Herblore, 65 Magic, 60 Mining, 55 Woodcutting, the ability to kill more than once level 111 monsters, the ability to access the air, earth fire, and water Runecrafting altars, completing of the quests such as The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo VIllage
  • Items required: 1 tinderbox, 1 bullseye lantern, a few coins, 1 guam leaf, 1 matterntill, 1 pestle and mortar, 1 hammer, 2 spools of thread, 1 needle, any axe, any pickaxe, 1 spade, all elemental talismans or their respective tiaras, 1 dramen staff, armour, 1 weapon, food
  • Recommended items: house tablets + scrolls of redirection, enhanced lyre, Fremennij sea boots or the other ones to return to Rellekka; runes for the last boss fight as Lunar equipment has to be worn
  • Enemies to defeat: Me (level 79), multiple Suqah (level 111)


  • Starting out

For the starting out, the items needed include Tinderbox and Swamp Tar. As for the recommended ones, they include house teleport tablets or runes and bullseye lanterns.

The first thing that you will have to do is to speak with Lokar Searunner on Rellekka docks. Then, talk to Brundt the Chieftain in the Longhall for a seal of passage. After talking to Brundt the Chieftain, go back to Lokar. Then, climb the stairs and board the pirate ship. Do not forget to talk to Captain Bentley about sailing to Lunar Isle. After that, you will have to talk to Captain Bentley for the second time. When you are done, climb down the nearby stairs in the door and talk to Birds Eye Jack. In the next step, speak to Captain Bentley again and when you are done talking to him, go back to Birds Eye Jack again. Lastly, it is time for you to report back to Captain Bentley.

  • Speaking to the crew

It is a must for you to talk to the crew in order. The first one is Eagle eye at the very front of the ship, the second one is Beefy Burns on the lowest level of the ship, the third one is Lecherous Lee at the very top rear of the ship, and the fourth one is First mate Davey bot on the deck level, south room. Finally, climb back up to the top and talk to the cabin boy.

  • Finding the clues

You will have to use the emerald lens on the bullseye lantern that you brought to make a light. In case you mistakenly put the lens in the lantern with no oil, please drop the emerald lantern and speak to the cabin boy to get another lens. Do not forget to use the lantern on some objects such as Cannon, Wallchart, Chest, Support pillar and Crate and rub away the symbols. When everything is done, speak with Captain Bentley.

  • Lunar Isle

In this stage, you will need to climb down the ladders and walk into the city. Then, speak with Meteora on the southwest side of the city. Next, leave the city to the south east part of the island and talk to the Oneiromancer. Please kill Suqah until you have received a suqah tooth. Remember to save any hides as you get as drops. There are a total of 4 hides that you will need in the quest. After that, go back to the city, northern section. When you are there, enter the chicken house and speak with Baba Yaga. Once you have talked to him, use the vial on a nearby water source. In this step, there are two steps that you will have to do. First, add the guam and marrentill to your vial. Second, grind the suqah tooth and use it on the vial to complete the potion. The last step is to go back to the Oneiromancer with the potion.

  • Lunar Staff

To get Lunar Staff, you should get your Dramen Staff and the four elemental talismans or tiaras if you have them. You are encouraged to talk to the staff to get these four and use it on Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in that order. Afterward, you will have the Lunar Staff, that cannot be wield until you have the Ceremonial Clothes.

  • Ceremonial Clothes

There are 8 different items that you will need if you want to get Ceremonial Clothes. Helm is the starter. Some other items include cape, amulet, torso, gloves, legs, boots, and ring.

Ceremonial Clothes
Lunar ring location
  • Dreamland

It is time for you to go back to the village and go to the bank. Then, take the runes that you will need. Also, some other ones such as Tinderbox, an Axe, and some Food. In Dreamland or Dream World, go to the middle and talk to either the Ethereal Man or Ethereal Lady. They will inform you to solve six puzzles.

  • The final boss

After completing the challenges, go back to the center to speak to the guide. Please defeat “Me” and speak to the guide once more time and then go out of the Dream World and talk to the Oneiromancer to finally finish the quest.


Once you have successfully finished the whole Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest, you will be rewarded with:


  • 2 Quest points
  • 5,000 Magic experience
  • 5,000 Runecrafting experience
  • A seal of passage
  • Access to Lunar Isle and Lunar equipment
  • Access to the Lunar Spellbook
  • Access to the Astral altar
  • 50 Astral runes

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