Mysterious Painting ACNH Real vs Fake

When you buy the painting arts from Jelly Redd, you should be careful, as there will be a chance for you to buy the fake one. Generally, a lot of players find it hard to differentiate between the real painting and the fake one, as both are similar to.

Do all Redd’s paintings have the fake version? How about the Mysterious Painting? Is there a fake version too? To find out the real information about the Mysterious Painting, whether there’s a fake version or not, let’s see our post below!

Is There a Fake Version of the Mysterious Painting?

Mysterious Painting ACNH Real vs Fake

The good news! There’s no fake version of the Mysterious Painting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as this artwork is always real and genuine. So, you can purchase the Mysterious Painting safely without any worry of getting ripped off.

The Mysterious Painting is based on the ‘Isle of the Death’ painting by Arnold Becklin. The painting shows a small boat that carries a corpse glides quietly over a still sea to a grave island that is surrounded by cliffs.

We can feel the atmosphere of Arnold Becklin’s art is chilling, but also somehow calm. Implicitly, Arnold Becklin worked to capture not what he could see, however some of humanity’s inner contemplations.

The Story Behind the Mysterious Painting

According to some sources, the plot of the painting Isle of the Death is based on the ancient myth that developed in society that the souls of heroes and favorites of the gods find their last refuge on a desert island. According to mythology, the island where the dead are swept away by water, is depicted by the desert in the underground river Acheron that passes through it.

Many art historians wonder which island inspired Arnold Becklin to create this wonderful painting. Many speculated that the sheer cliffs of the Isle of the Death are the landscapes of the volcanic Pontine islands and Faraglioni reefs off the coast of Capri that Arnold Becklin could see on his trip to Naples.

If we look further, there is the tomb of the island of San Michele near Venice, where the bodies of the deceased are transported in gondolas and where the same dark, “mourning cypresses” rest in the rising sky, as depicted in Becklin’s painting.

The trees that symbolize eternal life are traditionally planted in Italy in monasteries, in cemeteries and near churches.

As art connoisseurs, we don’t need to know any further and deeper about what island inspired Beklin. Basically, he managed to convey the main point that the island with crypts carved into the rocks and a small marina does not belong to the mundane life.

In his painting, Arnold Becklin wants to convey that the island is in a different and inaccessible living space. A ship with an aircraft carrier, wearing a shroud and the figure of a sarcophagus does not break with the silence of this silent world, melancholy and breathless of life, but beautiful in its own way.

About Jolly Redd’s Artwork

Jolly Redd has four different artworks that he carries on his boat with two pieces of regular furniture. Redd will sell the real and genuine paintings, but somehow fake paintings. Certainly, you should be careful when buying Redd’s paintings, as they could be the fake ones.

If you buy a real and genuine painting, you can donate it to the museum. Otherwise, you cannot donate the fake painting to the museum. Redd’s painting will be displayed in four pieces, so when purchasing it, you should choose it wisely.

With the four-pieces displayed, it may be possible for you to buy the fake one. Based on the counting the name plates in the museum, there are at least 43 art pieces to donate to the museum. You will then receive the paintings via mail the next day, once buying a piece of painting from Jolly Redd.

To display his artworks, Jolly Redd has four spaces in which each space will  show you different types of arts. Here are they:

    • The back-right slot holds any piece of art.
    • The back-middle slot holds small sculptures or small paintings.
    • The front-left slot only holds small paintings.
    • The back-left slot holds any paintings.

As it’s not only a slot containing the large sculptures, the sculptures may be rarer than other pieces of art. Aside from paintings, you can also find other artworks from Jelly Redd such as rock-head status, warrior statues and many more.

How Many Redd Paintings Can You Buy Per Day?

You can buy only one piece of artwork per day, each time Redd appears on your island with his boat. When you purchase one, the artwork will be mailed to you the next day, so you don’t expect to find it in your pockets.

However, you can also buy other characters, though you can only buy one piece of art. It also includes both other players that live on your island, aside from the visitors from far away in online multiplayer.

Talking about how many artworks that Redd can buy per day, it’s possible for him to sell between 0 to 4 real pieces of art, when he arrives on your island. He may also not have real and genuine artwork for sale. So, it may waste your time. In another condition, he will also sell more than multiple real and genuine artworks, though you can only buy one.

Here’s a list of Jolly Redd’s paintings available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

    1. Academic Painting
    2. Amazing Painting
    3. Basic Painting
    4. Calm Painting
    5. Detailed Painting
    6. Dynamic Painting
    7. Common Painting
    8. Flowery Painting
    9. Famous Painting
    10. Graceful Painting
    11. Glowing Painting
    12. Moody Painting
    13. Moving Painting
    14. Jolly Painting
    15. Nice Painting
    16. Mysterious Painting
    17. Proper Painting
    18. Perfect Painting
    19. Quaint Painting
    20. Scary Painting
    21. Serene Painting
    22. Scenic Painting
    23. Sinking Painting
    24. Solemn Painting
    25. Twinkling Painting
    26. Warm Painting
    27. Worthy Painting
    28. Wistful Painting

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