OSRS Blue Dragon Heroes’ Guild

Blue dragons can be found in some areas. One of them is in Heroes’ Guild. Here, we will give you the explanation about blue dragons in heroes’ guild and also the other things that you need to know about blue dragons in OSRS.

Blue Dragon in Heroes’ Guild

There are some locations where you can find blue dragons. One of them is Heroes’ Guild. Here, you may be able to find one. However, you can find it here after you can complete Heroes’ Quest. This quest starts outside the Heroes’ Guild, north of Taverley and you have to speak with Achietties. The difficulty of this quest is Experienced. In this quest, you have to prove that you are worthy to get into the Heroes’ Guild. You have to obtain a number of items to prove your status as a hero. There are a lot of challenges which stand between you and these items.

In Heroes’ Guild, you are able to find a blue dragon in the basement. There, the blue dragon is in a cage so that it can be good for you to train Ranged, Magic or Melee if you have a halberd. Besides a caged blue dragon, here you can also find another type of monster namely 5 giant bats.

Besides in Heroes’ Guild, there are 3 other locations where you are able to find blue dragons. Those are listed below.

    • Taverley Dungeon

There are 9 blue dragons and it requires a Dusty key or level 70 Agility (65 with Summer pie).

      • You can find 12 more in the upper level. But, it is important for you to note that you are only able to kill them if you have a blue dragon slayer assignment. You are able to find the entrance near the north safespot where the dragons reside.
    • Ogre Enclave

Here, there are 6 blue dragons and it requires you to complete Watchtower.

    • Corsair Cove Dungeon

There are 5 blue dungeons and it requires you to complete Dragon Slayer II.

About Heroes’ Guild

Heroes' Guild OSRS

The location of Heroes’ Guild is just south of Burthorpe. The guild can only be accessed by members who have completed the Heroes’ Quest. Here, you are able to buy the dragon mace and dragon battleaxe and also recharge your amulets of glory in the fountain. What are dragon mace and dragon battleaxe? Dragon mace is the second strongest mace stat-wise which can only be wielded by players who have an attack level of at least 60 and who have completed the Heroes’ Quest. The dragon battleaxe is the second strongest battleaxe available which can only be wielded by members who have at least 60 Attack and who have completed the Heroes’ Quest.

How to get to Heroes’ Guild? If you want to get here fast, you can go there with Teleport to House spell or a redirected Taverley teleport tablet. You can do this if your house is in Taverley. Using a games necklace or the Minigame Group Finder teleport to the Burthorpe Games Room is another way that you can do. You can also get there by teleporting to the Warriors’ Guild with a combat bracelet.

The Things to Find in Heroes’ Guild

Heroes’ Guild has a ground floor, first floor and basement. On the ground floor, there is a Prayer altar which is dedicated to Saradomin. Besides, there is also Helemos’s shop, the Happy Heroes’ H’emporium which sells the Dragon battleaxe for 200,000 coins and the Dragon mace for 50,000 coins. In this area, you can also find three ladders that lead up.

On the first floor, there is a table with six chairs around it and a couple of searchable chests which will produce trivial items such as pots and broken glass if searched hard enough.

The basement of Heroes’ Guild is a miniature dungeon. Here, there are 2 types of monsters including 5 giant bats and also a caged blue dragon which is good for training Ranged, Magic or Melee if you have a halberd. In the basement, you can also find Heroes’ Guild mine with some rocks for highest level miners. The rocks include 11 coal rocks, 2 adamant rocks, 2 mithril rocks and 2 reunite rocks. These rocks are set along the cavernous walls to the east side of the dungeon.

In a small side passage off the dungeon, there is the Fountain of Heroes. If an Amulet of glory is dipped in the fountain, it will be recharged to four teleports. Previously, the fountain was located on the ground floor, but when the Burthorpe Games Room was introduced along with its associated teleport through the Games necklace, it was moved downstairs to the basement. If you have 67 Agility and have completed the hard Falador Diary, there will be a shortcut available and it leads directly from the basement entrance to the Fountain of Heroes.

About Blue Dragon

About Blue Dragon

Blue dragons in Old School RuneScape are the third strongest of the chromatic dragons after red dragons and black dragons. Same as the other dragons, blue dragons also can breathe dragonfire which can cause over 50 damage if you do not use proper protections. There are two items that can be used to mitigate dragonfire. Those are an anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield together with the usage of an antifire potion which will totally abolish dragonfire damage.

An anti dragon shield or a dragon shield can give you high protection where it can reduce dragonfire damage significantly. An antifire potion can give you partial protection where it will result in damage reduction generally with resistance the same as the shield. Sometimes, you may be ‘horrible burnt by the dragon fire’ where you will get moderate damage.

An antifire potion and an anti dragon or a dragon shield will give you temporary but saves a large amount of food considering how long each potion lasts. It is better to use when you can use prayer flicking to Protect from Melee, ultimately abolishing 100% damage. An antifire potion and Protect from Magic is not recommended because of the high cost of prayer potions. It is only recommended to use for you if you have a high level Prayer.