OSRS Brutal Blue Dragon without Antifire

Brutal Blue Dragon is the only monster to drop the blue d’hide body. It uses magic, melee, and long-range dragonfire. Use protection from Magic and Antifire potion to protect you completely from damage. By the way, how about fighting Brutal Blue Dragon without Antifire? Let us discuss it here.

About Brutal Blue Dragon and its dragonfire

Brutal Blue Dragons are the only monster to drop the blue d’hide body. Like all Brutal Dragons on the game, they use magic, melee, and long-range dragonfire. For your information, Dragonfire is the fiery breath attack used by OSRS dragons. It will be able to deal big damage to the players without an antifire potion in conjunction with an anti-dragon shield, dragonfire shield, skeletal visage or dragonfire ward often reaching into the 50s.

You have to know that an adult dragon can make 60 damage to the players without the proper equipment. Regular armour does not offer any additional protection from the flames. But, there is an opportunity that you will resist several of the dragonfire. Thus, the amount of damage negated is small, even then, it may hit up to 40+ damage.

Normal chromatic dragons only use close-ranged dragonfire attacks. It means that the dragons will only use it if the player is in melee distance from the dragon. The stronger dragons like the King Black Dragon, brutal dragons, Elvarg and metal dragons have long-ranged dragonfire. They use it in close or long-ranged combat situations. Even, the King Black Dragon is able to use different kinds of dragonfire, each with a different effect, including poisoning, freezing, and stat-reducing. For note: Baby dragons will not be able to use dragonfire.

The wyverns do not use dragonfire, instead, they use an ice-type breath, which is more dangerous. It will be able to reduce the stats of a player and prevent them from moving.

Fighting Brutal Blue Dragon without Antifire

Fighting Brutal Blue Dragon without Antifire

Using Dragonfire: The players are also able to use dragonfire in combat, however only under one situation. The dragonfire used by the players who has the same effect as dragonfire used by dragons. So, it will hit very high against the players without proper protection.

One of the ways to use dragonfire is by using enchanted dragon bolts in Ranged. Those bolts have other enchanted bolts (a special attack). This special attack allows the wearer to hit the enemy with a blast of dragonfire, adding extra damage to a bolt hit. Similar to regular dragonfire, this ways will not cause damage if the enemy is a fire monster or a dragon. In PvP conditions, if the enemy is wearing an anti-dragon shield, dragonfire shield or under the effects of antifire potions, the special effect will not be able to activate.

For note: Magical fire is not considered as dragonfire. The protection required for dragonfire does not give protection against fire spells. The players can discharge a blast of dragonfire with the dragonfire shield by right clicking the shield.

Safespotting: For alternative, to avoid usage of antifire potions, you are able to go to the Heroes’ Guild. The place has a blue dragon in a fenced off area that can be found safely. If one has partially completed Watchtower, there are safespots in the Ogre Enclave with six dragons that spawn. Aside from that, Taverley Dungeon also has some safe spots with the use of the columns and big eggs.

About Antifire potion

Antifire potion osrsAn antifire potion gives slight immunity to a dragon’s breath. When used together with an anti-dragon shield, it can give complete immunity against dragon fire for 6 minutes. It will be able to be made by a player with 69 Herblore by mixing lantadyme. Then, dragon scale dust in a vial of water grants 157.5 Herblore experience. Remember that it only be used after starting Dragon Slayer.

The players are going to get a warning in their chat box when the potion is about to wear off after roughly 5 minutes, 45 seconds. After that, the players will get another message when it has worn off, about 6 minutes in total. This enables you to keep track of how long you have until you have to drink again.

The players have to remember that an antifire potion alone will not protect them fully from dragonfire (the players are going to get a message in their text box stating that they have been horribly burnt by the fire). The antifire potion’s protection is very slight, when used alone, even a single dragon is able to cause extensive damage to the player from its breath. Only if the potion is combined with the anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield, the players will be completely immune to dragonfire.

Protections from Dragonfire

The following methods will give partial protection:

    • An anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield (permanent)

It offers high protection, reducing dragonfire damage significantly.

    • An antifire potion (temporary)

It offers protectionpartially, resulting in damage reduction with resistance similar to the shield explained above. You may be horribly burned by the dragon fire, getting moderate damage.

The following methods will give 100% protection. However, each has its own pros and cons:

    • An antifire potion + a dragonfire shield

This temporary but saves a large amount of food considering how long each potion lasts. This method is highly recommended as you are able to use prayer flicking to Protect from Melee, eventually negating 100% of damage.

    • An antifire potion + Protect from Magic

This method is not advised because the high cost of prayer potions. The method is only recommended for the players with a high level Prayer.

The Location of Brutal Blue Dragon

You are able to find Brutal Blue Dragon in Catacombs of Kourend. The place is a huge dungeon located beneath Great Kourend. To find the main entrance, you have to investigate the statue of King Rada I in the courtyard of Kourend Castle. The fastest method to the main entrance is through Xeric’s talisman. Aside from that, a portal in the portal chamber or portal nexus of a player-owned house which attuned to Kourend Castle also can be used.

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