Killing Blue Dragons OSRS

How to kill blue dragons in Old School RuneScape? You may wonder how to do this in the game so that here we will give you a guide to kill this monster. After you know the requirements and the method to kill this monster, you can directly go again to the game and start to execute.

The Requirements to Kill Blue Dragons

If you want to kill blue dragons, you need to know the requirements that you have to fulfill as you can see below.

The skills that you need to have include:

    • 90+ combat level is recommended for Melee.
    • 70+ level is recommended for Ranged.
    • 37 Magic is recommended.
    • 70 Agility is recommended.

The items that you need for killing a blue dragon include:

    • Protection against dragonfire so that you need Dragonfire shield if using Melee or an Anti-dragon shield if you are not able to get one or is using Ranged or Magic.
    • Strong Melee, Ranged or Magic equipment depending on the class of combat.
    • Dusty key if players do not have level 70 Agility.
    • Falador Teleport or tabs for banking.

The other things that you need are:

    • 55 Slayer for Broad bolts is recommended if using Ranged (optional).
    • Antifire potion (extended) can be used if using Melee.
    • Rest food (lobsters or better) can be used if using Melee.
Profit Experience gained
338,851 42,000 combat level, 14,000 hitpoints
Inputs (3,477) Outputs (342,327)

2.5 x Antifire potion (4) (413) (if not safespotting)

8 x Falador teleport (tablet) (3,064)

100 x Dragon bones (145,800)

100 x Blue dragonhide (161,000)

0.78 x Rune dagger (3,384)

58.59 x Nature rune (10,137)

1.01 x Grimy ranarr weed (7,758)

5,524 x coins (5,524)

2 x Ensouled dragon head (8,724)

It assumes 100 kills per hour. Your profit per hour may be able to vary because it depends on your speed.

Locations to Find Blue Dragons

There are some locations where you are able to find blue dragons. Those locations are listed below.

    • Taverley Dungeon

You will need a Dusty key or level 70 Agility (65 with summer pie).

      • 12 more can be found in the upper level, but you are only able to kill them if they have a blue dragon slayer assignment. You are able to find the entrance near the north safespot where the dragons reside.
    • Ogre Enclave

Make sure that you have completed Watchtower.

    • Heroes’ Guild

Make sure that you have completed Heroes’ Quest.

    • Corsair Cove Dungeon

Make sure that you have completed Dragon Slayer II.

If you want to find blue dragons in Taverley dungeon, from Falador West Bank, you are able to use the Agility shortcut. With it, you will be brought to the south of Taverley Dungeon. Then, you have to run your way towards it and when you arrive there, you have to climb down the ladder.

How to Kill a Blue Dragon

How to Kill a Blue Dragon
If player have completed Dragon Slayer II, it is better for them to kill blue dragons in the Myths’ Guild basement. It is because they are closer to a bank and also it is an easy access with the mythical cape teleport. Players are able to attack this dragon safely and effectively with Ranged, level 70+ recommended, or Magic where Fire Bolt or Fire Blast is recommended.

Players can safespot the single blue dragon in the Heroes’ Guild easily. Players can access it very quickly with a games necklace, banking in the Rogues’ Den, even though it may be hard to find an empty world.

If players use Taverley Dungeon, each trip will require a few minutes to bank hides and bones. The best way of banking is to teleport to Falador by using a Falador teleport tablet, bank at Falador West Bank and go back to the dungeon, use the shortcut in the western wall of the city and then run north-west bank to the dungeon entrance. By having 70 Agility, the agility shortcut to the blue dragon area may be able to be used and running from the Falador west bank to this part of the dungeon will take a couple of minutes. At 65 Agility, the shortcut can be used. However, it requires the use of Summer pies for boosting to 70 Agility. It is recommended to have at least 65 Agility to use the pipe shortcut. Running around the dungeon will be very time consuming and it will require the player to take the dusty key which will greatly decrease kills per hour. If players pick up drops in rotation, kills per hour may be maximised because it takes a second or two for each dragon’s drops to appear after being killed.

How to Protect from Dragonfire

There are two methods for providing players partial protection. Those are listed below.

    • An anti dragon shield or a dragonfire shield will be able to give players high protection where it can reduce dragonfire damage significantly.
    • An antifire potion will be able to give you partial protection where it results in damage reduction generally with resistance which is the same as the shield mentioned above. Sometimes, players may go through ‘horribly burnt by the dragon fire’ where they get moderate damage.

The methods below will give 100% protection from dragonfire, but each of them has its own pros and cons.

    • An antifire potion + an anti-dragon or a dragonfire shield is temporary but it can save a large amount of food considering the length of each potion lasts. This method is very recommended because players can use prayer flicking to Protect from Melee, which then can abolish 100% of damage.
    • An antifire potion + Protect from Magic is not recommended. It is because the prayer potions will spend the high cost. It is only recommended for players who have a high level Prayer. As an alternative, prayer flicking is an option.

Blue Dragon’s Drops

One hundred percent, this monster drops Blue dragonhide and Dragon bones. In the list below, you can see the other items dropped by a blue dragon.

    • Weapon/ Armour: Steel battleaxe, Mithril axe, Mithril spear, Steel platelegs, Mithril kiteshield, Adamant full helm, and Rune dagger.
    • Runes: Water rune, Nature rune, Fire rune and Law rune.
    • Herbs: Grimy guam leaf, Grimy marrentill, Grimy tarromin, Grimy harralander, Grimy ranarr weed, Grimy irit leaf, Grimy avantoe, Grimy kwuarm, Grimy cadantine, Grimy lantadyme, and Grimy dwarf weed.
    • Other: Coins, Adamantite ore, Bass, Ensouled dragon head and Clue scroll.
    • Gem ¬†drop table: Uncut sapphire, Uncut emerald, Uncut ruby, Nature talisman, Uncut diamond, Rune javelin, Loop half of key, Tooth half of key, Rune spear, Shield left half, and Dragon spear.

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