Obtain Literature Samples in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 6 has introduced many new game modes. One of the new achievements which have been added to the game includes obtaining four literature samples from around the Fortnite map. Please read this entire article to know how to obtain literature samples and where to find them.

Overview – Obtain Literature Samples

Obtaining Literature Samples is a Fortnite challenge from Chapter 2 Season 6. This challenge is deceptively difficult because of what occurs after a player finds the literature on the map. It disappears entirely, and there is no way of knowing that someone else has snagged the literature unless you know exactly where they are. It is because, rather sneakily, there are red herrings everywhere. Also, it does not help when all people on the server is hunting down the literature samples to complete the challenge.

Obtain Literature Samples

Well, we are going to discuss all five Fortnite literature samples locations, precisely where to discover them, and also several things to keep in mind when you reach the location of the samples, such as when you have to quit out of the current game to try again. Probably, this will take a while to complete if you are unlucky. So, let us first go over where to discover the literature samples in Fortnite.

The locations of Fortnite Literature Sample

The locations of Fortnite Literature Sample

You have to know that the Fortnite literature samples are located in Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, and Retail Row. Apparently, this part is the easy bit because the game explains it in the task. However there are really specific bookshelves which give you the literature. Because you only are able to collect one literature sample per location, you will not be able to grind the same spot in multiple games, even though you are able to get them in Team Rumble mode. We get information that there are many bookshelves and magazine racks, but only some house the literature you need. Also, they disappear when collected, so you will need to get there quickly.

Here is every location of the Fortnite literature samples:

    • Retail Row

In the book shop to the far east of Retail Row. You will be able to find a magazine rack on the ground floor by the back wall when you enter the shop. It is the one on the right.

    • Pleasant Park

The house to the northwest possess a bookshelf in the room where Jonesy the first is pacing.

    • Pleasant Park

The house to the southwest possess a bookshelf by the front door.

    • Lazy Lake

The southern-most property possess some stairs leading down towards a basement. Just by the stairs is a magazine rack with several literature in it.

    • Lazy Lake

The western-most house possess several literature in one of the bookshelves.

Those are all the locations of Fortnite literature samples. Once again, depending on how lucky you are, this challenge can take anywhere from some games to several unfruitful hours of aimless wandering. Probably, it be worth completing some of the other challenges for this week, including taming a boar: one of the Fortnite animals and using the new Fortnite crafting system to create Mechanical Bows. Also, there is the Fortnite golden artifact locations to seek out if you have not found them already.

How to obtain literature samples from Retail Row, Pleasant Park, or Lazy Lake?

Fortnite literature samples have been stored in various magazines racks, bookshelves, and kiosks around Retail Row, Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake. Your task is to find them. There is still a nice wide area to search covering three separate points of interest. Of course, you do not want to spend all of your Fortnite time searching high and low for collectibles, so you have to follow our guide to the Fortnite literature samples locations and then quickly you are able to tick them off your list.

How to obtain Literature Sample in Retail Row?

How to obtain Literature Sample in Retail Row

If the first place you are visited is Retail Row, you may want to know where to search for the literature sample. In Retail Row, there is only one sample to collect.

    • Literature Sample 1

To get this one, you have to head to McGuffin’s Book Store, left of the water tower, right next to Joel’s pub. Then, go on inside and it’s right up ahead, on a magazine rack next to the stairwell.

How to obtain Literature Samples in Pleasant Park?

How to obtain Literature Samples in Pleasant Park

To started, we have identified three Fortnite literature samples locations in Pleasant Park. There are 3 Literature samples to obtain here.

    • Literature Sample 1

Firstly, go to the grey house, west of the gazebo. As soon as you enter through the front door, just turn left and search the bookshelf.

    • Literature Sample 2

On the north end, you are able to go to the brown brick house. In the same room where you will find him, the room on the left, with yellow carpet, you are able to search the bookshelf to get a literature sample.

    • Literature Sample 3

This last Literature sample is in a bit of a more unusual place. It is in front of the gas station. Please interact with the newspaper vending machine to obtain the literature sample.

How to obtain Literature Samples in Lazy Lake?

How to obtain Literature Samples in Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake has 2 other samples you can earn. Since it is a large POI with buildings, stores, and houses, usually it is very busy so be careful if you do not have a strong arsenal and some building materials.

    • Literature Sample 1

You need to go to the Lazy Lake Spa. If you are not familiar with it, it is the hotel on the south end of Lazy Lake. The building with a large pool outside. Please go down to the parking lot and head inside the building. It must be right in front of you, on the magazine rack next to the stairwell which leads to the ground floor.

    • Literature Sample 2

You are able to find the next sample northwest of the Lazy Lake Spa, in the gas station. If you walk in through the front entrance, you have to look right and there is a magazine rack. That is where the next sample will be.

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