Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote

Mojang seems to answer what the players need in the game. They have not decided to add any creatures to the game including the mobs on their own terms, but they hold an annual event to vote which mobs will be worthy to be added to the game.

In this year, Mojang is back to open the mob vote in a live event called Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021. There’s a rumor that there are at least three mob options that the players can vote for, including the Allay, the Glare and one that has not yet been announced.

You may want to participate in this annual event to vote which mobs will be great to use in the game. So, how to join the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021? And which ones have the potential to get away and to be added to the game soon? So, let’s learn about the mob’s vote event in our post!

Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote

When Does Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021 Take Place?

Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021 will be coming. The players seem to identify and watch some teaser  videos showing the mobs that can be  potentially added to the game. After they watch the video, they can easily determine which mobs will be worthy to add to the game. So, they will vote for that mob.

Be ready! The Minecraft Live Mob Vite 2021 event will take place on October 16, 2021 live on Twitch and YouTube aired officially by Minecraft. Even though the voting time has been determined, however the format for its vote has not been announced yet.

The format has not been revealed, as there’s one remaining mob that has not yet been announced. The players only know that  the Glare and the Allay will compete in the 2021 mob vote. So, what we should do is to only wait for the announcement for the last mob the next day.

How to Join the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021?

In order to join the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021, make sure you have an internet-connection to tune in and watch the event unfold. Minecraft Live will be aired on Saturday October 16, 2021 at 5 P.M (9 A.M PDT).

The Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021 will also feature a pre-show, but there’s no news when exactly that will be held. Many people predict before the full show begins that Minecraft Live 2021 pre-show will start approximately 30 minutes to one hour.

You actually can join the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote event from the following locations:

    • Minecraft Live website
    • Twitch
    • YouTube
    • Facebook

After you know the time and the locations where you can tune in and join the Minecraft Live 2021, you can then vote for a new mob. Make sure to vote the mob, as it will give you some convenience for your gameplay in Minecraft. That’s why watching  the teaser video that shows each mob’s gameplay is a must for you.

What Mobs Are in the Minecraft Mob Vote?

Minecraft mob vote is such a common agenda at Mojang events where they task the community with voting for one of the mobs to be added to the game. As a throwback, last year, the mob vote ended with the glow squid as the victor.

Today, another mob will be coming to the game through the Minecraft Live Mob Vote event. As we’ve mentioned, there are at least three mobs available in the mob vote, but the one has not yet been announced. What are they? So, to ease you knowing more about each mob, we’ll share each to you. Here are they:

    1. The Glare

The Glare

The Glare is the first mobs added to the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021. This mob is represented by a little green mob looking like a  pair of eyes that hide inside a floating bush. Minecraft Wiki describes the Glare as the small ghost-like mob.

The Glare will alert you to a dark area to spawn in. If you watch the teaser video of the Glare, you can see that Glare will alert you to other mobs that show in the dark. If you take Glare to the dark place, it gets angry, then it begins warning you about the monster spawning.

This mob actually loves to go to the dark areas where the hostile entities can spawn. The Glare has two behaviour types where it will appear with a cute and healthy side in a well-bright area, while it will turn grumpy and get angry in the dark areas and then  inform you that monsters can spawn her.

    1. The Allay

The Allay

The Allay is one of the mobs that will present in the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021. This mob is represented as an adorable, blue ghost-like creature with wings. In the teaser video, the Allay is seen as a friendly mob that has many hobbies, including music and dance.

When this mob is added to the game, they will give you more items, after you give them one item before. So, many players assure that this mob  will be helpful in the case of helping the players to look for some rare items in the game.

As Allay will bring more of any item given to you, certainly it will probably give the same items or similar items that you have given to it before. It means that the items that the Allay gives to you can be a collectible, for something that you might have crafted or a block that you have mined.

If you have a note block nearby, it will be more practical to encourage Allay to Note Blocks. By doing this, the Allay will dance when one is a player. Certainly, it will drop an item near one if there’s one nearby.

Which Mob Is Worthy to Add?

Between two mobs options, not including the third mod, many people prefer the Allay to be added to the game, as they will help the players to get any rare items that are very hard to find.

In fact, there are some items in Minecraft that need some rare material to be crafted. While, the Glare doesn’t seem to give too much of an advantage, as it only tells the player that monsters will appear in the dark. That’s it!

So, make sure to vote for a mob that will be more beneficial for them.

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